What is Your Friendship Weakness?

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  • 1
    What would you do if your friend had a panic attack?
    Tell everybody that they had a panic attack and reach for help
    You don't really care but you attempt to comfort her even though you hate it
    Just stand there, with your arms crossed...
    Attempt to calm her by yelling and beating her noise level
    Worry if you had anything to do with it
  • 2
    What would you do if your friend tried a new makeup style that was horrible?
    Even though you don't think so, tell her it's so beautiful
    Immediately tell them the truth to help them avoid getting social suicide
    Tell everybody to watch out for the look
    Wonder if you inspired the look
    Just pretend nothing is going on and try to avoid
  • 3
    If your friend told you about a really weird addiction of theirs, what would you do?
    Freak out and yell at her
    Wonder if the friend wanted to freak you out
    Lie and say you do it too
    Tell everybody about it
    Just stand there
  • 4
    If something happened to you that was very personal what would you do?
    Tell my closest friends so that thy can comfort me.
    Keep it a secret and try to act normal but you know you can't
    Try to tell, with a little under exaggeration because you know, what if they think its my fault
    Tell the teacher in front of the whole class
    Tell my friends immediately and whine about it
  • 5
    If your friend was really nice and had a unique personality what would you think?
    I would always tell her she was unique
    Well duh? She is so being fake
    I would try to be like her even though you maybe the complete opposite
    I wonder why I am not as good as her...
  • 6
    If your crush liked one of your friends, what would you do?
    Pretend to be happy but give yourself a makeover that's so out of your league
    Spread rumours about her
    Maybe shoot some evil looks
    Confront her and straight to her face explain how it hurts
    Continuously wonder what you needed adjusting on
  • 7
    If your friend just ditched you for somebody more popular what would you do?
    Just sit back and smile and try to be happy for her even though I am not
    Just stay back and chill
    Confront her and ask her why she did... Why did she?
    Tell everybody how much of a bad friend she is
    Wonder if you did Something that would make her do that
  • 8
    If your friend is leaving for one year what would you do?
    Pretend to play it cool even though you're very emotional
    Call her every day
    Stay quiet and not call her and tell she comes back
    Tell everybody how much you miss her
    Not call her because worried she made new friends
  • 9
    Friend is getting bullied what would you do
    Stand there out of Fright
    Be a bystander
    Beat the bully up
    Tell everybody that she is getting bullied and make them bully the bully
    Worried that the bully might hate you
  • 10
    Actually what do you think your weakness is
    I don't know
    I could be too quiet
    Well, I could be a burden for my friends
    I don't really think I have a weakness

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