Exam Ch3

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  • 1
    The 'grey matter' of the brain gets it's colour from:
    Myelinated axons
    Cell bodies, dendrites and unmyelinated axons
  • 2
    The nervous system is comprised of three neurons
    Sensory neurons, motor neurons and efferent neurons
    Myelinated axons
  • 3
    Connections between neurons occur at what are called:
    Nodes of Ranvier
    Terminal buttons
  • 4
    Unlike a graded potential, _________ has an 'all or none' quality.
    An action potential
    A resting potential
  • 5
    Some people respond to MSG in food with neurological symptoms such as tingling and numbing, because the ingredient activates ______ receptors in their brains.
  • 6
    The neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of mood, sleep, eating, emotional arousal and pain regulation is
  • 7
    Parkinsons disease results from degeneration of the _______- releasing cells of the substantia nigra.
  • 8
    The endocrine gland(s) that is (are) more directly connected to the CNS than any other endocrine gland is (are) the
    Adrenal glands
    Pituitary gland
    Thyroid glands
  • 9
    The nervous system that prepares the body for fighting or fleeing in response to threats is the
    Parasympathetic nervous system
    Sympathetic nervous system
    Somatic nervous system
    Peripheral nervous system
  • 10
    Sexual activity is a good example of how the _____and _____nervous systems interact.
    Sympathetic, parasympathetic
    Somatic, autonomic
    Afferent, efferent
    Central, peripheral
  • 11
    The area of the hindbrain responsible for maintaining consciousness, regulating arousal levels and modulating the activity of neurons throughout the central nervous system is the
    Medulla oblongata
    Reticular formation
  • 12
    One of the most important functions of the hypothalamus is
    Coordinating smooth, well-sequenced movements
    Maintaining consciousness and regulating activity states
  • 13
    The structure within the limbic system that is particularly involved in learning and remembering emotionally significant events is the
    Basal ganglia
    Septal area
  • 14
    The occipital lobes of the cerebral cortex are involved in
    Attention, planning, abstract thinking and social skills
    Visual sensation and perception
    The sense of touch and the experience of ones own body in space
    Auditory sensation and perception, and language
  • 15
    A brain injured patient appears callous, grandiose and boastful and tends to make tactless comments. The area of the brain that is most probably damaged is the
    Occipital lobes
    Frontal lobes
    Parietal lobes
    Temporal lobes
  • 16
    In most people the right hemisphere is dominant for
    Analytical thinking
    Recognition of faces and places
  • 17
    On average males score higher than females on tests of
    Verbal fluency
    Spatial processing
    Manual dexterity
    Perceptual speed
  • 18
    Psychologists interested in genetics study the influence of genetic blueprints, referred to as _____, on observable psychological attributes or qualities, referred to as ____
    Genotypes, phenotypes
    Phenotypes, genotypes
    Heritability coefficients, degree of relatedness
    Chromosomes, genes
  • 19
    Which type of twins share as much with each other, in terms of degree of relatedness, as they do with each of their parents?
    Monozygotic twins
    Trizygotic twins
    Identical twins
    Dizygotic twins
  • 20
    The term heritability refers to:
    The exten to which a trait is genetically determined
    Genetic influences on variability among individuals
    The degree to which various relatives share genetic material
    The degree to which MZ twins and DZ twins differ on a particular trait

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