The Racist Test

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10 Questions - Developed by: Franz Voss - Developed on: - 175.899 taken - User Rating: 1.74 of 5.0 - 54 Votes

Are you racist? Are you tolerant of those of a different race? Take this test to find out!

  • 1
    Do you consider yourself pure?
  • 2
    Do you hate mixed raced people?
  • 3
    If a person from another race was insulting your race. What will you do?
  • 4
    Do you use racial slurs?
  • 5
    Do you laugh at racist jokes?
  • 6
    Are you proud of your race?
  • 7
    Have you ever had a crush on a girl/boy who is of another race or do you already have a crush on one?
  • 8
    Do you listen to RAC music? (Rock Against Communism)
  • 9
    Do you have any friends who are of a different race?
  • 10
    Which of these leaders do you support the most?

Comments (23)


camron (73984)
18 days ago
I'm sorry but this is right about me I'm not races
Kamarya Sullivan (88031)
23 days ago
I want to know what my race is
Amy (28678)
39 days ago
The results of this test seem to be predetermined regardless of what you fill in. Dissapointing to say the least.
misty (30044)
40 days ago
this quiz is ๐Ÿ’—. dont waste your time doing this
MasterDarQue (61519)
67 days ago
Question they do know that when Mahatma Gandhi wife, Kasturba Gandhi was sick and dying denied for any one to help give her medical help, as soon as he got what she had and was dying, oh yes please save me.
I picked Barrack since I am not sexist to women MG and not a fascist OM.
........ (11979)
71 days ago
How i am racist It says i hate mixed people ...BUT I AM MIXED RACE!!!!!
Yasmine (72783)
159 days ago
This thing is so confusing and incorrect. One of the worst "tests" I've ever been on at the Internet! To start off why do they have all these profiles?! Secondly, I don't hate people of other races especially mixed race people. In fact, I have a YouTube channel that praises mixed race people and interracial couples. I am also against racism. This is so dumb!
Anonymous (78359)
181 days ago
It says I hate biracial people even though I am biracial
xxsupernazixx (57566)
197 days ago
i am racist but i dont hate other races i just like my own race more... im a steriotypical white male and this quiz defines me
88 (29717)
206 days ago
A.H. did not do the job right so here we are doing this kind of "tests"
tris (31148)
206 days ago
For 50 % you are: You are not racist. You believe people are equal.
Mitch (41202)
208 days ago
This thing is so wrong!!!!!! It says I hate mixed people,even though I hate racism and have lots of mixed friends
Ivan (51295)
208 days ago
This test is very incorrect I am mixed raced and it states I hate mix raced people WHAT!!
Humanoid (36368)
243 days ago
um i am mixed raced sooo i dont see why 50% of my results is saying that i hate mixed race people? plus i am highly against racism so really this quiz is very incorrect....
Kaykay (87005)
276 days ago
I am white my boyfriend is mixed and i talk like a black person no offense
Mihkel (76685)
336 days ago
How is communism connected to racism?! Does the maker of this test think USSR didn't slaughter innocent people from other races? And also what has my sexuality have to do with how i see other races? As long as I am concerned I don't control my hormones.
Bubba (63254)
379 days ago
History is racist. Science is racist. Reality is racist. God is racist. Truth is racist.
tfangwolf (57447)
391 days ago
so u tryin to tell me I hate my own race well done
Someone (12676)
391 days ago
Okay so just so I don't find other races attractive I'm racist? I'm friends with a lot of mixed race and non-white people, but just because I haven't ever crushed on them I'm racist?

This is ๐Ÿ’—ic.
Yasmine Metayer (98780)
398 days ago
It says I may be racist. And I never even said I hate other races, just only mixed raced people. And this was after a bad experience with one. Smh.