How are your Parents with Nudism?

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Okay, so this quiz is a little bit random, but it should be fun! It does assume a few things: 1- You are a nudist (why not!), 2- Your parents KNOW you are a nudist, and 3- You live with your parents (so it's just you and them that live there). Thanks for reading, it'll mean the quiz makes more sense for you.

  • 1
    Your opinion on nudism...
    I feel happy and natural naked in front of my family, but I am the only one. I wish they would join in.
    I feel totally comfortable naked, but my two mothers (lesbians, doesn't mean you are one) prefer just to be topless. We are all topless around the house as we don't see why men can be topless and women can't.
    I absolutely love being naked when I can, but I rarely get the chance, as my parents don't let me.
    My parents are nudists so I grew up with it - I have no choice.
    I love being naked; I feel free, comfortable, and natural with my family. We are all nudists, but I was allowed to choose not to be one.
  • 2
    You were brought up...
    Being told that the human body should stay covered up. I knew I loved being nude, but I told my parents, and now they keep an eye on me all the time.
    In a nudist family. I was given the choice early on whether I too wanted to be a nudist, and have never looked back.
    From an early age I knew that I preferred being naked to wearing clothes. My parents decided to let me be naked.
    By two women. I was taught that women and men can both be topless, and spend most/all of my time without a top on. I am comfortable totally naked, but my parents are uncomfortable with genitals, so I am only naked when alone.
    In a family of nudists. I was taught that nudism is the only way of life, and in my lifetime have only owned underwear/one item of clothing/no clothing whatsoever
  • 3
    Your wardrobe...
    I have lots of jeans, skirts, trousers, pants, etc, but absolutely no bras. I think I MIGHT have one top scrunched up at the bottom of a drawer.
    I wish my parents had given me the option to wear clothes, but they forbade it so my wardrobe is empty/I don't have a wardrobe/ they confiscated all my clothes.
    Has a few items of clothing in case of an emergency, but I and my family feel more comfortable naked.
    My wardrobe is full of all-body covering clothes that my parents force me to wear. As soon as they go out though...
    My parents still buy me clothes but know now that I don't like to wear them, and I think they are OK with that...
  • 4
    In/after a shower/bath...
    My parents will let me dry naturally but indoors. They don't mind at all when I don't put clothes on afterwards, but prefer to keep their bodies private.
    My parents give me a swimming costume to wear in the shower, and will never let me dry naturally. I long for the times when they go out and I can spend time after washing feeling natural and comfortable.
    A shower is my naked time, and I really love it. My parents let me have a lot of time to shower, as they know I like being completely naked. Afterwards, your parents make you wear bottom halves, but prefer it when you don't put anything on top.
    My parents and I are quite happy for me to dry off naturally, naked in the garden. I don't mind it that the neighbours can see me. It's my body and I'm comfortable with it.
    My parents have forbidden me from using towels or clothes, and we live in one room, so they frequently watch when I wash myself. I am a little/ a lot creeped out by this.
  • 5
    At night...
    My parents and I are happy to sleep naked. I have my own room, but wouldn't mind sharing as I see them naked most other times.
    My parents share the same room as me specifically to make sure I don't get naked. On the rare occasions they go out for the night, I enjoy naked time, and wish they were here to appreciate it too.
    My parents don't let me have any nightwear, and we all share a room so that 'we' can appreciate the beauty of each other's bodies.
    My parents buy me bottom halves of pajamas, but as I have my own room, don't mind if I strip off. I always do.
    My parents buy me pajamas, but know and don't mind that I don't wear them
  • 6
    Around the house, casually and doing chores...
    My parents and I spend as much time as possible naked, but when the occasion calls for an apron, we have them if necessary.
    I spend most/all of my time naked, and desperately wish my family would join in too. They are OK with my nudity, but sometimes I feel uncomfortable being the only one.
    I've already told you that I am forbidden from wearing clothes. I would feel happier wearing at least an apron when cooking, but again, it is not permitted.
    My parents and I always wear clothes, but any time they are out, I strip off my clothes and relax totally naked. If they caught me at this they would punish me severely, no matter how old I am.
    I and my parents never wear tops, and my parents wear skirts or trousers. I prefer, and they let me, wear only knickers.
  • 7
    In public, going to the shops, walking the dog...
    My family and I live in a respectable neighbourhood, and feel that it would be unfair to them if we were naked not on our own grounds. We girls wear light, loose dresses, with no underwear. The guy(s) wear shorts.
    My family make sure I cover practically my whole body. I think they have nudist-phobia.
    My family and I live somewhere where it is perfectly legal to be naked. We do everything naked, even in winter, and we would even if it wasn't legal... I must admit that I like being naked indoors mostly, but outdoors is a but much for me. My family give me no choice though.
    My parents and I order our shopping online, and none of us are afraid to answer the door topless. If it is an emergency, one of my mothers has a loose shirt that she can wear to pop to the shops. We do not own any pets which need walking.
    My family, although OK with me being naked around the house, draw the line when it comes to being naked in public. I wear sparse clothing.
  • 8
    On holiday, what beaches do you go to...?
    My parents and I always go to topless beaches, we generally travel there topless too. If I ask my parents, they will let me go to nude beaches by myself, but I am often content on topless beaches
    Nudist beaches only. I would like to try topless/clothed beaches, and although OK with seeing family naked, feel a little queasy seeing people I don't know.
    My parents drag me onto clothed beaches with them, but I am always desperate to feel the sun on my body - every last inch of it...
    My parents always check with me first, but we always end up going to nudist beaches, even when we plan to go to topless/clothed beaches.
    My parents let me go to nude beaches, but generally go to clothed. I might get them to come to a nude beach with me on occasion, but they never EVER strip.
  • 9
    Would you ever consider going to a nude resort...?
    I would enjoy it, but my parents wouldn't let me/would never speak to me again.
    Since I've gotten older, my parents have stayed at hotels nearby, while I stay in nude resorts. We meet up everyday, and I am always naked when we do. I don't care - it's my holiday as well as theirs.
    I would love love LOVE to, but for the sake of my parents, I only go when alone. We spend our family holiday at topless resorts.
    Every year, we go to a nude resort for a month and a half, and it is always the highlight of our year.
    We live in a place where nudism is accepted anyway. When we go on holiday we travel there naked, spend the entire time naked, and do everything naked. The only difference from at home is the exotic location.
  • 10
    Would you ever go to a family-team-building activity - if you would, what would it be like...?
    We would never attend such a workshop
    We would attend this class, probably, and clothing would be optional. I would feel comfortable removing all clothes, but I would be lucky to get my parents down to their underwear.
    We already attend such a class. Clothing is optional, but most people strip off. We, as a family have a guilty pleasure in that we love making the not-undressed families feel awkward and/or remove their clothing... it is more natural and comfortable.
    We would always go, and it would be clothing-forbidden. Although I would prefer clothing optional, my parents wouldn't allow it.
    It would be all women, and it would be compulsory to be topless.
  • 11
    We travel by car, topless. We would not be afraid to take public transport topless either, if it wasn't kind of...illegal.
    Because our neighbourhood doesn't accept nudism, we travel only by car, but when we do so we are always always ALWAYS naked.
    My parents seldom let me out of the house naked, but they do allow me in the car without clothes, therefore this is my favourite transport.
    As I said, we live in a neighbourhood where nudism is perfectly acceptable, so are comfortable to take public transport without clothing.
    I wish I could travel naked, but my parents forbid it. It would be more comfortable, but I am aware of the fact that it is against the law where I live.
  • 12
    Are you naked right now...?
    Yes, I am naked with my family; not just my parents - my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and we are all naked and feeling totally natural and comfortable. I am proud to be a nudist.
    Well, ahem, I'm wearing knickers...
    I am completely naked, it is the middle of winter, and I'm COOOOOLLLDDD! I wish my family let me be a non-nudist...
    No! Well, I wasn't when I started this quiz, but my parents have gone out now so... why not!
    Yes, we are having a family reunion, and I am the only nudist. I am proud of my beliefs, but I wish they would try it too, they don't know what they're missing!

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