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To all those struggling teenagers out there! Come and take this test, it will result to whether your life is REALLY that bad and it will give you a tip or so to preventing it getting worse!:) Thanks for taking the test! <3

  • 1
    Do you fight with siblings?
    Yeah! He/She is such a geek!
    Only if I break something of his/hers!
  • 2
    Are you fighting with siblings?
    When I break his/her stuff!
  • 3
    Do you fight with mum/dad?
    Only if I get mean to my siblings!
    Always! I get kind of sick of it! I can't go a single day without getting yelled at!
  • 4
    Are you going through puberty?
    Nah! I'm just so lucky!:)
    Yeah. But it isn't affecting my life yet!
    No. I'm too young!
    Yes! I am so emotional right now!
  • 5
    Do you have bullying problems at school?
    No! I am at the top of the popularity chart! (In my opinion)
    No. But I wouldn't call myself the "popular" person at my school!
    Only if I lose at a game and have a temper!
    Yes! I am so upset about how lonely I am! I need a hug:'(
  • 6
    Have you told someone how you feel?
    No! It would be WAY too complicated for them to understand!
    I don't need to be sad! I am happy right now!
    No. But I'm not really suffering. So I don't worry right now!
    If I did they would do something about it but I am as happy as a horse!
  • 7
    Are you having a sudden addiction to any drink/food at the moment?
    Nah! I am eating just right!
    No. But I do like to eat!
    No. I eat happily and healthily!
    I have been eating non-stop since I got depressed!
  • 8
    How long have you been depressed?
    For a little while, but it's all good:|
    I haven't been depressed:) I am happy, and that's good enough!
    For a really long time now!:(
    I haven't been very depressed! Just a bit sore from GYM! lol:)
  • 9
    Have you recently broke up with someone special?
    I don't even HAVE a special someone!
    No. I'm still dating!
    Yes! It was horrible! I can't let it slip off my mind and I just can't focus anymore like I used to!
    Yeah. But I got over it:')
  • 10
    Do you get the right amount of sleep that you're suppose to have?
    I get a sleep in! HELL YEAH!: D
    I get ENOUGH sleep, but always still sleepy!
    I sleep early and get more than enough sleep!
    No! I usually go to bed at about 1 am or later!
  • 11
    Have you been sick lately? Any Headaches, stomach aches or colds?
    I haven't been sick at all!
    Yeah! I can't survive a day without somehow getting even a little bit sick! Like a headache or a cold!
    I only ever get headaches and colds
    I get colds sometimes and headaches, but besides that, I haven't really been sick!
  • 12
    Do you miss someone terribly?
    A little. I miss my dead ______ very much!
    Yes! I miss the person I used to call 'friend' of 'bf/gf' It just saddens me that I am suppose to be heartbroken forever:(
    I have all of my friends and family with me, as always:)
    Kind of. I miss my friend, but he/she will come back!
  • 13
    Have you been experiencing any jealousy?
    Yes. I am jealous of _______ Because he/she is such a _____ to me!
    Yes. But now, I can cope with it!:)
    No. But I have been kin of grumpy!
    No. I have no reason at the moment to be jealous!
  • 14
    Does this test help you at all?
    Yes. It's kind of fun!:)
    A little...
    Not really!
  • 15
    Any wishes?
    I wish to be happy, healthy and to have wonderful friends who will guide me to my future self in high-school!:')
    I want to be a billionaire! $_$
    I want to have this life forever:) <3
    I want to have a successful career of my choice!

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