What kind of parent are you/will you be?

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What is your parenting style/or what will it be?

  • 1
    Your 2 month old is very fussy at night, and cries whenever you lie them down to sleep. What do you do?
    Put him/her down in the crib, and leave the room. They will eventually cry themselves to sleep.
    Leave them for 5 minutes, come back and pat their back, leave again for 10 minutes, come back, etc. until they fall asleep.
    Stand over the crib rubbing their back, and singing until they fall asleep.
    They must not be tired yet. Take her out and play with her instead.
    Rock the baby to sleep, or take the baby to your own bed.
  • 2
    You are potty training your 2 year old child, and they have been accident free for several days when they have an accident again (pee).
    Help the child to change clothes and have them help clean up the mess, say nothing much about it.
    Clean up the mess and say, "Remember you should try to make it to the potty, ok?"
    You reprimand the child and tell them to try harder to make it to the toilet next time.
    Clean up the mess, while expressing over and over "It's ok honey!".
    Change their clothes and clean up the mess, and don't say a word about it to the child.
  • 3
    Your 5 year old child's room is a huge mess, and toys are everywhere. You...
    Say nothing. It's her room and her toys, so it's up to her when to clean it.
    Clean the room for them.
    Tell her she has one hour to have this mess cleaned up or no more TV until Saturday.
    Have a conversation about how your expect your to keep her room clean, and ask what they expect about their room. Come to an agreement based on meeting both of your needs.
    Sit down with your child and help them pick up the room.
  • 4
    Your 8 year old child doesn't like to eat vegetables, or to try new foods. What do you do?
    Let them know you expect them to try new foods and if they want to put ketchup or dip with it that is fine.
    Fix mostly foods they like, and have them try one bite of new foods.
    Tell them if they don't eat all of their food, there will be no dessert.
    Let them choose what to eat and when to eat it.
    Fret and fuss, worry about their health, and then give in and let them eat cake because they'll "starve" if they don't have something to eat.
  • 5
    Your 10 year old wants to try out for a sport, but is nervous about how they will do as they are not very athletic. What do you do?
    Encourage them to try it, and to do their best. You will be proud however they do, as long as they do their best.
    Leave the decision up to the child.
    Invest in all the safety equipment so your child won't hurt themselves.
    "Whatever will make you happy honey. You can always quit if you don't like it."
    Tell them once they join a team there will be no quitting halfway through the year, so they better be sure before they start.
  • 6
    Your 13 year old brings their phone to the table and is texting with friends all through the meal.
    Ask, "Who are you texting? What are you talking about?... "
    It's no big deal.
    You tell them they just lost their phone for the rest of the night.
    Ask them to please turn off their phone until after the meal.
    Have a discussion about your expectaions at the table and their expectations about texting with friends and come to a conclusion that you both can be comfortable with.
  • 7
    Your 15 year old just hates school, and doesn't want to get up in the morning to get ready for school. What do you do?
    What school? We unschool at home.
    Ask them what's bothering them about school.
    Have a talk about what their would like to happen, and your needs (they have an education) and come to a solution you both can agree to.
    Go in and wake them up every 5 minutes, pick out their clothes, and fix their breakfast so it's easier for them to get ready and to school.
    Tell them if they don't get up for school, they will be grounded for a week.
  • 8
    Your 18 year old doesn't want to go to college, but wants to get a job instead even though you always dreamed they'd go to college. What do you do?
    Talk through options and ideas together, but leave the choice ultimately up to them.
    What your child does with their future is their choice.
    Discuss together the pros and cons of college verses career until you are both on the same page.
    Keep leaving college flyers around the house, and hinting how much you'd love it if they went to college.
    Tell them if they don't go to college, they better be ready to pay for their own rent and food because they won't be getting any help from you.
  • 9
    The goal of parenting is:
    For your children to have a good relationship with you and be self-reliant.
    For your children to be happy.
    For your children to have the skill of negotiation to navigate their future.
    To have obedient, respectful children.
    To protect your children.
  • 10
    Your children are fighting about who gets the remote.
    Say, "please stop fighting... guys...come on...let's get along please"
    Have the children sit down and talk about what they wanted and try to come to an agreement together.
    You let them fight it out, and not interfere.
    You send them both to their rooms and turn off the TV.
    You get their attention, and ask one to play a video game while one watches a show and then they can switch places.

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