Does the Boy You Like Return Your Feelings?

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So you've got a crush. But does he like you? Very accurate.

  • 1
    You are in class. You walk up to him and start chatting about how much you like his t shirt. He...
    Leaves silently.
    Smiles quickly, then rushes off.
    Smiles and returns the compliment, then holds the door open for you.
  • 2
    You are in the grocery store with Mom. You see him and his mom there. Moms start chatting. He...
    Approaches you, smiles, and you talk like old friends
    Smiles shyly, compliments you, and sort of hides behind his mom (in a way)
    Ignores or frowns at you.
  • 3
    You are at a dance. You see him dancing with a really cute girl. What happens?
    Once he notices you, he excuses himself from HER and joins you. He asks you to dance.
    Continues dancing with her but smiles at you whenever he catches your eye.
    Completely ignores you and totally dazzles the cute girl.
  • 4
    You are still at the dance. A boy who you are good friends with (but not lovers) asks to dance with you. You agree. Your crush...
    Taps your partner on the shoulder and asks if he may dance with you.
    Smiles at you when you see him.
    Turns his back to you and hangs out with those pretty girls in the corner.
  • 5
    Your mom invites his mom to have brunch at your house. He comes too. While moms talk, the two of you...
    Chat like old friends. You show him around, and you play together.
    He stays with his mom, talks a little to you, and mostly just texts his friends.
    Pays no attention to you whatsoever.
  • 6
    Now we'll find out a little about you. Your best friend and your crush are dancing at the dance. You...
    Do nothing.
    Get very angry at your friend and your crush.
    Politely ask if you may dance with him next.
  • 7
    Your crush is sitting next to you in school. You hear him whispering under his breath how hard the math problems are. You...
    Ask your friend to help him.
    Invite him to study with you in study hall, promising to help him.
    Say nothing. The teacher is looking!
  • 8
    You are walking down the street and you see your crush. You...
    Turn so he doesn't notice you. You are too shy to talk to him.
    Smile and wave.
    Run over and ask him how his day has been, then invite him to your house.
  • 9
    Do you love him?
    I think so.
    Yes. I would do anything for him.
    Yeah. He is cute.
  • 10
    Do you think he loves you?
    That is why I am taking this quiz!
    Who knows?
    I think so...

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