Does he like you back? (Middle School)

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He's cute, he's perfect in every way, his smile, his laugh, his personality........... I didn't say a name but you thought of him didn't you?
Well this quiz is here to help you know if he's the one for you!

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    How often do you talk to each other?

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Arianna ;P (33276)
13 hours ago
Idk what to do peps! I like this boy from my middle school... for like a few months actually and i rly do want to be in a relationship but... i dont know if he will ask me or EVEN if he likes me back! Like ok all of my friends and his best friends say that he does like me back but again IDEK! what do i do ?! do i keep being his frienzie? #prettyconfused #sadafrick #ugh #Mr,Hart (wink this is a clue for my crush"
I have this obsession over crush quizzes (01306)
2 days ago
I guess you should give him a little more time, and become even better friends if you're not allowed to date yet, which I totally understand because I'm also Christian and my mom has strict rules on dating... Ugh. I'm sorta doing that with my crush/friend as well. Perhaps also try to send signals to the twin that you don't like him, but his brother.
I have this obsession over crush quizzes (01306)
2 days ago
Wow I must have done like 30 quizzes and I really liked this one
It's more realistic, not like 'HE TOTALLY LOVES YOU' but this matches my opinions pretty well.
Thx, quiz creator!
Sarah (11322)
3 days ago
there's this guy I like I asked him out he said no he flirts with me even tho he said no to me He will playfully take my stuff pencil,phone, Etc. when he take the stuff he will make it were I have to reach across him to get it. also he will touch my leg when we are sitting by each other on the bus. my friends think I asked him to soon after his dad died I asked him out 3-4 weeks after his dad died. All my friends thinks he likes me back but is just to scared to ask me out. Can anyone give me their opinions.
Aquarius girl (41360)
4 days ago
He laughs at my jokes and sometimes i try to pack up slower to walk with him to our next class or i pray he comes up to me and trys to start a convo. hes cute he is a ginger though and i dont think is friends really mind me, like im friends with one of his close friends but me and the other 2 really only talk if we're assigned a project. i have mixed emotions and cant figure out what he feels.
Lana (91300)
4 days ago
I talked to my mom and I talled her how I feel my mom called my best friend and talled her to never talk to me or about me sand text the teacher about this two jerk and she promised me to never make fights with my dad and about this guy she tald me to forget about him because he's the fist guy I ever fall for
Iana (91300)
5 days ago
he's my shining star between all the haters my mom goes to the moll have fun then come back makes fight with dad and my dad doesn't let me talk to her and tell her to stop,in my class there's two ugle guys keeps bother me because my grades are higher in my grandma house my cousin keeps calling me names even my best friend talks on my back trash like everyone in the wrould is mean but until three mouths ago he came into my life a handsome blond boy he's pretty nice I can open up to without worrying about anything but he count me as a sester and I was fine with it but know that I'm sure I fell in love with him. But he's the only angle in my life I don't want to lose the only nice person what should I do should I tell him
Vivienne (15843)
6 days ago
The thing is, I think he kinda like me, but he also like my best friend. But my best friend is dating his best friend. So things are pretty awkward
Evelyn Rose (52151)
7 days ago
He likes me? :) @Brooke You should probably talk to him and see if he drops hints that he likes you, if so, you can mildly flirt, if not, DON'T LOSE HOPE, but do hold back for a bit.
Brooke (18386)
9 days ago
⬇️ It would mean so much if you gave me some advice, I know NOTHING about boys!! ⬇️
Brooke (18386)
9 days ago
I’ve known my crush for quite a while. I moved to Ireland from Canada a few years ago, We met in school. I’m in second year. I’m 13 and he’s 14 but anyway, His name is Luke and I REALLY really like him. He’s not only cute but he’s super nice too, He’s my best friend in the school and people ask me if we’re going out he’s hesitant but he says no. When we’re walking home he pulls me away from my friends and strokes + twirls my hair. I am a bit annoyed though.. I’m “friends” with this girl and lately I can’t even have a normal conversation with him anymore.. She just honestly like steals him from me, you know when someone acts like they’re trying too hard? That’s her. But she’s my friend.. I feel bad. Anyway he always comes up to me and ships me with other boys but we have a lot of inside Jokes. We text quite a lot about pointless things, and We’re super sarcastic around each other. We even have a handshake with eachother. Sorry I’m writing a lot.. But need advice! Does he like me, Or no? What should I do?? Please help me out.
Skylar (76973)
13 days ago
So I have known my crush for going on six years now. We met in third grade when I first came to his church. We are now in eighth grade. I have liked him since fourth grade. He is an identical twin. Let's call him Josh and his twin brother Jake. So me and my friend group has been okay friends with his friend group for a long time. Though we have just started getting close in the past year. I have had lots of run-ins with him that make make me think that he likes me. He is a pretty shy person though, but he is cute and nice so there are a lot of girls that like him. Josh plays guitar in the youth band and Jake plays piano, so obviously they get a lot of attention. They both stare a lot at me and lately have been teasing me a lot. I know that I like Josh though. All these quizzes say that he likes me but is just shy. My friends keep saying I should get his number or ask him if he likes me, but I am too nervous. He's not allowed to date yet but I don't know if he is allowed to text girls. What should I do? PLEASE HELP!
Chanel (03876)
14 days ago
Ok so I really like a boy. He is in my 2nd and 5th period. He is soooo cute and funny. He is very chill, he usually doesn’t like people touching him and annoying him but he’s not mean at all. On Monday we had a fire drill in 2nd period and he was 2 up in front of me in the line and when we went outside to organize the line, we were all bunched up and me and him were touching/brushing against eachother. He didn’t say anything or do anything about it, then when we were in the line me and my friends kept laughing and he said “shut the 💗p” in a joking around way and then I just looked at him and he said “just playing” real quick. Then last week I was kinda bratty when i walked in 2nd period and he said “why u always got a attitude when u come in this class?” Omg then a few days ago I was teasing him about his lil mustache and then today his whole mustache was gone. Then we were playing a game in 2nd period where u all have to stand in a circle around the roomand say 1-10 in order without more than 1 person saying it at the same time. He was standing across from me. I messed up the number and he smiled at me across the room. Then at gym my bestfriend caught him staring at my butt. Also, he always messes up my big buns by slappingss them and then he always reaches his hand out whenever I pass him like he is trying to slap/touch me. I hate jumpingsss to conclusions but this boy is confusing Me.
Pretty sad as fudge :( (20853)
14 days ago
My crush tried asking me for his phone number and i gave him my snapchat instead... our friends keep on saying that i like him and blah blah blah... my crush asked me who i liked and i said John Cena then i walked away lolz...then i was talking to his frienzie who i forgot her name last year and then he came up and she was like "ooh _____ is trying to get a girl" and i was blushing so hard! But im moving to Florida but i still want to have a relationship with him...WUT DO I DO! X(
Some girl who’s crushing (38714)
15 days ago
ZH I think he likes you actually, from personal experience
Ms. Confuzzled (76366)
18 days ago
There's this guy that sits next to me in ELA, which at my school is 2 hours and he JUST broke up with his girlfriend. Then there's this other guy that rides my bus and I've known him for longer. I like both guys but I don't know who to ask. HELP!!!!
Idk (10495)
24 days ago
So I'm not pretty sure if he likes me. I have taken many test and all of them came out to be that he likes me and yes I answered them all honestly. All my friends are always saying that I should ask him out already but I'm nervous and scared that he doesn't like me back. We have all of our classes together and we are good friends or even he is my best guy friend. I asked him if he liked anyone and he said yes but won't tell me who it is. We laugh together, talk, and joke around a lot. Idk I really like him a lot. What should I do..? Should I ask him out or should I wait and see what happen next..?❤️
Tiana (91300)
25 days ago
I wish I can tell him I like you but this will never happen because everyone who knows think he Don't like me.
SOfy (91300)
26 days ago
Well I'm confused because he fallow me he try's to bomb into me he try's to set next to me and yesterday has mouth was so close to mine even our classmate said are guys trying to kiss each other he said sorry my fault but today I heard him say to a guy your gay that guy tell him your gay too he said I'm not gay I'm dating a girl. And i once saw him hugging a girl
Her (99741)
29 days ago
I recently broke up with my boyfriend. My sister had told me that she liked him and she’s much prettier than me. I knew that I didn’t have a chance anymore if she told him and I hesitantly broke up with him. Consequently, we never talk but I just can’t get over him. He stares at me often and he try’s to show off. I believe that he just wants to show me that he is better than before. I miss him so much.