Does He Like You? (Highschool Version)

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Are you meant to be together or is it better to stay just friends? Take this quiz and find out

  • 1
    What grade is he in
    My grade
    2 grades above or below
    The grade above or below
    Not even close to my grade
    3 grades above or below
  • 2
    You two are texting he normally would:
    Start the conversation
    You start the conversation
    One or both of you don't have a phone or you hardly ever text
    Say Hi
    He doesn't even say hi he tells you about his day
  • 3
    In class you are sitting next to each other and you drop your pencil he:
    He' moves his chair out of the way so you can get it
    He's not in any of my classes:(
    Picks it up for you
    He picks it up and takes it
    Moves it so you can pick it up
  • 4
    At lunch he's with his friends and you walk by. He looks up and:
    He looks up smile and says hi and or waves
    He doesn't even notice you
    He sees you and wants you to sit next to him
    He looks up and says hi
    Makes eye contact and does the sup nod
  • 5
    In your passing periods or free time he sees you he:
    He does the sup nod and keeps walking
    Doesn't notice you at all
    Nothing you always are getting his attention
    Flashes a smile says high and or waves
    Comes up to you and starts telling you major news
  • 6
    After school you are looking for your friends and you come across him. He:
    You are to nervous to go even remotely walk past him
    Says hi and goes to talk to his friends
    He gives you the average "hey" guy look
    He stumbles across you too and you guys get into a convo
    Says your name and calls you over
  • 7
    He is with all his friends and he sees you so he:
    You never want to be around him while he's with his friends because you're scared
    Ignores you or doesn't even notice your existence
    You run up to him and he says hey and everyone starts talking
    He is a total jerk to you around all his friends
    He screams your name or calls it loudly and wants you to come over
  • 8
    You have done this with him
    Actually kissed
    Kissed on a dare
    Held hands
    Hugged out of impulse
    No physical contact whatsoever
  • 9
    You have heard the following from your friends about him:
    They absolutely hate him
    They like him too.......
    They love him and think you are perfect together
    They don't even know who he is
    They don't like him but are willing to accept you together
  • 10
    You know he likes it when you
    Are yourself no makeup no cares just you
    Look as fake as barbie
    Are comfortable wearing whatever and minimal makeup
    Nothing he thinks you are a total creeper

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Peace ( 32.74 )
Posted 45 days ago
Well!u guyx re rili workn hard....i ion wat 2 say
Alice ( 8.161 )
Posted 54 days ago
i think this guy likes me, he keeps flirting, but i don't like him back. we are friends and i don't want to ruin that, what should i do?
gloria ( 24.35 )
Posted 63 days ago
thanks 4 spending dis with us it is really convincing
Alyssa ( 22.64 )
Posted 97 days ago
This quiz was great, most of the other ones I take either says 50/50 or yes he does, but these questions were different and came up with YES!! I have had this feeling for a while...but you just don't really know.
maggie ( 0.232 )
Posted 173 days ago
what if hi[BEEP]-girlfriend keeps geting in the way calling you a whore for no reason at all
value ( 2.233 )
Posted 203 days ago
he is so quite and shy.,but I always caught him staring at me..
Bella ( 0.170 )
Posted 231 days ago
But like what if he's your ex but you don't know if he likes you again but you think he does...?
Jenna ( 5.245 )
Posted 272 days ago
Thanks this quiz helped me alot :)
Rebecca Asmah ( 62.27 )
Posted 285 days ago
wow!!!seriously dis is de cleu to know dat ur guy loves u
divine mercy ( 32.35 )
Posted 295 days ago
when do i get the results
So So ( 3.184 )
Posted 301 days ago
I Hope D Result Is Okay