Is She Interested?

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This is for all the guys out there who are crushing at me.

  • 1
    How often do you see her?
    A little less than I would like.
    I don't see her much at all.
    Every other day or so.
    I see her mostly everyday.
    Maybe a few times a week.
  • 2
    How often do you talk to her?
    I never talk to her.
    Sometimes I'll get up to talk to her.
    I rarely talk to her.
    When ever I get the chance.
    I talk to her every day.
  • 3
    What is your relationship with her?
    I think we're somewhat friends.
    Just normal friends.
    Really close friends.
    We're practically strangers to each other.
    She is a friend of another one of my friends.
  • 4
    What do you like about her most?
    Her personality, smile, aspiration, well everything.
    Looks I guess.
    Her beauty and intelligence.
    Mainly her body.
    How kind she is to everyone.
  • 5
    What common interests do you share with her?
    Well, opposites attract right?
    Favorite holiday and school subjects, if that counts.
    We don't really have anything in common.
    We're both interested in similar music, foods, and sports.
    We share similar hobbies and other activities.
  • 6
    What does she think of you?
    She thinks of me as sweet, smart, funny, and good looking.
    Probably as that one guy who always does things for me.
    I wish I could tell.
    She might not know that I exist.
    As a nice friend.
  • 7
    Are you friends with any of her friends?
    A couple of them.
    About half of them.
    No way son.
    We're all big group of friends.
    I wish I weren't.
  • 8
    Do her friends ever talk to you about her?
    A lot actually.
    Not usually.
    Maybe as a joke but yeah.
  • 9
    How does she act when you're around her?
    She tends to be random at times.
    She doesn't even seem to notice when I'm around.
    She acts the same around everybody.
    She seems a bit more shy but playful.
    She is more lively and open about herself.
  • 10
    Who usually strikes up a conversation first?
    Mostly her.
    Mostly me.
    It's 50:50
    Me every time.
    Thing is we don't talk.
  • 11
    What is she like when you are in conversation with her?
    She fidgets with her hands or hair and smiles looking at the ground.
    She looks and smiles at me and politely laughs most of the time.
    Again I don't talk to her.
    She looks elsewhere but still listens to me.
    She tends to miss or forget what I say.
  • 12
    In what other ways do you communicate with her besides in person?
    I would communicate with her more, but I don't have a phone or computer.
    Phone calls, text messages, on-line chats.
    Letters or emails.
    I only talk with her in person.
  • 13
    How long have you known her?
    Several years now.
    A year or less.
    Long enough to know I have feelings.
    About a month or two.
    Just met her.
  • 14
    What would you like from her as a girlfriend?
    To be a sweet and gentle person who cares for me as much as I do for her.
    I would like her to sacrifice anything for me.
    Just a short-term relationship without any emotions.
    That nice body.
    For her to understand who I am and trust me.
  • 15
    Has she had any past boyfriends?
    So I've heard.
    About a dozen.
    I think one.
    Well yeah.
  • 16
    Has she been giving you any signals lately, or at all?
    She sends some mixed signals.
    You mean the frequent glances and touching my arm? Sure.
    Of course, she leans on me and hugs me everyday.
    I mean I guess.
    Oh please.
  • 17
    Where would you take her on a first date?
    Around the corner to a local Subway.
    The beach where we could walk and talk for miles.
    A semi-fancy restaurant to show off my good manners.
    Anywhere as she desires.
    To the movies where I can doze off.
  • 18
    How would you end your first date with her?
    By giving her a first special date to remember.
    By letting her know that I would go on another date with her.
    By telling her how much fun you had and give her a kiss on the cheek.
    By safely dropping her off at her place.
    By asking if she wants come home with me and have some fun.
  • 19
    If you're sure of everything and confident enough, would you just ask her if she was interested in you?
    Maybe, but probably not.
    Depends on my mood.
    For sure, I can't hold in my feelings forever.
    My confidence level is below zero.
    If everything felt right, then yes.
  • 20
    Will you consider making the first move on her?
    I hope that she'll make the first move.
    I'm still worried man.
    I don't think you heard me clearly.
    I shall do so with all that I've realized from this quiz.
    If the results tell me to, then so I will.

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