What Musical Instrument Should You Play?

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Want to play an instrument, but not quite sure what? Take this quiz and find out what best fits you!

  • 1
    Which sentence best describes you?
    I am quiet and very shy, but also very smart and nimble.
    I am very creative and bright, I am also very determined love challenges.
    I am loud, brave, and maybe a bit obnoxious, but I always stand up for what's right.
    I am a very fun, carefree, and kind person who loves to make everyone laugh.
    I am a go with the flow type of person, and like to do what everyone else does.
  • 2
    What genre of music is your favorite?
    Pop/Hip hop/Rap
    Fun songs that make you want to dance and jump around!
  • 3
    Out of these famous musicians, who is your favorite?
    Lindsay Stirling
    Nikki Minaj / Jay Z
    Taylor Swift / Tim McGraw
  • 4
    Are you more of a leader or a follower?
    I do my own thing most of the time.
    I'm not quite a leader, but I'll make the best second in command you've ever seen!
    I'm a bit of both.
    I'm more of a follower
    Leader! Who doesn't like shouting orders!
  • 5
    What is your favorite color?
    Purple or Silver
    All the neon colors!
    Pink or blue
    Red or black
    I like soft colors like white, gray, light pink or light blue
  • 6
    Favorite Animal?
    Fawn / Kitten
    Owl / Fox
    Goat / Hamster
    Dinosaur / Eagle
    Wolf / Dolphin
  • 7
    What type of instrument would you like to play
    Brass or percussion; something loud and cool sounding
    Woodwind; something soft and light
    Stringed Instrument; something that can play soft or loud and has a pretty sound.
    Anything that has a unique and cool sound.
    Something that is a popular instrument and can be used to play popular songs.
  • 8
    Favorite Season And Why?
    Winter, because you can have snowball fights and build snow forts and it's so pretty with all the snow on the ground.
    Summer, because there's no school!
    Spring because that's when all the animals come out of hibernation and the pretty flowers start growing back.
    Summer because it's warm, sunny, and you can get outdoors.
    Fall, because it's so fun to make leaf piles and it isn't too cold either.
  • 9
    If you could describe yourself with one word it would be....
  • 10
    What number am I thinking of, 1-10?
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10 (what? you never said we had to choose just one)
    Pie! 3.141592653589793238......( I can't remember the rest, sorry )

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atandra marik { rio } ( .4.68 )
Posted 16 days ago
thank you verymuch for giving me your results . I think octapad which i play has drums in it and it is only the appropriate musical instrument for me . thank you verymuch for helping me by giving me your results .
Munequitaschramm ( 3.241 )
Posted 21 days ago
no. definitely I won't try flue, no way
Munequitaschramm ( 3.241 )
Posted 21 days ago
nothing at all. I don't think I am good at flute.
Kinly ( 48.57 )
Posted 47 days ago
You did really good I love your name I love your test results
Thea ( 9.122 )
Posted 58 days ago
All the instruments that were displayed i allready played but i was really hoping for the sax
Jemma ( 0.178 )
Posted 94 days ago
I got flute I play contrabass clarinet... when I was forced to try flute I couldn`t make a noise!
Kay ( 60.59 )
Posted 99 days ago
I play alto saxophone and it says xylophone. Hmmm...
Leticia ( 58.57 )
Posted 99 days ago
I played violín for 1 year when I was 5 and I hate it , I play it very well but...
And I played piano for 6 years after that and I realised that I hate it and it was stressfull . Now I play guitar is the first year because I am only 13 and I LOVE it . It is all that I need. It rreally makes me happy. It is so important to me , you can't even imagine what it is for me and how I love it. I wrote a book this year. But I don't like writing I Just know how to do that. I can paint since I was 3 and I love it. I can sing and I love it. Everyone can do everyhing that he/she wants like me but his/her choose depends in what he/she likes.
Maria ( 9.243 )
Posted 102 days ago

Maybe this test is just for fun, if so, 😀👍👍👍
Westly ( 35.35 )
Posted 123 days ago
Ok I play the klarinet and it says I should take flute here is what my graph is

Klarinet =✅. Flute=❌
Mary poppins ( 8.233 )
Posted 167 days ago
This is a stupid quiz! I took it three time, changing every answer each time, and I got the same answer every time
Maddie ( 7.109 )
Posted 207 days ago
0% for trumpet and percussion. I play 4 instruments, and two of those include trumpet and percussion (funnily enough the other two weren't even mentioned). Violin it says. Nup. Not gonna' happen. Brass all the way! 🎺
Ivira ( .8.67 )
Posted 211 days ago
I took the test and it said I should maybe play the violin on the top and I play cello. However, I was thinking of playing both violin and cello. This test is ok.
Mirazona wane ( 3.245 )
Posted 221 days ago
I felt so hurt to see that 0% on flute..
I play flute andI love it!
(P.S. the ads are getting on my nerves)
Flautista ( 1.148 )
Posted 246 days ago
I play flute and it says i should play violin, are you KIDDING me i LOVE flute!!!
BRUH ( .94.3 )
Posted 285 days ago
I play the viola, and cello... and piano. And the bass and violin. Some guitar. I just wanted to see what this did. EPIC FAIL
Potato ( 5.137 )
Posted 301 days ago
I got Violin... I already play violin ( though not very well).
Octopus ( 12.81 )
Posted 306 days ago
Haha ! I wanted a piano but it came as guitar at first, violin at second...and no piano....lol
Guest ( 25.44 )
Posted 323 days ago
I got guitar, and it must be accurate as I already play guitar! Oh and btw Pi does not have an "e".