Does He Like You? (4-7th Graders)

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I know that there is a TON of quizzes like these, but a lot of them are..

a) Really specific.
b) The answers don't apply to you.
c)They're wrong, and he told you he likes you, but this quiz says he doesn't.

This quiz has a wide variety of answers, and is almost guaranteed to get the truth for you! Choose the answer that is closet to the truth, even if it isn't totally true, just if it's the closet.

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    Does he ever bump into you, or touch you?

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I am pretty oblivious (89254)
*idek anymore and all these quizzes say that he likes me
I am pretty oblivious (89254)
Cardi- So there's this guy, and we are really close friends, and my friends catch him starting at me all the time, they say that he flirts with me, he has a nickname for me and I'm the only girl he has one for, buttttt I still think we are just friends so if I anymore
Lil uzi (21000)
Y’all girls gotta chill I’m a 7th grade boy and honestly I like a girl and I made it so obvious that I like her and she likes me but if flirts with you or asks questions about you from your friends then bam! He likes you go get em peeps 👌🏼😀
Cardi B (30819)
2 days ago
Rachel (confused) just play it low key... ask a friend or one of his friends if he likes anyone
felicia (42169)
2 days ago
i hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Rachel (confused) (78090)
4 days ago
Should i tell my crush I like him or wait for him to come to me
Rachel (confused) (78090)
4 days ago
Cardi I need advice please help :\
Cardi B (87316)
4 days ago
Anyone up for talking to me about boys... I know some good boy advice
Confused (78090)
4 days ago
Plz I need an answer should I make a move also last year he dated one of my close friends... I need answers
Confused (78090)
4 days ago
He is in two of my classes science and ELA we picked partners for a lab in science he picked me we laugh and Tell each other jokes and have inside ones he tells me about his sports and if he won or lost he wants me to join the wrestling team that he is on when I'm handing stuff to him he touches my hands I asked him who he liked he said that I should know by now I don't our feet touch under the table but he doesn't move them he asked me who I liked I didn't tell him it was him his feet are usually pointed towards me his friends were looking at me during lunch I sometimes catch him looking at me but looks away when I catch him he sometimes gives me compliments I don't know does he like me?
Cardi B (87316)
5 days ago
Just checking on my peeps... how y'all doing?? I am checking everyday for you guys to make sure if he treating you right😜
starr ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🔥 (27704)
5 days ago
he loves ,me I did not now
Justicejay24 ce (37052)
6 days ago
Same that’s the best song cause I make money move
Cardi B (87316)
8 days ago
Lol 'dat boi' I would love to be friends.. and guys just some advice... if he really doesn't like you then he is not the one for you! My friend learned that the hard way..
Girl (34960)
9 days ago
My crush last year called me his wife ... He also was talking ti me in study hall one day and said why did nico ever like you too and why did you like him ??? Oh he liked you for the same reason i did . Didnt you like me for a LONG time ???

So i think he might still like me

By the way nico is my old crush
mia (78534)
13 days ago
yes i sit by him in every class we send notes to echother we go to eachothers houses and play our ps4s we both hate this boy the boy stabbed me in the eye and the boy stabbed him in the mouth at the same time we got to go home and play our wii"s too
one time he kissed me... on the forhead as cllose as i will ever get to a kiss on the lips i might ask him to hangout at a resturant like as friends.

also 5/5
Lillygirl2235 (06734)
17 days ago
hey Lilly girl here love this quiz works like a charm 5/5 stars! 😊😜
7th grader that likes a 7th grader (78187)
18 days ago
I got possibly - THANK YOU SO MUCH! Everyone has been telling me he likes one girl that is maybe me. We always stare at each other awkwardly on purpose to be funny. Plus his friends always tease him when I am around and they push him towards me.
6th grader who likes a 7th grader (70789)
20 days ago
I don't know if my crush is mad at me because he hasn't responded to my email.
Marie (27843)
21 days ago
I think he likes me he like to watch me and look me in my eye