Are you like Hope or her Clones?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Tecy - Developed on: - 1.100 taken

Hope, Faith, Charity, Knowledge, Breeze, Comfort, and Silence. All girls, but I GUESS guys could try this too =/

  • 1
    Let's start!

    What do most people think of you?
    ... Quiet...
  • 2

    Favorite Emerald?
    Blue. Dark and/or Light
    Purple and/or M.E.
    Yellow and/or Red
  • 3
    Okie doke.

    AUGH! Sonic is on FIRE! What do you do?
    Darn. I wanted to do that.
    Roast marshmellows
    Too bad. I never liked him anyway
  • 4
    Sheesh, give the poor guy a break!

    Favorite weapon?
    Loud voice and choice words.
    I AM a weapon!
    Anything I can pick up. OH! This broken bottle will do!
  • 5
    Halfway through.

    Do you like Shadow, Sonic, or Silver?
    SHADOW! <3
    Meh, Silver's cute enough.
    Pfft, ANYone's better than Sonic. Amy can have HIM.
    Well... None... I kinda like Metal Sonic...
  • 6
    Dr. Eggman shows up.
    *hides in a corner*
    Oh. You. *Attacks*
    Hello Dr, didja miss me?
  • 7
    Some one is lost in the forest. You...
    Spook them
    Run over to them and figure out what's up. They're there for a reason.
    Help them out!
    Get help
  • 8
    Best Friend?
    My sisters/clones/whatever
    Metal Sonic
    Dr. Eggman O_O
  • 9
    Almost done.

    Where would you rather be?
    Eggfleet and/or freaking people out
    Inside, AWAY from people
    Out in the park
  • 10
    Last question:

    How'd you like the quiz?
    ... ...
    It was... OK...
    It was AWESOME
    I've done better ones

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