When Will I Get My First Period Quiz?

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  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much pubic hair do you have?(Hair down there)
  • 3
    How much discharge do you have if any?(goop in your underwear)
  • 4
    How much underarm hair do you have?
  • 5
    Not to pry but it is an important factor. How much do you weigh?
  • 6
    What are your breasts (boobs) like?
  • 7
    What is the hair on your legs like?
  • 8
    Another boobs question...
  • 9
    Have you been moody lately?
  • 10
    Have you had any cramps below the bellybotton

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Anonymous (08096)
3 days ago
Hi, I just wanted to ask something about the 💗l discharge, because I had it for like a week, but that was probably a month ago, and I have not got my period. Is it normal to have 💗l discharge only once in a while? I do have 'hair down there' and armpit hair, though I have only shaved my armpit hair twice. My mom and sisters got their period in the same grade that I am in now. I dont know my bra type, and I got really confused with that question, because my mom just bought be a few bras one day, but most of the time I dont wear it because it is not completely necessary for me, and is quite uncomfortable. Thanks.
I already got it (45094)
3 days ago
Well I just wanted to see what the test said. For me it said 5 to 8 months. I didn't get cramps and I wasn't so moody. I got it on Sunday. I'm 11 years old almost 12 it was there months exactly.
Advice (92013)
3 days ago
Taliya- I believe this is your first period. If you have a liner I would recommend wearing that. A lot of the time your first period is brown and super light. Although if you really aren’t sure you can wait until tomorrow and see if there is any blood but I wouldn’t as it might end up ruining you undies. You can just say to your mum that you think you have gotten your period but you aren’t sure - I bet she will understand. Hope I helped!
Taltikya (60386)
3 days ago
By the way my name is Taliya not Taltikya(auto corrects) 😂
Taltikya (60386)
3 days ago
I’ve been getting white stuff in my underwear lately, and today is the first day that brown goop was in my underwear. It was everywhere! So much came out. Also I haven’t been moody lately, and I’ve had no cramps, but your test said 1 month. Also when I finished using the bathroom, there was like an atom speck of blood in my underwear...So is this my period or did I just cut myself?
sylvia🌺 (75775)
3 days ago
Issy- it is ok i had that happen to me for a while, but if they really hot there period then they must have gone through the discharge cycle like you right now, so if they are true friends they will understand!

Bobby Mcbobberton- by what you told us, you should be getting your period in about 1-3 months!!! i would consider wearing pantie liners!!

Grace- you should be getting your period soon if you are close to the age your mom got it, but it all depends on how your body works because, like AIMIE said, all of her friends are not developed but have gotten there periods and she still hasn’t.

hoped this helped😘
Advice (92013)
3 days ago
Nina- You should definitely tell your Mum. Just tell her there is only a little bit of blood and she may give you a liner or pad. If it only goes for a couple of days it could still be your first period. Most first periods are super light and usually brown and don’t become normal until the second, third, or maybe fourth or so. Also, 12 and 13 are the most common ages to start, so you aren’t young at all. Good luck!
Advice (92013)
3 days ago
So guys, if you want an accurate estimation please try to give us as much info as possible if you feel comfortable.
Advice (92013)
3 days ago
Hi Stella, do you mind giving us some more information? As long as you don’t mind sharing of course. How old are you? If you know, when did your Mum get hers? How much do you weigh? Do you have any armpit hair? Are your legs hairy? Have you had a major growth spurt? If so, when? And how long have you had hair down there for? Also, while sometimes things may seem like signs of your first period usually they are just other things. Not saying they aren’t of course, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t come.
Stella (62607)
4 days ago
Can someone estimate the time for me? I’ve had discharge for about 3-4 months and soon it’ll be 5. I get a lot of it everyday. Yesterday I started getting cramps below my belly button and on the left side of my lower back. I’ve been feeling tense and moody. I woke up at 3 am feeling sick and I was shaking. It was weird. I think it’s because my house is so cold and I shiver but it’s like...different I guess. My sweats smelled different for about 7-8 months now. I’ve been craving French fries and I’m super hungry in about 30 minutes right after I just ate. Not to be gross but I’ve been poopings a lot. It’s weird like I went to the bathroom more than I usually do. I’ve also had to pee a lot more. The hair (down there) it’s getting more curly it’s already pretty dark. If someone could tell me that would be great. Thanks!
Bobby McBobberton (87541)
4 days ago
I need help somebody estimate for me

Not a lot of discharge but not a little either

A lot of hair but I haven't shaved down there in a while cuz I got tired of it

I have no idea when my mom got hers

I get scared at school because I fell a little wet and I freak out

I have to shave my pits every 4-5 days

I've had acne for a long time now

I wear an A cup

I have to shave my legs every 4-5 days too

I'm 13 and I weigh 80something pounds

Could someone estimate for me please
Issy (22265)
4 days ago
It's annoying when everyone around you has their period and can share things with each other and I'm just sitting there uncomfortable with undies full of discharge without anyone to talk to because all of my friends are PMSing or something.
Nina (81471)
4 days ago
OMG! I found blood and brown stuff in my undies yesterday. I didn't want to tell my mom in case it was just a one off bleeding thing but it happened again TODAY! Should I tell my mom, i'm only 12!!
Grace (81471)
4 days ago
I got 5-8 months! My mom got hers at 10 and a half and i'm 11. Should I keep a pad with me?
I have 3 older sisters who have their period and my sister (who I am most close to) got hers at 12, would that contribute to anything with me?
Annie (04197)
4 days ago
I hate discharge it gets dried up in my knickers and makes me feel uncomfortable throughout the whole day. I'm 11 and I'm almost in grade 6, I haven't gotten my period yet, but to be honest you girls have worse 'stories' than me. "I grant you the wish to get your periods soon."
Anyway, in my school I have 2 friends that are in my class who have gotteh their periods. 1. Jaina who's in grade 7 pretty much :( (she got her first period around 16+ months ago) 2. Keira who's in the same grade as me, (she go her period around 29+ months ago)
Note: I'm in a Stem class so I've got people who are almost grade in grade 7 :( (high school) 6 & 5's in my class.
Molly (37624)
4 days ago
I’m 14 and haven’t gotten my period yet, but my mom told me she had hers when she was 12!!! I have a flat chest, no discharge at all, and no armpit hair. It seems like I’ll never get my period!
AIMIE💖 (11280)
4 days ago
hey guys im from the UK so im in
year 7 that means im nearly 12 i have already started to develop a lot but none of my friends have, but they have ALL started their periods I feel quite left out because I have not started yet. I dont know if I should be exited or nervous for mine, what should I be expecting, should I be expecting a heavy Flo or a light one? can someone who has actually started please tell me. My twin sister thinks she has but she's not sure if it her period or not but she has a small dry blood crease around her…… our mother started when she was 12 so I am quite confused, could someone please respond to me I could really use the reassurance!! :)
Ell (26387)
4 days ago
Thank you, ElenaDaUniCat! That was very helpful, my friend and I are the same age, and are kind of going threw the same symptoms, and her mom got her some pads, just in case, so yeah, I have like 3 of those, and I start, I will have to get the courage to ask my mom, which I guess won't be hard but you know. thank you!
Emma (95420)
5 days ago
hopefully soon enough I will get my period
sylvia🌺 (75775)
5 days ago
A Random Person: when i first took the test i had a lot of hair down there, too. but just remember that this test is not always accurate.

also should i make a quiz?