IQ Test for 10-12 year olds

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10 Questions - Developed by: Thomas - Developed on: - 514.108 taken - User Rating: 1.7 of 5.0 - 592 Votes

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Douglas Andersen ( 32435 )
Posted 77 days ago
I got all ten right but what is my IQ?
Ada ( 02593 )
Posted 81 days ago
dudes, chill, this test was probably made by a middle aged woman that thinks children are 💗/ tries to make children feel better. i saw a comment "ha i'm 161 i beat einstein"... kidding me?
won't even bother to take this thing.
-Ada, 11
Sophie ( 92815 )
Posted 83 days ago
I am ten i have an IQ of 136 this is the easiest thing ever. IS this for 3 year olds?
Mona ( 02619 )
Posted 85 days ago
Mera iq level wesy hai bhut acha
Memoona mehwish ( 76049 )
Posted 85 days ago
This is so interesting.I like this teqt very much
deesnuts ( 95012 )
Posted 87 days ago
this is a 💗 iq test doesn't tell u ur iq f the people who made it I am 9 f them
Dis test tho ._. ( 63939 )
Posted 88 days ago
OK, everybody saying things like "I'm ten and this is so easy" and "haha my iq is 145 you 💗s" NOBODY CARES, OK? NOBODY. EFFING. CARES. ABOUT. WHAT. YOU. HAVE. TO. SAY. so what if you got the 💗 sports question wrong? Doesn't mean you can go crying to the maker of the quiz. Dang, you crybabies. This is obviously not a real iq test, so why bother take it if you're so "smart"? Just give the guy a break. Jeez, you people
fire ( 95131 )
Posted 88 days ago
Okay, i know that this is for kids my age but...why is this is so EASY? if you really want to test our IQ, give us some actual questions, would you?
Leah ( 43542 )
Posted 90 days ago
I am a star student but I think #7 is not fair because why do we have to know that? LOL
Chris ( 02791 )
Posted 96 days ago
You guys are all 💗 im a 161 im ten years old and i beat Einstein's iq so ha
you looked at the name ( 54768 )
Posted 96 days ago
I took another IQ test and said i have an IQ of 103. I kind of expected to say i was a star student. im twelve by the way. I got all the questions right.
a student ( 85851 )
Posted 96 days ago
They wronged my correct answer....disgusting page (well I scored 9)
mi ( 04905 )
Posted 96 days ago
it sayd i am a star student
Bracelet maker ( 52528 )
Posted 97 days ago
I'm 8 years old and this quiz said I was a star student. This quiz is so easy.
Ben ( 04006 )
Posted 99 days ago
This was so easy, I rushed and did it in 1 minutes and got 6 out of 10, in one minute... in 3 minutes, I probably got it all right!
El ( 48356 )
Posted 99 days ago
I got every freaking queston right. but, I am not a very smart person. trust me.
totally my real name ( 34625 )
Posted 100 days ago
I know that part of giving an iq is your age, but you put an age number. So what you need to do is the math with the three ages so u can give an actual iq. Also, why is there a question that is not math or grammar(I am just fine with the grammar). I am guessing that because of the question that would do nothing in a normal iq test, is the reason I did not get an actual iq. But you could use the normal nine questions that would be on an iq test to give me an iq.
Queendella dede ( 01102 )
Posted 102 days ago
What the check thanks for wasting my time and WiFi
DawnTheDemonGMR ( 57658 )
Posted 106 days ago
THIS IS SO FECKING 💗! Srsly!! A rugby question?? WTH has that got to do to with your intelligence? AND you didn't even tell us what our IQs were! And your IQ is probally below 10 since you don't even have the right answers to a few of the math questions!
Were I come from, we say to people like you, Ty Wokki, TY KONS!!
Ariana Moore ( 77197 )
Posted 108 days ago
Um are you freakin kidding me? This didn't even tell me my IQ and also, what does the 7th question have to do with anything??? AND, most of these were grammar questions that have NOTHING to do with your IQ, grammar is based on the front of your brain which in your AQ.👎🏻