Are You Beautiful?

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Take the HONEST test to know if you really are beautiful! Remember to not be discouraged by negative results because I'm sure a little more (or maybe less) makeup will fix you right up:)

  • 1
    When you look in the mirror you see...?
    ...a decent looking person who has a few flaws, but nothing drastic.
    ...a pimply monster with crazy, wild hair and insanely cooked teeth! Maybe even a little cross-eyed.
    ...someone out of 17 Magazine! WOW! average looking person who could use a fix here and there. of my mirrors are broken:'(
  • 2
    Do you get asked out on dates often?
    Yeah... Every month or so someone will get the courage.
    No! I don't talk to anyone! They don't talk to me! I like it that way!
    Yep. At least once a week.
    Oh. My. God. I can't get from here to there without someone trying to get at me!
    Kinda. I've been asked out a few times during my life.
  • 3
    Which one best describes your face?
    Average lips. Kinda big/small nose. Good size eyes. Nice smile. A few blemishes here and there.
    Cross-eyed. Unibrow. Paper-thin lips. Acne, Acne, Acne. Crooked and missing yellow teeth.
    Chapped but good sized lips. Wonderful eyes rimmed with dark, thick eyelashes. Nose a little off-proportion. Skin could be better...
    Full lips. Deep blue/green/hazel eyes. Nice proportional nose. And of course my Pearly Whites!
    Nice skin. Nice smooth lips. Good smile. Pretty eyes. Amazing smile: D
  • 4
    How is your hair?
    Long, but not too long. Thick, smooth, and shiney. I get many complements on it.
    Well it can be sort of frizzy depending on the weather. It's not extremely thick, but it’s definitely not thin. I should probably get it trimmed soon before the split-ends get too bad.
    My hair is so thin and fragile. I'm afraid to style it because it might fall out. It's not shiney either. It's dull and flat and now that I'm choosing this answer, I'm really considering going to the store to buy a hair-revival kit.
    In a word.... bad. Really frizzy and untamable. I almost want to chop it all of and start from scratch...
    It's nice. Thick with very little frizz. Not too many split ends either.
  • 5
    What's your health and weight like?
    I'm a curvy girl! I watch my weight, but as a human I give in to temptation. On a scale from 1-10 I'd be a 6 and a half at least!
    I can see my ribs without even sucking in! Now that I mention it, the same goes for all of my bones! lol Food is for quitters!
    I'm a little over-weight, but I'm starting to work on it... Those darn brownies are just so good!
    Perfect! I eat balanced meals and exercize, which has really made my be in tip top shape!:)
    Wait.... what's a salad? ( -.- )
  • 6
    Okay, now what's your morning routine?
    Shower, clean teeth, pick out clothes, fix and style hair, makeup, good breakfast, mirror-check, GO!
    Roll out of bed and decide you're pretty enough, then leave.
    Maybe shower, throw on some clothes, brush teeth, do something with hair, little makeup, GO!
    Lay in bed till the last minute and rush to get ready, maybe wearing to different shoes or your shirt is on backwards...
    Shower time! Brush teeth, fix hair and makeup. Throw something on and GO
  • 7
    Alright now here is a situation. You are getting ready for your first date with a guy you really, really like! You know he is into the country style with boots, flannel shirts, and what-not, but you are more of a girly-type... How do you prepare?
    I'm going to try and look great of course! But in my own way that I like and that I'm comfortable with. If he doesn't like it then so be it.
    I'll respect what he likes by not dressing too different from him, but I will keep some of my own personality in my look too.
    Well I would try to stay myself of course, but it wouldn’t hurt to put something on you know he would like.
    Throw on everything that even whispers country! He will fall for me before we even say hello!
    I would never even consider going out with him! He obviously does not appreciate my sense of style from what I hear of him!
  • 8
    How clean are you?
    I shower everyday! My teeth are brushed and flossed at least twice a day. My laundry is always clean when I wear it. In other words... I SMELL AWESOME!
    I shower a decent amount of times. When I can smell myself is usually when I hop in! I wash my clothes when they look or smell bad to me.
    Shower every other day. Brush my teeth every day. My clothes are usually clean but I sniff them just to make sure.
    I shower and brush my teeth daily. Sometimes I'll re-wear clothes, but it's no-biggie
    Wait... what is soap?
  • 9
    Do you have style?
    I'm inseparable from my sweats! They are more comfortable than any man! ;)
    What are clothes? STREAKERS UNITE!
    IDK. I wear whatever I feel like wearing that day...
    My clothes are so in season! Everything I have is great all the way down to my panties!:)
    My clothes are nice. They represent me and my personality. I don't try to be something I'm not when I put on an outfit.
  • 10
    Remember... not all beauty is on the outside. This question is a personality question....

    You only had enough money to buy two tickets to a concert. You and your best friend have been talking about going to a concert forever, but there is a guy you have liked for YEARS and he loves the band that's playing! Who would you choose to bring?
    I CANT DECIDE! Oh well I'll just send them both together and stay home:(
    Well I have really like him for a long time so my friend should understand.
    Screw it! I'm going by myself and I'll spend the extra ticket money on food!
    You decide to take you friend and figure out another way to get out with your guy.
    My friend of course! Sisters before misters!

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