Are you a warrior?

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Take this really short test to find out if you are a kit, apprentice, warrior, leader, or medicine cat.

  • 1
    Another clan is attacking the camp.
    Prepare the herbs for infections and scratches. You must be ready.
    Get ready. This will be a battle, and you may get injured.
    Prepare the warriors, and get yourself ready to fight.
    Squeal and scramble back to the nursery. Eek!
    Run to get your mentor out of the warriors' den.
  • 2
    It is leafbare and a bout of greencough is injuring the camp greatly. What can you do to help?
    Find catmint, and insulate the infected cats from the rest of the Clan.
    Hide- you're really small. If you got infected, you could DIE!
    Help the medicine cat insulate sick warriors and prepare yourself.
    Prepare yourself to lose a life or two- it will be a long leafbare.
    Run away to an abandoned Twoleg nest or such and wait.
  • 3
    It's newleaf, and the Clan is functioning well. No one needs to hunt, the border marks are fresh, and no one is sick. You are:
    Making sure the borders are secure.
    Checking for crow-food in the fresh-kill pile- rotting food is bad.
    Lazing around and getting fat.
    Going to your mother to find moss to play with.
    Making sure the elders have fresh moss, and helping on the whole.
  • 4
    You find a mysterious stranger lurking around your part of the forest. You:
    I can't go in the forest until I'm 6 moons old!
    Get a patrol of warriors over to secure it while I question.
    Run away, back to the camp, where your mentor is and it's safe.
    Avoid it- it might crush your herbs. Tell the leader when you get back.
    Fight it! It smells like Shadowclan!
  • 5
    How old are you?
    2 moons.
    I don't remember- in all of my lives, I've forgotten.
    I am exactly 22 moons old.
    I'm really around 30 moons old.
    I'm 10 moons- now go away!
  • 6
    Click Answer 1.
    NO! no way am I doing what you tell me
    Please state why you are here first.
    Who are you? (gazes with wonder)
    Please, take what you want and go back where you came from.
  • 7
    A warrior is being moved to the elder's den. You are:
    Listening to the new elder tell stories.
    Getting fresh moss for the warrior and making sure that he/she is okay.
    Joining the kits. I know some of the stories-I was in them!
    I AM that warrior!
    Preparing necessary herbs for any aches he/she might have.
  • 8
    How much battle experience do you have?
    Lots- I trained for 6 moons.
    None- I haven't trained yet
    None- I don't fight.
    Probably more than any other cat in the Clan.
    A little- my mentor's still teaching me some.
  • 9
    How big are you?
    I'm bigger than the kits, but I'm smaller than the warriors.
    I'm as big as a warrior.
    I'm the smallest in the clan- everyone calls me "pipsqueak".
    I'm about as big as all the other warriors.
    I'm pretty muscular, I guess.
  • 10
    Who are you?
    A leader.
    A medicine cat.
    A warrior/deputy.
    An apprentice.
    A kit.

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