Are you spoiled?

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This is a test to determine whether you are spoiled or not.

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    When shopping with your parents, you see something you want. Do you:

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Eduardo (54788)
65 days ago
I wonder if I'm spoiled I mean my parents want e to have the latest clothes but usually I choose by price and not how stuff looks and also I don't get a allowance for doing my choirs I find ways to make money and don't beg plus I always have to buy something I want by myself but saying I don't get a allowance so I just cut other peoples grass etc etc so am i?
Soapfilla (42475)
101 days ago
50% spoiled. Some of these questions were hard, I shared a room with my younger sister before I moved into the guest room (Which is really small) our desktop computer is old and no one uses it (except for my sister sometimes) so thats on my desk. I payed for my laptop using money ive collected from birthdays, special events, or just random change. My sister does have a small tv in her room because she complained about me having the desktop computer tho, I agree with my results. We are a bit spoiled, and we know this. I try to appreciate everything we have, and I try to make it up to my parents.
Shari (71786)
102 days ago
I got 60% spoiled -_-
I disagree on that
I never get any money except on new year (and it's only like 20 dollars). My brother is more spoiled than I am but also not completely spoiled. If I really wanted something I asked for three times and then my dad gets mad, he's like "OMG, you're just maki it sound like you can't live your life without it, so annoying" ... it was just bubble tea....I never tried it so I really wanted to drink it once. When it comes to my brother, he asked for a 40 dollars speed cube!!! My dad's just like "oh ok, I'll buy it for you, just wait" the 4th or 5th time begging "ok, pick a colour, which one do you want"
It's not just that, it happens on every small thing, such as food. My brother's mind is like " it's fair only if I get 2/3 and my sister get 1/3" he threw a tantrum once 'cause we split it 1/2 1/2 on one of his favourite food
When it comes to my fav food, my dad's just like "let your brother eat first, he's smaller than you (by 2 years)" so I waited, after he eats, he literally just leaves like what you can call leftovers. For example, if it's a cake, he'll just leave one bite and laugh. Then my dad will just laugh as well and be like "you ate so much!" (Completely ignore my feelings) then he's just like "hey, your brother left some for you" I get used to these things already since I lived my whole 13 years of life like this. I was just like, I'll eat something else then......
??? (48960)
110 days ago
60 % spoiled
vivian (30978)
110 days ago
lmao yall in the comments be spoilt af ahhh im only 50% underprivileged
Coffee is life (57198)
116 days ago
I got 80% spoiled. It's true though. I go to Starbucks like 3 times a week. I also shop at expensive stores like Nordstrom, Tilly's, and Zara. I have 2 Kate Spade purses and 1 Tory Burch purse. I also have Rainbow and Michael Kors flip flops and Dolce and Gabbana boots. I also have a Betsey Johnson backpack. My whole room is PB Teen and I only shop at dancewear stores like Ivviva and California Kisses. I also am on a dance team and have a very expensive trio and solo. Wow I am spoiled I keep rambling about all my stuff. But I'm also very extremely grateful for everything I have.
Hunter (75660)
146 days ago
I have a small color tv in my room, share it, but it wasn't an option
Ch (20991)
149 days ago
I get a new I phone when it releases
Ch (20991)
149 days ago
80% spoiled, well if I ask for something like rolex and I usually get it
annomous (00649)
150 days ago
for number 5 I have a room but its really small and i dont share one and it wasnt an option
Alexis (14426)
198 days ago
For 50 % you are: You're a little spoiled, but not a complete brat. I can agree with this, I never beg or whine for anything no matter what, and if I ask for it I usually get what I want (if we have the money for it.) Yesterday I went shopping at a really expensive mall and bought everything with my own money. My parents are building me a vanity for my room, so I guess I deserve it since I got good grades. :))
Mystery (20003)
206 days ago
I got 60%. I guess I am spoiled but not to the point of me having everything in the world.
Argh (56188)
234 days ago
I got 90% not spoilt. I did not know that. I'm borrowing my friends phone right now to type this lol
Something (40706)
306 days ago
I got 60% im litle spoiled but not a a complete brat. I can agree on that.
Carly Lewis (02835)
315 days ago
I am 💯 spoilt no I am not I only have 3 I phone 7s how is that being spoilt it's just normal I desvee what I get my mum says I am such a spoilt brat because I had a paddy when she wouldn't give me an I phone 7 for the therd time cos my others were find but I wanted the pink one there and then so she bought it for me just love right guys
Spoilt girl (02835)
315 days ago
i am a fat lazy spoilt girl my mum just walks in my room and puts phones on my bed I get called spoilt by my teachers and friends because I change my phone every 2 weeks but o well my parents say it's Justin that there Jeolus of my life cos I am like a god hahahah SPOILED ME
Olivia burnham (02835)
315 days ago
Ok now that I think about I am a spoilt brat and dont care I always have a paddy when I don't get my way and every thing I want just comes too me I love life
Olivia burnham (02835)
315 days ago
I got 💯 I am not spoilt thou my parents only got me 1 I phone 7 I didn't talk to them for a week then they got me 2 more and my third mc book pro so I was kind of happy
Salvia 👑 Kasana (37583)
363 days ago
Hey 👋🏽
I got 💯 % spoiled I expected it
Your Name (65380)
387 days ago
I'm a little spoiled 😶