What Kind of Energy Do You Use?

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When the world was created, there was energy and magic. Humans used energy and magicians used both. Split into two groups, wizards use peaceful selfless magic and warlocks use the opposite. Then there are the Hunters, peacekeepers between humans and magicians, understanding both energies. Which are you?

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    Many of the people around you have given up reverence for life and the past and instead choose to focus on religion and politics as their center. How does this make you feel?
    Confused. There's a lot more out there that's less questionable.
    Concerned. There should always be a certain respect for our roots.
    Relieved. It gives me something to accept and live for.
    Apathetic. People will always pathetically seek out that which will comfort them.
  • 2
    If you could adopt/tame any animal as your pet, what would it be and why?
    A dog. They're loyal, loving and fun to be around!
    A cat. They're moody and quiet, but they are calming and inspiring.
    A bird. They're useful, cheerful and optimistic and good for keeping company.
    A lizard. They're different and sometimes dangerous, which is interesting.
  • 3
    A person not necessarily very close to you but that you know fairly well is dying. What do you do in the last days before their death?
    Bring their family gifts and spend time with them, making sure they know how much they mean!
    Console their family and assure the dying that they will be remembered.
    Tell them your philosophies about the cycle of life and their place in the world.
    Remind them that death is inevitable and offer them a small gift to lift their spirits.
  • 4
    You believe that your child has a talent or power that may be unusual or strange, but definitely useful and/or having a large impact on the world. What do you do?
    Motivate them to work harder to really upgrade their abilities so as to be prepared for the world.
    Encourage the child safely. Show support and allow them to share with you their ideas.
    Train the child intensely so as to make them the best. They are your legacy, after all.
    Teach them your own ways to show them that everyone is special and there is much they can do to help the world.
  • 5
    If you could live in any setting, no social consequences involved, where would it be?
    A large, powerful city. In an internationally influential city, you can climb the ranks to power.
    A rural farm town. It's very nice living out in nature with few people.
    An urban city. Lots of people but no social tension, and lots to do.
    A nice busy town. Plenty of people and activities so you're never bored!
  • 6
    You have developed feelings for the best friend you grew up with but you're not sure if they like you back. What do you do to find out?
    Be gentle and charming in an effort to get them to notice you in a new light.
    Ask their other friends, eavesdrop on a few conversations and flirt a little.
    Be the best friend to them that you can and show them how you feel.
    Act boisterously and energetically to catch their eye and make them see how great you are!
  • 7
    You find yourself with nothing to do on a day you don't have to work. What hobby or activity do you busy yourself with?
    Call friends and go out to have a laid-back friendly day.
    Lounge around idly, maybe doing needlework or finding other quiet entertainment.
    Go to the gym or exercise at home to maintain your health and fitness.
    Go to work anyway or continue doing what you can to make yourself look good to your superiors and rivals.
  • 8
    You have just been given a computer as a gift. What is the first thing you will do with it?
    Painstakingly set up your account information so that you seem informed and in control.
    Find a software that interests you and use it to increase your skill at that hobby.
    Join social networking sites so I can talk with friends and family and browse the internet.
    It doesn't really interest you... Maybe you can give it to a friend who wants it more.
  • 9
    A family member is telling stories about your family's heritage. Some of it is new information and some of it isn't. How do you feel about it?
    It's impressive that your family has stories like that, but you have things to do.
    You want to hear all you can about your heritage, intrigued at the idea of ancestry and family.
    Contribute when you can; it's fun to reminisce and pass on tradition.
    Try to ignore them. The past can be painful to think about and all that matters is succeeding in the future.
  • 10
    You see a street magician performing with a large crowd gathered around them. You join them in order to watch. What do you think of the show?
    "Wow, that's SO COOL! I really wish I could do that. How do they even do it!"
    "Bah! This idiot doesn't know what he's doing. This is obviously fake!"
    "Hm... I know a few things that might help them improve their act. I'll tip them and maybe talk to them after the show."
    "This seems kind of ridiculous... It's all just illusion and mechanics, but I'll admit that it looks impressive."
  • 11
    Your favorite kind of food is--
    Spicy and different. Bland food is not good food, and you know you can eat anything!
    You would say vegetable-y if it was a word! Fruits and vegetables are natural, good foods.
    Sweet and savory! Sweets and rich food are the best for your taste buds.
    Warm and comforting. Home-cooked meals that bring back good memories are nicest.
  • 12
    You take a while to lay back on a nice hill and look up at a blue sky full of white clouds. What do you think about?
    What you can be doing besides this. It's rather boring and will get you nowhere except maybe to a nap.
    How peaceful the world can seem on a blue day, and how more people should take the time for this.
    You wonder about life and consciousness. Is there a heaven up there? Where are all your lost ones?
    The shapes in the clouds. It's so interesting what shapes they take!
  • 13
    Time travel is possible, and you have the ability to go to any one point in time and visit. To when do you go?
    To where your family is from around the time your great-great-great grandparents were alive.
    The 80s! Everything was colorful and laid-back and fun.
    To the Middle Ages. Things were simpler and more peaceful.
    To the future! You have things to do, people to influence!
  • 14
    A week from now, you've been invited to four different events around the same time: a wedding for a friend, a funeral for a somewhat close relative, a meeting at work that could mean a very big promotion, and an opportunity to meet your idol. Which do you attend?
    The funeral. It is important to honor the dead and support their families and friends.
    The meeting! You've been waiting for this forever, you deserve to be recognized.
    The meeting with your idol. You have much to learn from them in order to become better and find yourself.
    The wedding! It'll be a fun time and you're so happy for your friend!
  • 15
    What are the last thoughts on your mind before falling asleep?
    "I made it through another day. It's thanks to my friends and family. I'm so grateful."
    "The serenity I feel now was worth any turmoil today. Tomorrow is a new chance."
    "Tomorrow had better be awesome! Nothing is going the way I want it to!"
    "Today was pretty good. Maybe tomorrow will be better, though."

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