What's you warrior name, and Clan?

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So, don't get mad at me if this doesn't work. It's my first try. So, yeah. I have been thinking about making one of these, and now I am! It is really simple guys!

  • 1
    Are you a boy or girl?
    Uh... I'm not telling you
  • 2
    What do you like best about nature?
  • 3
    Oh no! Foxes are attacking your camp! What will you do?
    Get the kits and queens out first.
    Foxes? We eat them for dinner!
    Defend with my life!
    Save my own tail. They will be okay.
  • 4
    You meet a really nice cat from another Clan, and you think you are in LOVE! What will you do?
    Stand close to them, and become friends, but try and ignore the feeling.
    Confess. There is nothing in the code that says you can't.
    Ignore the feeling. You are honest to the code.
    Kill them so that you won't have to feel it, then hide the evidence
  • 5
    The cat you think you love tells you that they love you! What will you do?
    Push them off a log above a river. No one will know...
    Hesitate for a minute, then run away.
    Lie and tell them you aren't interested. Your Clan is more important.
    Smile happily, and tell them you love them too.
  • 6
    You decide that you love them too much to ignore, and you ask them to be your mate. They accept, and you / your mate ends up having kits. What will you do?
    What! I killed you! How are you back! -sigh- Better do it again...
    Brag that you have kits, and insist that they don't have another parent.
    Continue your duties, and leave the kits on the border to another Clan.
    Take the kits, and say that their other parent is a cat who is close to you. They won't know the difference!
  • 7
    You are told in a dream by StarClan that you must take your kits and join the Tribe of Rushing Water. You tell the parent of your kits, and they insist on going with you. What will you do?
    I already killed my "mate", so.... I'll stay!
    Leave without a trace. It's better this way.
    Tell your leader about your dream, then ask them what you should do.
    Fake your own death, then leave. No one will know.
  • 8
    You are appointed deputy of your Clan! What will you do next?
    Nod shyly and accept. You are unsure of how good you will be in this position.
    Smile and dream of the day you will be leader.
    Kill you leader until they are out of lives, then tell your Clanmates it was rouges. You will be a better leader!
    Stay loyal to you Clan, and do your duties as the Deputy of your Clan.
  • 9
    You go to the Monopole to receive your nine lives! What do you think/hope will happen?
    Receive your nine lives for Loyalty, Protection, Calmness, Toughness, Honesty, Bravery, Fierceness, Fairness, and Love.
    Fall asleep right away, only to find that for your dishonesty, you are not getting nine lives from StarClan, but from the Dark Forest.
    Bounce around until you pass out. Then, receive your lives with great joy.
    Deny the fact that this is happening, and hesitate on your journey home.
  • 10
    How are you feeling about this quiz?
    I hope I get my real gender!
    I am just doing this for fun! I really don't care!
    I really don't mind what I get...
    Just get ON with it!

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