Do you have a crush? quiz for girls

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Just in case you aren't sure if you like anybody, find out with this quiz.

  • 1
    So you see a really cute person walking down the hallway, but they aren't your crush. What do you do?
  • 2
    Your friend asks you if you have a crush. You...
  • 3
    A guy asks you out, but he isn't your crush. What do you tell him?
  • 4
    Your crush comes up to you, and says hello. How do you responds
  • 5
    How do you act when you ate talking to your crush?
  • 6
    Your friend likes the same guy as you. What do you do?
  • 7
    Your crush gets plastic surgery and is now horribly ugly. You react by...
  • 8
    So let's just pretend your crush is daring somebody else. What do you do?
  • 9
    What would you do if your crush was kidnapped?
  • 10
    Your friend claims that your crush likes you. You reply by...

Comments (38)


Anomomus (26669)
8 days ago
I’m paranoid. I rly like him but only got 80. Ask better questions
KM (80521)
8 days ago
Thanks! It helped me a lot
Smily (68499)
19 days ago
this has really helped me
what is happening (97717)
23 days ago
I was confused if I actually liked him but this quiz just confused me even more.
By the way 'I am sad'..I think you should talk to both your bff and lucas about your umm little situation.But do it while they arent dating
Speechless person (02715)
26 days ago
I’ve liked this one boy since 7th grade and now that I took the quiz it tells me that I only like him as a friend🙄 like what the hell is going on here!! And well I hope one day me and him can spend some time together as friends and then idk maybe take another step😩💙
I'm sad (09457)
28 days ago
(Sidenote I'm a girl) One time in 5th grade I liked this boy (I won't tell you how real name but let's call him Lucas) and one of my soon to be bff moved into town a few months before school was gonna end (keep in mind that I knew "lucas" since 2 nd grade) and my soon to be bff likes him 2 soon the last day of school he was deciding which one of us he liked (forgot to mention my soon to be bff was pretty cute she was already a little busty) he picks my soon to be bff!! When he only knew him for like 2 months!!!!!!!! My soon to be bffs birthday party was a few days after school was out and she invited me and "lucas" you can imagine how awkward it was the whole time I wanted to cry! The party wasn't even that good!

Now it's a year later and they broke up at the beginning of the school year, then they get back together!!!!!! They have an off and on relation ship and it's driving me crazy!!! Idk if I like him still!!! and I think I have a real crush on this guy a grade above me but I also don't know!! Can someone help me please!!!!
Unkown (09457)
28 days ago
so I might like this guy in the grade above me, but hardly see each other but when ever I do I get butter flies in my stomach does that mean I like him?!😭😭 I just want a bf! I see all these cute vids about having one & if I if there's a boy right for me😭😭😭😭😭
blurp (29787)
29 days ago
60% You only like him little bit and wait for a while before doing anything... SO what do I do then...?
Princess (27433)
29 days ago
I'm not really sure how I feel about him... his name is Tyrone and I want him to be mines, but at the same time I don't (I have my reasons)... I'm just really confused
UNKNOWN (19417)
30 days ago
40%You only like him like a friend, or you only like him a little bit. Wait a while before you decide to make a move.
Sbaker (58201)
31 days ago
I like this boy at my school named Jacob that is CUTE and I got 70%
?????? (96403)
35 days ago
50% Idk if I actually only have one crush or not .
arianna (36937)
36 days ago
i got 60% yea i do have a crush..
Dilyn King (50891)
37 days ago
do i like this boy at my school named lucas
brittany creshe (05642)
38 days ago
OMG I am 10 and i loooooooooove girl meets world peyton meyer he soooooooooooooooooooooo cute omg omg omg i love him so much
mollie warf (90769)
44 days ago
omg ima kid and i have a crush and the boy hes name is ian hes so cute
Helen Joash (47914)
51 days ago
He is so romantic!oh yeah! Hargin is such a nice guy ***** ! xoxo bye bye xoxo § xoxo
Fathilo (47914)
51 days ago
He flirts and plays and touches isn't that romantic?
Ella love (86217)
51 days ago
He is so hot*XOXO i love him u need to see him*XOXO *see ya later*XOXO
Estilo (86217)
51 days ago
He is cute and loving if only i had the courage to face him i an in love