Does he like you?

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The big question: does he like you?

  • 1
    Do you guys talk?
    Very occasionally
    Yes, everyday
    Yes, sometimes
  • 2
    Are you friends?
    Best buddies (or even more than friends)
    I wish
    We're acquainted, but we're both shy
  • 3
    Does he have a girlfriend?
    I don't know / he's taken
    Nope he's single, hope he likes me back
    Most definitely not! And I'm sure that he doesn't like another girl.
    I'm 95% sure he's single
  • 4
    Is there an age gap between you guys?
    A huge gap / I don't know
    Like a year or something
    Not really
    Slight but not much
  • 5
    Is he flirting with people right now?
    YEESS only me: D (he must like you girl)
    I don't know / he's interested in that one other girl
    Yes, with some, but also with me
    He doesn't flirt with anyone including me, he's shy
  • 6
    Do you think he's interested in dating?
    I guess so, but he doesn't initiate anything
    Yep. Me!
  • 7
    Do you think he would date YOU?
    Hell yeah
    He might
    Yeah, I think so
    I don't have a clue / No
  • 8
    What do your friends think of him?
    They don't really know him
    He's awesome
  • 9
    Do you have eye contact with your guy?
    Yes, very often
    Always! We "talk" with our eyes.
    Yes, but he always looks away quickly
  • 10
    Does he always look good when he's near you?
    Yesss, most definitely
    No I guess
    Yep, but I don't think he does that for me
  • 11
    What do his friends think of you?
    They don't like me / don't know me at all
    They like me a lot
    They don't really know me, I'm shy, but I guess I'm ok
    They think I'm ok
  • 12
    What girl are you most likely for him?
    Best friend (of the girls) / more than friends
    Dating potential
    The cute shy girl
    The girl you saw one time in the hallway
  • 13
    When you guys talk, does he look in your eyes?
    Yes, but he glances away every now and then
    He seems quite nervous, but doesn't look me in the eyes
    No, he looks around / we don't talk
    Yes, quite long actually
  • 14
    Do you text, if so does he text you first?
    Yes, YESS often!
    Yes, if I start the convo
    Yes, but it's mostly me starting the convo but he does too
  • 15
    Are you friends on facebook (or: does he follow you on twitter, whatever social media thing you have both)?
    Yes but we've never talked on it, maybe a like sometime
    YESSS and we communicate a lot on it
    Yes, he likes my pictures sometimes and we talk occasionally
  • 16
    How well do you know him (1-10)?
  • 17
    Does he blush when you're around?
    Yess cutie, every single time we talk
    Yes he seems slightly nervous around me
    Yes a lot, but he does that sometimes with other people too
  • 18
    Is he nervous around you?
    No why would he be?
    Yes yes yes. he's so shy
    He's comfortable, we're friends. But when the topic is about crushes and stuff he acts nervous though
  • 19
    Is he shy?
    Yes around everyone except his (close) friends
    No / I don't know
    Not around me of course. Not anymore at least
    Only around me sometimes (that, girl, is a good sign)
  • 20
    Is he your #1 crush?
    Yes, even though I barely know him
    No, he's a random crush, I have 2 of them a week
    Well I have some guys in my eyes, but he's for sure #1
  • 21
    Do you actually like him?
    I really like him but I don't know him that well
    Yes, I like him a lot
    Well... he's hot, but that's it.
    Yes. I guess I'm in love.
  • 22
    How are his looks?
    My best friend is a cutie man
    He's sooo damn handsome, but he isn’t aware of it so cute
    Wow like ok, not that hot
    Handsome & hot
  • 23
    And more important: how is his personality?
    I hate him.
    He's smart and friendly, but he's really shy
    He's a great musician / athlete, and he's very nice and smart
    He's a true friend, kind, trustworthy, honest and a lot more
  • 24
    What if you kissed him?
    Run away or call the police
    He'd probably kiss back, but I wouldn't know if that was because he likes me or just because of the kissing
    I'm quite sure he would kiss me back
    He would be surprised, even if he'd like me back.
  • 25
    Have you guys ever touched?
    High fived a lot, maybe a hug sometimes
    Only accidentally (or "accidentally")
    We hug a lot, I give him back pats, that stuff
  • 26
    Do you think you have a chance?
    Very hard to say
    I guess so
  • 27
    Do you honestly think he likes you
    He's probably interested
    I don't think so but I guess there is a chance
  • 28
    Are you single and ready to mingle?
    Yes, but only with him of course
    Yes, but I'm shy so I might seem a bit unavailable
  • 29
    Does he gives you signs he likes you via his body language? Think of: mirroring your actions when you talk, touching your arm or leg, his feet pointing at you, leaning towards you.
    Not really
    I don't see him that much so I wouldn't know
    He always does this
  • 30
    What do you guess your answer is gonna be?
    He likes me!
    He's interested
    He doesn't like me
    He's shy but might like me

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