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In this quiz, you will be asked questions, there better be an HONEST answer! It is based on for how scared you REALLY are! Are you ready for this?

  • 1
    Are you considered a 'quiet' or 'shy' person?
    If I don't really feel comfortable around them, then I am extremely shy!
    Yes! My small amount of friends think I am sad sometimes for being quiet a lot!
    Only if I move to a new school with new people to put up with! *Blush!*
    Yes! I am so introvert I don't think I could stand talking to ANYONE besides my two or three best friends!
    No! I'm actually pretty loud! (According to my thousands of friends!)
  • 2
    Would you ride the scariest ride at a Amusement park?
    If I was dared to ride it for 1,000,000 bucks! Otherwise, NOOO!
    Yeah! Hope I don't vomit!:3
    Hell no! I HATE fast rides so much! I might cry or wet my pants!
    No! It's too fast, and I hate fast rides!
    Hell yeah! Hitting the scariest ride right now!
  • 3
    If you were at a sleepover, would you listen to the scariest stories that your friends have?
    Nah! I'd listen to barney, but not scarier than that!
    No way! I HATE scary things! Scary is NOT my thing!
    Maybe... Only if it's not TOO scary!
    Yes! I might have nightmares, but whatever!
    Hell yes! I LOVE being scared sooo much!
  • 4
    Do you often have nightmares?
    I do and sometimes it gets WAY out of hand! Too creepy!
    I have nightmares that I just can't forget! It pisses me off!
    I ALWAYS do, especially when I sleep LATE at night!
    No! I rarely ever have DREAMS! Then again NIGHTMARES!
    I would have nightmares, but I wouldn't get THAT scared from them!
  • 5
    Are you scared of the dark?
    Only if I hear some kind of creepy noise at bed time!
    No! I HATE having lights on at night! I just can't go to sleep with them on!
    Yes! I only leave a crack open of my door to let some light in without it annoying me during my sleep!
    If I am alone in the dark! But at sleepovers, I don't get scared!
    Hell yeah! I am so freaked out! Even if I am with my friends! I need some kind of light, so I usually have a night light/wide open door
  • 6
    Do you cry when you watch a horror movie?
    It depends on how scary or if it is based on a true story!
    No! I love seeing people in movies DIE! MWAHAHAHA!
    Yes! But as long as I have my friends with me, I am kind of ok!
    No. But they do kind of freak me out!
    Totally! I HATE scary movies! Even ones that are meant to be comedy (Funny) movies to watch!
  • 7
    Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and just scream for help!
    Yes! I hate doing that! It relates to my nightmares, or the horror movies/stories I have watched/been told about!
    No! I've always wanted to see if that ACTUALLY happened in real life!
    Yes! I scream, but nobody really hears me... I often drift back to sleep!
    If I hear a loud noise or If I had just watched a horror movie!
    No! But I do wake up in the night... very creepy!
  • 8
    If you heard a creepy noise, would you go and check it out?
    No! I'm too chicken for that! And even with the whole house coming with me, I'd still be too scared!
    No! I'd just go back to sleep like nothing had just created the noise!
    Hell yes! I'd rather know what it was than assume it was a robber!
    Yeah... But I'd at least tell someone about it to go check it out with me!
    Yes. But I HAVE to bring a bat and torch! And maybe my brothers/sisters!
  • 9
    What would you do if some random stranger had called you saying 'I want to see what your insides look like?'
    I'd cry and wet my pants, then stay home FOREVER!
    I'd cry and yell at him to 'stop being so mean' and I'd lock the doors/windows!
    I'd threaten him by saying 'I’m going to call the cops and they will beat your a**!'
    I'd say 'listen a**hole! If you want to see some girl/boys insides then go check out Google images freak!'
    I'd cry then hang up and tell someone so they can handle that d*ckhead!
  • 10
    What would you do if your friends told you to go over a high fence to get back their friendship bracelet?
    I'd say 'why don't you just go!' And watch my friend climb while I feel guilty!
    I'd say how naughty it was to climb the fence and just get a grown-up to open up the gates for them
    I'd yell 'I am too scared of heights to climb that tall thing!' and cry myself away!
    I'd be a good friend and retrieve it for them. After all, I LOVE to climb!
    I'd take one of them with me and we'd work as a team to get the bracelet back!
  • 11
    Are you brave enough to take another one of my quizzes?
    Hell no! Too hard, and I'm scared my friends will think I am a scardy cat!
    I'd take another quiz, but it BETTER not be about love! Lol!:)
    No. I just wanted to do this quiz with my friend for the sake of it!
    Yes! I love this, how is it creepy?
    Hell yeah! This is FUN!
  • 12
    What did you learn about this quiz?
    I learned that quizzes is funner than pop quizzes! 10/10!
    I learned that quizzes are about fun and seeing who you really are and what you really feel 10/10!
    I learned that I am a scardy cat! lol:) 10/10!
    I learned nothing! 0/10!
    I learned that it is great fun and I rate it 10/10!

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