IQ Test for 10-12 year olds

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10 Questions - Developed by: Thomas - Developed on: - 544.562 taken - User Rating: 1.71 of 5.0 - 607 Votes - 16 people like it

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Lexi Harrison (81580)
538 days ago
Might have wanted to run that first question through the calculator. Also, I don't agree with that weird sport question about the NFL or whatever it was. This test was slightly rubbish.
Manky kat 324 (35889)
539 days ago
This is 💗 45+47 =92 that wasn't even a option !!!! Who else agrees that this was rubbish ? Does anybody know some good I.Q tests? Saying that they still have some good tests though !:) :(
SmartgirlAlyssa (64345)
542 days ago
THIS IS 💗!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the answer to the first question is 92 not any of the answers.
Aleksey (51138)
542 days ago
This is so 💗, 47+45 is not 90, it is 92. Who cares who we vote for.
💗 (13854)
543 days ago
this is far from an IQ test, as the being who wrote this trash evidently had an IQ of 50
[] Facepalm [] (92536)
544 days ago
47 + 45 = 92. The person who made this must be about 7. Wait, I knew that when I was 7. he person who made this was 5 and there 9 year old sister typed it up. The 9 year was a savage and didn't care if her little brother was wrong. She wanted to see her brother wither and die. - Elizabeth Z.
💗 THIS TEST (06671)
545 days ago
47+45 is 💗 92 this kid is an 💗. These questions will not properly identify you IQ. I mean, basketball, wrong answers, this kid is really an 💗. I'm done with searching for an IQ test because all I get are tests like these, so, here's some help if you want to know if your 💗 or not. If you are taking below grade level classes, get away from this computer. If you are on grade level, you're still pretty 💗. If you are taking above grade level classes, good job. GT, melt your brain as much as you want. But hey! These are my own opinion. (After all, i'm just a ten year old sixth grader)
dat asian (25649)
550 days ago
im pretty sure im asian and im also pretty sure the first answer is 92 probaly some kid made up the test to get answers for his homework
brook (25957)
551 days ago
47+45=92 and the guy has the wrong answer they need to fix this because 92 is the answer and 92 is none of the choices so this guy is WRONG
Heidi B (04082)
553 days ago
The answer is indeterminate because 47+45=92 and as you may know 92 is none of the answers above, so apparently the person who made this quiz came up with many random answers unless they wanted us to round or had the wrong answers themselves
lol (04336)
554 days ago
the guy who made this was just probably finding answers for his homework
concered alien (17574)
554 days ago
Wow, now I have less brain cells seeing this quiz, whoever made this is not a 10-12 year old, younger, probably 9.

These questions have NOTHING to do with IQ.
anonymous (66298)
555 days ago
The actual answer to the first question is 92, not 90 or 94. To answer it correctly you have to round down, but the requirement of the question is an exact, accurate answer.
Lily (91579)
556 days ago
The answer to the first question wasn't even an option. I mean, if it was looking for the closest answer available to the actual answer, it would have been fine, but that was not the question.
AJ (87975)
557 days ago
OMG. This was the worst quiz I've ever taken. I don't how you came up with trash. Good day.
yoyo (45787)
557 days ago
💗 the person who made this
lily (45787)
557 days ago
u guys are dumb 47+45 is 92 not 90
someone (45787)
557 days ago
this test is so easy. A four year old can do this!!!!!!
Anonymous (80107)
557 days ago
Ok, first of all, if you want to label something as a proper "iq test" then please, none of these shenanigans. If it was a mere joke, as many of us who used this website could tell as you asked us about a basketball team, then you could have at least stated the now obvious BEFORE we took this test. Not to mention many of the answers were wrong, but I suppose the goal was to round but I am still unable to decipher whether this was all some sort of 💗 joke or naw. Also, one of your questions had a punctuation error. Somethink about ASADA investigated the SHARKS SOMETHING (forgot) well, you forgot an apostrophe. Ok sorry I am getting a tad bit carried away into the wonders of justifying myself in the court of... well year... To wrap this up, be a little bit more valid when putting in the Q+A and also if whatever your doing is a joke, then let us know. Thanks...
Anonymous (22699)
561 days ago
I'm ten and already I'm sure I could've done this when I was 5! Question 1 is 92, but according to this it's 90. Question 7 is just pure crap. The creator of this quiz is no more then 10.