Nudist, Pervert, Lesbian, or Just Insecure?

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This is a quiz to see why you like being naked/seeing nudes. Do you like feeling natural, do you like watching others secretly, do you like women's bodies, or are you always looking at other s to see if you are like them? This quiz will help find out.
Sorry if results aren't totally accurate!

  • 1
    So, you have come back from the gym. You see the door of the guys' changing room is slightly ajar. What do you do?
    Stand and watch as they undress, then as they shower
    Go straight to the girls room, so that you can undress, and spend a little time with your own body.
    Go to the women's, to try and see if I look like them...
    Go to the women's room - there are going to be naked women!
  • 2
    Scenario: You naked in a crowd of naked people - your feelings...?
    We are all natural.
    Do I look normal?
    The women look so nice
    There are some very hot dishes...
  • 3
    You are on holiday. Your friend asks you to go to a nude beach. You say Yes. Why?
    Because I will feel comfortable and natural.
    To check out sexy people
    So that t-shirts and bikini tops won't be covering what is natural.
    To see if I look the same as my friend naked
  • 4
    If you went to a life-drawing class with a nude female model you would...?
    Appreciate the fact that they are letting a woman show herself off.
    Check the model out to see if she was fitter than me
    Make sure it was clothes-forbidden, so I could see everybody's everything
    Ask if I could model too/take my clothes off too.
  • 5
    During/after showering/bathing...?
    I look out my window at the bathroom next door...
    I wonder if other girls look like me naked
    I dry naturally in my garden, and only put clothes on when I have to go out.
    I appreciate all of my female parts, particularly breasts.
  • 6
    If you found an exercise machine in the changing rooms at your gym after doing your workout, when you were returning from the showers naked, without a towel, you would...?
    Watch the others work out naked
    Wait to see other girls doing it, so you will know how you will look
    Do another workout naked.
    Watch other women exercise naked, appreciating the beauty of their bodies moving
  • 7
    Would you go around your house naked, if so, when?
    When I look through next-door's window.
    When in the company of other girls, I encourage them to remove their clothes also
    Yes, I do generally, and unless my company specifically requests that I wear clothes, I am naked in company too.
    Never, I don't think I look good naked.
  • 8
    If you had professional photos of you nude, what would they be like/for?
    To compare with other nudes.
    They would be to advertise nudism, nude beaches, nude resorts etc.
    For trading.
    They would be with girls, so that I could keep looking at them, if I wasn't with them.
  • 9
    Pick your favourite body part
    Whichever of my body parts is normal
  • 10
    What best describes being nude, for you?
    Breasts, women
    Sexy, Fit
    Natural, Comfortable.

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