True love, or played?

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Not sure if your crush is worth your time? Want to know if you actually love him/her or if it's all in your head? Take the time to answer these simple questions, and I’ll tell you

  • 1
    When you're around this person, how do they make you feel
    Butterflies gather in my stomach, but they go away soon after
    INSANE! I can't talk to them, I can't even LOOK at them without making a fool out of myself!
    Ok, I guess. it's not THAT special
    I can barely talk to them. I get so nervous and my cheeks start to flush
  • 2
    If this person asked you out, how do you think you'd most likely react
    Faint. When I wake up, scream yes and tell everyone!
    Say yes. or no. depend on my mood
    Smile, blush, ans say yes.
    Probably get weak in the knees then run into a pole if we were walking, then say yes
  • 3
    How often do the two of you hang out?
    Every week or so
    Every day, every other day
    As often as possible. I can't stay away!
    They know my name....
  • 4
    Does the other person seem to enjoy your company?
    YES, YES, YES!
    I hope so
  • 5
    Do ever create fan fictions for yourself and this other person, or just daydream in general about what your relationship could be like?
    If I have nothing else to do
    No...that's creepy
    In my free time, or when I can't sleep
  • 6
    Have you ever been invited to this persons house for any reason. (large party, video game competition, meet family/parents, just hang out, on your way out to an event, etc)
    Yeah. they've had a few parties every once in a while
    Yes, it was just like a date!
    Once, we were carpooling
  • 7
    Are you in the friend zone?
    (sigh) yes
    Don't see them as anything more
    No, we're dating
    Yeah, why wouldn't I be?
    Maybe? what's it to you (Do you want to date this person?) Oh so very badly!
  • 8
    How badly do you want to date this person on a scale of 1-10?
  • 9
    Have you told this person you like them?
    We're only friends
    Yes, and they were emotionless
    No. I’m too embarrassed, but I do like them
    No! I should cuz I’m head over heels but I don't want to freak them out
    Yes, and now we're dating!
  • 10
    Be honest, are you very physically active with other people, or have a history of being active
    No, I don't find any meaning in doing that
    I might as well work at hooters
    Not exactly...
    No, I’m saving myself for just the right person
    Yeah, but I don't think they know...
  • 11
    Do their friends like you
    I don't know his/her friends
    We're in the same social group
    In a way. they make mean jokes, but I don't think their sincere
    We're getting to know each other
  • 12
    Did this person remember your birthday? if so, did they get you a present
    No and no
    Yes and no gift
    Yes and yes
    No and a high five
  • 13
    Does this person like anyone else or are they in a relationship
    Available, and they better be mine!
    Dating/ likes my best friend
    I have no idea
  • 14
    How perfect is this person in your eyes
    He/she could be better
    Okay I guess
    He/she took my cookie, but other than that, is pretty cool
    As flawless as a diamond
  • 15
    Last question. if this person were in the room with you right now, and saw you answering these questions, how do you think they'd react?
    Who's that about? hmmmmm?
    What are you doing?
    That's about me. let's make out!
    Pshh. dork
  • 16
    What did you think of this test. (does not affect score)
    Pretty good
    Just give me my answer!

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