Does he like you back? (Middle School)

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He's cute, he's perfect in every way, his smile, his laugh, his personality........... I didn't say a name but you thought of him didn't you?
Well this quiz is here to help you know if he's the one for you!

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    How often do you talk to each other?
    Um, I don't think he's aware of my existence......
    We USED to be friends........
    From time to time:)

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Hayden (Boy) ( 7.157 )
Posted 9 days ago
There is a girl, that I have a crush on. I think she likes me back. Her name starts with El.. If she reads this p, you know who you are, however. I am in love with her. And one thing that boys will like better. Is if girls make the first move. My school is in SJC, in a wierd neighborhood.
Emma ( 5.142 )
Posted 18 days ago
I started liking this guy like ever since school started (about 8 weeks ago. ) so I don't know him, I don't know his friends, and he is in my sixth period. And plus he went to a different school then me. But every time I look out the window, I see him glancing at me then staring at the wall. So I am confused.
Unknown ( 5.199 )
Posted 19 days ago
I want to keepy name private because people at my school can be coo coo and looking at the comments. So, we text from time to time, I like him but I really don't know how he feels about me. We FaceTime and text but never call. It's just really awkward sometimes but also fun to see his face 😍 He is so nice and sweet and helpful but he's not afraid to speak his mind or shy. He's like a class clown but not. When I see his name pop up my heart beats and I just can't help my answer. I wait 2 mins to not sound desperate and answer like "HEY BABE!" Like no. He's just so nice I wish he loves me or if I knew and could read his brain 😕
Sam ( 8.120 )
Posted 26 days ago
There's this guy in my fourth period, and I love her m, but my friend likes him too. She thinks he likes her, but I told him, "Hannah likes you too." And he said, oohhhkkaayyy.......then later he said bye to me, and he smiles at everyone, but in orchestra we play different instruments, but he always looks over from across the room and smiles. I accidentally tripped him once, and he fell on my backpack, almost on the ground and I instinctively tried to catch him, cause I do martial arts. He grabbed my hand, and I am super clumsy so the class always gets distracted by me. They looked and they started giggling, but no one knows I like him and he likes me. HELP!!!
Alexia ( 2.195 )
Posted 29 days ago
Hey so I was wondering if this boy actually likes me. He such a pretty nice and watch a cool friends but he likes his other girl found out he also likes me too. He always flirts around with me like teasing me and trying to get me mad sometimes you make fun of me but in a good way and sometimes always make me feel better when I'm down. I feel like he actually likes me but yet allocation know if he really does. He has some mixed feelings that I have mixed feelings for him so it's kind of confusing to tell if you actually does or does not. His friends and I am I good what kind of good friends but they always make fun of me of him you know like make fun of him and he sort of . I could sometimes see he flirted with the other girls and yeah he goes for it with me . I'm over this one time when I have my hair down he was actually played around with it and then people were like saying like why are you playing with her hair. He will have that little smile that makes me feel like is a blessing or is he like tried to hide his feelings. I don't know but that is pretty much it. PLEASE RESPOND BACK TO THIS!!!
Abbers ( 4.107 )
Posted 29 days ago
So I have liked this boy since about third grade(were both in 6th now) and last year in fifth he always talked to me and one time I looked at him and then he just started lifting up his shirt and it was so amazing!!!!! Also one day his table group was aloud to pick on person each and then our teacher said never mind but he Screamed "no and then my name" But after the summer he hasn't really been talking to me until today when I hurt myself and I was crying and he came over to me and asked me if I was okay. Was he just being nice or does he really like me? I also love his name Kyle!!! I have know him since kindergarten and we have 5/7 classes together(including pe even though he has a different teacher than me)

Plzzzz respond I really want to know
La123 ( 6.146 )
Posted 92 days ago
So me and this boy I like started out hating each other. Then we became friends and saw each other in Europe (our moms are friends). Our families would eat dinner together almost every night and he would always want to sit next to me. He always tries to make me laugh and his sister says he likes me, but every time someone asks him if he likes me or not he just rolls his eyes and says of course not. Does he like me or not?? Plz plz reply I really want to know
RandomGurl😝 ( 23.44 )
Posted 96 days ago
There is this guy, and he was on my brothers basketball team. I didn't realize I liked him until this year. Now back to the team, he was always staring at me and not paying attention but I didn't really care because I didn't like him. He started talking to me because I joined basketball club at our school, and he always mad me blush and I think I played too hard to get and he just said f it and stopped taking to me, I SWEAR we had a connection. He still plays for my brothers team and I always sit across from him and he just stares at me. I told my friend about me liking him and they are really close and he had/has a crush on her, a week after I told her I liked him, he stopped talking to me. It was horrible. I'm not sure if it was her fault or not, but I still have strong feelings for him... Pls help
Kat ( 6.143 )
Posted 103 days ago
Omg I legit got asked pick mg fav number out of the 5 and my fav number was on there!!!! Lmao
Lyanna ( 25.64 )
Posted 117 days ago
Hi so i have liked this boy since 5th grade (we're both in 8th grade now) and I really have had a hard time trying to figure him out. He was my first friend when I started school and we had a great time together but I moved to Canada. When I came back this year he was really sweet and constantly asked me if I needed anything. We are in the same friend group and we get along pretty good but sometimes I think he likes my friend. The other day i told his friend I liked him and since then he has been paying me way more atencion. He's kind of shy and treats me like a friend when there's someone around. I know this is a kind of long comment but if someone reads this could you please tell me your thoughts?? Thanks
riley.brooke ( 8.209 )
Posted 139 days ago
Oh yeah, and yesterday we were at my sisters graduation from eighth grade and he had a sister in eighth grade too and we sat in the same row and we kept looking at each other and we smiled at me and after the show we looked at each other and I could see him trying to find me and I looked at him every chance I got. When we went outside he smiled at me and stuff but everyone was leaving so we didn't have a chance to talk so we just said hi.
riley.brooke ( 8.209 ) Posted 8 minutes ago
So I got A. There is this guy who I've known since the beginning of the year and I started having feelings for him in the middle of the year. My friends make up code names for when we are talking about our friends in public, his is Rubix Cube. Recently I told him I liked him and he just said "oh" and blushed. Then we had to go somewhere in different directions. At lunch my friends told me he kept looking at me. By this point I'm pretty sure he likes me back. By the way let me describe him before we go on to what happened at recess. He has short blonde hair, an adorable chisled jaw, not strong, but loving and caring. He is a total nerd, like me, which is my type. He has large brown eyes and a rosy complexion. Don't even get me started on his personality. But yeah, at recess he told me I had been giving him the silent treatment?? No? But yeah, it was field day, so when we went back outside for the final race, we sat out and talked. He asked me why I had been acting weird lately, no? Then said I hadn't rlly and he was like ok. Then I went back to my friends and we were just staring at each other. Also, I thought he liked me bc we were on the bleachers, totally surrounded by boys and two of my best friends who showed no interest in him at all and always rolled their eyes and said no when I asked if they liked him. But yeah, so, we were playing 20q and it was my turn to ask him questions and I asked if he had a crush on anyone. He said yes, someone around here. SO EEEEeeeieie. So yeah. Do you think he likes me? I also love his name, Andrew.
Skyblaze ( 52.95 )
Posted 139 days ago
I clicked on an ad and got sent to a video about pancakes and sausages 😂
StrangerDanger ( 6.165 )
Posted 146 days ago
And they are the stupidest jokes
StrangerDanger ( 6.165 )
Posted 146 days ago
I like this boy in a class that I have outside of school. We always have to partner up, and he always tries to partner up with me. He is not very "good looking" but he is funny and sorta sweet. We always tease each other and he always stands so close to me, I could kiss him. He always laughs at my jokes too, do you think he likes me?
Autumn ( 6.165 )
Posted 146 days ago
@Candy_Queen He definitely likes you. Try asking him out, but if you're to shy, try asking one of his friends. Good luck!
Candy_Queen ( 5.237 )
Posted 149 days ago
I'm totally crushing on this awesome guy in all of my core classes and he's like, the best guy ever! I know every girl says this, but this time, it's true: he's cute, smart, funny, and nice to all! He makes sure not to curse around me, and recently when we were asked to act a scene from the Shakespeare play, Twelfth Night, he was trying to get me as his partner. (BTW we were doing the scene when Olivia, the girl who is in love with Cesario, tells him/her that she loves him/her. I am playing Olivia and he is playing Cesario.) Also, he once asked me to dance at a cast party for a play, yes we do both love doing school plays. Finally, once last year, he was staring at me in class and when the teacher asked him to stop staring into space, he accidentally blurted out, "I wasn't staring into space; I was staring into her!" and points at me and then immediately starts sinking into his chair and saying, "I mean..." Do any of you think that he likes me?
#cant say ( 04.28 )
Posted 151 days ago
Oh my gosh!!! 15 is my actual fave number!!!!😋
Idk ( 5.251 )
Posted 158 days ago
Ok so there is this really cute guy in all my classes (yay!!) and we are really good friends and I really like him and I think he likes me!! He a,ways looks at my eyes. But he is to shy to ask me out and I'm to shy to ask him out. What should I do?
Marinette Dupain Cheng (NOT) ( 0.128 )
Posted 162 days ago
Sooooooo, I like this dude and he's always pretty nice to me. but one day people were making fun of him cuz they knew I liked him (He knows himself) Then the dude I liked just lashed out and said "I don't like her in that way," but later in the day I told him to not say that to my face because it hurts. And he responded with, "I know someone who has a crush on you, but I cant tell because he might not want you to know," Then he gave me a really goofy smile. He then said I was really pretty with my hair down (cuz my hair wasn't tied up)Does that mean something?
Anonymous :) ( 6.136 )
Posted 178 days ago