Do I seem strange/awkward to other people?

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(Mainly for High School students)

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    Do you often hesitate to say hi to someone you know when you're outside of school?
    No, I love starting conversations & making new friends!
    It really depends how close we are in school & who they are.
    Yes, I wouldn't want them to find me clingy or annoying.
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    Are you the one to set up hangouts within your group of friends or do you prefer to be invited places?
    I prefer to be invited places, but occasionally set things up myself and am sure to make people come.
    I like to be invited, but it's not often that i actually get invited places.
    I enjoy inviting new friends places and introducing them to other friends in hangouts I set up
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    What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?
    I like whatever is on the radio, its all my jam!
    Pop, I like artists & bands like One Direction, Justin Bieber and/or Taylor Swift. I am fairly open with them being my fav artists.
    Rock, I like bands from the 80's and 90's, and some hard core stuff from now.
    I love hipster & indie music. Eventually most the music I listen to becomes a hit!
    Pop, I like artists & bands like One Direction, Justin Bieber and/or Taylor Swift. I preach my love for them. Fan Fiction and Fan Instagramming is what I do!
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    When someone more "popular" tries talking to you, what do you do?
    I like it, I think it's a good opportunity to get more input on something I'm doing or just talk.
    I consider myself popular. I'm usually the one approaching others to talk.
    I like it, I open up fairly easily and usually know what to say. I feel like I can talk on for a long time.
    I get very nervous and am often at a loss for words, but if they make me feel comfortable in the conversation, I am totally fine!
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    How often do you speak in class?
    Fairly often. I enjoy putting my opinion out there!
    I love speaking out in class, often when I'm not called on. I like not only saying what i think towards what is being taught, but I also am always talking to people around me.
    I like to write and take notes when in class. I speak out occasionally but only when it's school related.
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    How bug is your group of friends?
    It's probably 10-15 people, and I can have relatively normal conversations with each of them.
    I keep to myself, or I have 1-3 very close friends.
    I am basically friends with everyone, and am close with anyone I talk to. I find myself starting TONS of texting convos!
    It's probably 10-15 people, but I often feel like i can't relate to them and often give up and keep to myself.
    Very big, but I like to listen more than adding to conversation.
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    Where do you like to shop?
    Abercrombie, Hollister, Aero, American Eagle, Name brand stores basically.
    Thrift shopping- Goodwill and other stores like that.
    Male- random beach stores, My mom/family member does most of my shopping honestly. Female- I like random stores in the mall, and beachy stores!
    Female- anywhere, my style is more modern. Male- I don’t really care what I wear.
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    Does your group of friends have Guys & Girls?
    Yes, I hangout with everyone, and am always texting them all!
  • 9
    Have you ever dated anyone?
    No, I have trouble actually talking to the opposite sex aside from class.
    Yes, I asked and they were iffy at first but then everything was totally smooth!
    Yes, I was asked out & was/am totally into it.
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    Do you do sports (Are you relatively active)?
    Yes, but i am on a low team for my age in school.
    No, I don't need to do sports.
    No, I really dislike physical activity, and physical education (PE) is a joke.
    Yes, I do sports outside of school but am in the PE program in school instead of doing sports in school
    Yes, I participate on a( ) school team(s) and my team and i are practically best friends.
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    Where do you find yourself on the weekends, and Friday nights?
    It really depends how I'm feeling, I love hanging with friends, but relaxing is a must for weekends.
    Surfing the internet at home, watching TV and relaxing.
    I would like to be doing stuff, but don't really actually do anything.
    Setting up parties and searching everywhere for where the party is at!
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    How do your friends, or people you talk to treat you?
    They treat me like a person should be, we always talk but subjects aren't normally that deep.
    They are nice, but occasionally act like talking to me is a hassle.
    They are everything a friend should be, and we treat eachother the same.
    They treat me like I'm a part of the group, and always ask me questions and make sure I'm a part of everything.
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    How do you act around your siblings?
    I don't have siblings.
    We aren't close at all.
    We are like best friends. We hang out like friends do.
    We are close, but don't get too deep when talking and we're kinda just put together.
    It's a love-hate relationship, and we're close.
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    Do people gravitate towards you in conversation, and would people go try and start a conversation with you out of their way?
    No, but I’m always sure to add to what they are saying in small groups.
    No, but it's often because I back down when I’m not being talked to.
    Yes, but am sure to let them speak as much as I do.
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    What do you think of yourself on a social level? In all honesty to receive an accurate score.
    I think I am liked by most people but i realize that a select few clearly do not enjoy being around me. SELECTIVELY LIKED.
    I think I am awkward I admit, but I still have friends and can talk to people when needed. WELL LIKED.
    I think I am not very liked based on others behavior, and understand that i can clearly be irritating to others. AWKWARD.

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Hiii ( 134.7 )
Posted 159 days ago
I got an answer that suits me. Im a bit awkward sometimes, but I think I'm still not too strange to other people. :D
M P ( 49.13 )
Posted 257 days ago
being around pple difficult for me