What Minecraft Mob are you?

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Using age range and other properties, find out what mob you are!

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Herobrine (49284)
3 days ago
I was basically everything...including a squid
Cheesecake FREAK (49814)
17 days ago
I got my grass block because I am a... enderman p.s. please don't stare love the test thanks!
Abrar (29312)
147 days ago
Woooooohooooo I am a enderman my favorite mob teleport woooooohooooo
creeper girl (46906)
221 days ago
hahahaha i am aaaa creeeeeeeeeepeeeeeeeeeerrrr ssssssss boooooom!
gabriel (46906)
221 days ago
noone wants o mess with me i am an enderman! but for real....they fear me in class muahahaha
gabriel (46906)
221 days ago
oh no a creeper watch out an enderman too!and a zombie and a skeleton!
worst results are squid and mooshroom lol xd haha!
Maddox (37859)
307 days ago
Apparently I'm part Mooshroom, part squid, part enderman, AND part skeleton! XD Yeah apparently my results wen't clear, so this is what it said: For 25 % you are: You’re a Mooshroom!
People love to be around you but think you’re useless in certain situations.
But nonetheless you are very unique and stay that way!

22 % of 45753 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

Your results were not clear.

You could also get this result:
For 25 % you are: You’re a squid!

People stay away from you, but not because they don't like you, but because they don't know much about you.

Profile B

Your results were not clear.

Or even this one:
For 25 % you are: You’re a skelliton!

You are artistic and will take anything that life gives you! Profile C

Or even this one:
For 17 % you are: You’re an enderman!

You are usually Rare and smart, but no one messes with you, you’re not sure if they like you are not.

Profile D

Or even this one:
For 0 % you are: You’re a creeper!

Boom! Did you here that?

You are quite and nice, but if someone get on your bad side, WATCH OUT! Profile E
Rat Seventy7 (24632)
308 days ago
WHAT!? I'm a squid? Oh well I tried
Leo (23890)
310 days ago
I'm 33% enderman.Yay
Mooooooshroomlover (78758)
325 days ago
Yay I'm a mooshroom just what I am
Endergirlgames (41605)
410 days ago
Brah... did you look at mah name 42% enderman brah i got enderman....
frogmiro (67603)
448 days ago
Oh noo A squid😑 ........
Gamer girl (27112)
485 days ago
Plus alexa I was the same as u omg
Gamer girl (27112)
485 days ago
I'm an enderman can be smart and rare and no one wants to mess with me yay!!
paigeygrl (18572)
486 days ago
i have a feeling that everyody got the same results. i dont think that i was any of these really i think that im a chicken cause id love to e small, that means i could hide in small gaps.

i gve this one and a half stars
super angry (22274)
489 days ago
how can i be a squid? people come near me because they know me.... and also come near me to be friends! i did 2 other quiz's and they pretty much had the same questions as thos one.. and i got creeper both times!
Dark Defender (92067)
512 days ago
Great. I'm a defenceless mooshroom!!!
Mine craft lady (56023)
523 days ago
Wanna be an enderman
Alexis (93465)
525 days ago
I'm a....
Squid :C
skelliton :/
Enderman? I'm a girl..... O_o
henri sl (83785)
529 days ago
I'm an enderman anybody else an enderman?