IQ Test for 10-12 year olds

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10 Questions - Developed by: Thomas - Developed on: - 541.829 taken - User Rating: 1.71 of 5.0 - 607 Votes - 11 people like it

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Juman love math (23180)
477 days ago
I am 11. I reeeeeealy love math and English and science
Juman love math (23180)
477 days ago
I mean it is 92. But u should round the number so the answer is 90😘🤗
Alex (59773)
478 days ago
For number 1, the answer was not in any of the choices. 47 + 45 must equal to 92. This is rather ironic seeing this as an IQ test.
The badger (64394)
478 days ago
Iq tests are messed up I just did a different one and got 152 I'm 12!
481 days ago
Juman love math (23180)
481 days ago
It is 29 but the number is not there
cookie12 (31073)
482 days ago
i was taking this quiz and i new that the answer to no.1 is 92 but it was not an option, could you please check it it is especially confusing because it is the first question and i did not know what to expect.
pakistan (94453)
488 days ago
q no 1 wrong please check it again lot of students get confused and best wishes to you
John Cena (14490)
491 days ago
Sup Kids. Did you enjoy this IQ test?
... (82232)
499 days ago
Well for question 1 i'm guessing they were trying to make you round it, because if you rounded it to the nearest 10 then the correct answer would be.. (well thts what i thought) second thing it said i got 9/10 but when i look at the questions it says i got then all right.....thirdly yes ik I'm a star student because it was easy but that ISN'T MY IQ!
LogiK (22423)
499 days ago
They forgot to add 92 as an option.
aa (27647)
501 days ago
this quiz is soooo dumb it doesn't even say your iq and question 1 is wrong!
Fox123 (85589)
504 days ago
This guy must have an iq of 1 seriously what's with the first question answer is 92 and what about that question 9 what's 0+0 he must think it's we are 4 years old!!! He must think he's the brainiest geek ever! 🤓🤓🤓
Joyeeta (99786)
506 days ago
Don't you know maths?
Joyeeta (99786)
506 days ago
I think the writer of this website have to start school life again.
Emily daly (25658)
508 days ago
Well one of the questions onyalls test is wrong 47 + 45 is in fact 92 and nun of yalls awnsers are equivalent to 92
Nimo (51713)
512 days ago
This is not an iq test iq tests are really hard this test is only for 3-5 year olds. And whats with the 1st question 47+45 is 92
Samantha (68396)
512 days ago
First off who in the world miss adds 47 and 45. There is no answer for 92 which is the correct answer. Who ever made this needed to check their work. Which they clearly did NOT do!
Nope (97380)
514 days ago
This quiz is dumb, don't take it. I found another one and got 136...
No name 4 u (98582)
514 days ago
This is rubbish, there is no 92. I think I have a higher IQ than the makers. -_-