Sonic the Hedgehog Test

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You must at least know 75% about this test. Enjoy and do your best.

  • 1
    Shadow and Rouge are what part of?
    Friends of Sonic
    G.U.N. agents
  • 2
    Which character told Silver that Sonic is the Iblis Trigger?
    Blaze the cat
    Shadow the hedgehog
    Mephiles the dark
  • 3
    What is the theme song of Sonic Adventure?
    Live and learn
    It doesn't matter
    Open your heart
  • 4
    Jet the hawk is Mostly the popular
    The leader of Babylon Rogues
    Legendary Wind Rider
  • 5
    Sonic the hedgehog is in love with
    Amy Rose
    Sally Acorn
    Rouge the bat
  • 6
    Name all the colors of the Seven Chaos Emeralds.
    Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple,
    Yellow, Orange, Light blue, Blue, White, Purple, Red
    Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White
  • 7
    (Easy as Cake)What is Sonic's favorite food?
    Chilli Dogs
    Hot Dogs
  • 8
    What Group is Espio the Chameleon in?
    Babylon Rogues
    G.U.N. Agents
    Chaotix Detective Agency
  • 9
    Shadow the hedgehog is the
    Ultimate Life Form
    Ultimate Hero
    Ultimate Hedgehog of Life Form
  • 10
    What's Dr. Eggman Real name? (Hint: Is on the comic book series or if you didn't read it and you watch the series of Sonic the hedgehog you might catch Snively say his real name)

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