Sorting hat quiz

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Sorting hat quiz…so yeah take it and see what house you get in

  • 1
    What do you look for in a person?
    Bravery and courage
    Intelligence and wisdom
    Ambitious and cunning
    Loyal and kindness
    Doesn't matter as long as you get along
  • 2
    You fail a test, you…
    Demand to know how this happened and worry about what your parents would say and your chances of becoming rich
    Frown and check your friends and find they failed to. You help each other through this small failure
    A bit of all really
    Frown and then shrug it off your parents might be upset
    Start breathing quickly and almost having a heart attack but them you wake up it was just a dream that would never happen in real life
  • 3
    What sort of jokes do you like?
    A prank that may or may not involve your enemy from Slytherin
    Ones from a joke book
    Good old knock knock ones
  • 4
    What is your favourite sort of teacher?
    One that treats you fairly
    One that favors your houses and gives you house points every minute
    One that understands friendship and let's you sit with your best mate during lessons
    One that always gives you good grades
  • 5
    What is your favourite lesson?
    Defense against the dark arts, transfiguration or charms
    All of them
    None they are all equally the same
  • 6
    What comes to mind when you think of gold?
    A bright sunny day
  • 7
    What would you want most?
    The courage to do anything
    Power and money
  • 8
    What is your favourite animal?
    A snake, they are great creatures that are powerful
    Honey badgers, they're cool
    An eagle, they soar where no others can
    A lion, the bravest of all the creatures
  • 9
    What would you choose to fight with?
    A sword, preferably Gryffindors's sword
    Your mind and wand, together they can do great things
    Dark magic or something powerful
    Your friends, you will fight alongside each other until the very end
    Whatever is available
  • 10
    What are your thoughts about the houses?
    Gryffindors can go get a life always prancing around like they are the best, Ravenclaws are a bunch of smart Alec's that have books as friends, Hufflepuffs are a huge joke and Slytherins are far better than the rest of the houses
    I'm not sure a bit of all maybe
    Gryffindors are really cool! Ravenclaws are super smart, Hufflepuffs are one of the best houses and are super friendly to everyone and the Slytherins are OK maybe they are just misunderstood
    Gryffindors tend to show off a bit, Ravenclaws are the cleverest and therefore the best (and the only house that hasn't managed to blow themselves up), Hufflepuffs are really nice and the Slytherins you have to watch out for
    Well Gryffindor is the best obviously, Ravenclaws are pretty smart, Hufflepuffs are a really nice bunch but the Slytherins are horrible low life creatures

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