Exam Ch4

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  • 1
    Which one of the following features is not shared by all sensory modalities?
    A specific threshold below which a person does not sense anything despite external stimulation
    A one to one correspondence between physical and psychological reality
    The ability to detect changes in stimulation
    The ability to translate physical stimulation into sensory signals
  • 2
    Johannes Muller proposed that whether a neural message is experienced as light, sound, or some other sensation results less from differences in stimuli than from the particular neurons excited by them. This hypothesis is known as:
    Mullers law
    The doctrine of specific nerve energies
    The Muller Lyer illusion
    Opponent-process theory
  • 3
    One type of correct response that may be given by individuals participating in a signal detection experiment is a correct negative. In this even the participant would report
    No stimulus when an actual stimulus was presented
    No stimulus when no actual stimulus was presented
    a stimulus when an actual stimulus was presented
    A stimulus when no actual stimulus was presented
  • 4
    Focusing on the eye occurs in the
    Acqueos humour
  • 5
    The central region of the retina that is most sensitive to small detail and provides sharpest vision for stimuli directly in sight is the
    Optic nerve
    Vitreous humour
  • 6
    Transduction in the eye starts with
    Visual information travelling to the primary visual cortex, in the occipital lobes
    Impulses from the optic nerve passing through the optic tracts
    Neurons in the lateral geniculate nucleus receiving input from the reticular formation
    The focusing of images onto the retina
  • 7
    A neurologist has just shown Samir an object, but Samir denies seeing it. Yet, when asked the describe the geometrical form of the object, Samir is able to do so with accuracy far better than one would expect by chance. The neurologist will probably diagnose Samir as suffering from:
  • 8
    Which of the following theories argues that all colours are derived from three colour systems: a black and white system, a blue-yellow system and a red-green system?
    The doctrine of specific nerve energies
    Opponent-process law
    Steven's power law
    Place theory
  • 9
    When blue and yellow paints are mixed, green is produced. This is because
    The increase in saturation resulting from the combination of these two primary colours gives the impression of green
    Blue, yellow and red are primary colours according to the trichomatic theory of colour. all other colours result from the mixing of these primary colours
    Only the wavelengths not absorbed by either the blue or yellow pigments reach the eye, which is what we perceive as green
    The wavelengths produced by blue and yellow pigments combine in the retina to give the impression of green.
  • 10
    People recognise voices as well as the sounds of different musical instruments from their characteristic.
  • 11
    The outer boundary of the middle ear is marked by the
    Eustachian tube
    Tympanic membrane
  • 12
    In terms of sensing pitch, place theory holds that
    Neurons may stagger their response so that the combined pattern produces a signal of a particular frequency
    Different areas of the basilar membrane are maximally sensitive to different frequencies
    The location or place from which a sound originates can be identified by means of sound localisation
    The more frequently a sound wave cucles the more frequently the basilar membrane vibrates and hair cells fire
  • 13
    Gustatory information travels to one of two destinations in the brain: one via the thalamus to the primary gustatory cortex; and the other to the limbic system. People with damage to the cortical first pathway, but not to the second
    Can identify substances by taste but fail to show appropriate affective or behavioural response to taste
    Cannot identify substances by taste and fail to react with the appropriate affective and behavioural responses to tastes
    Can identify substances by taste and show an immediate affective or behavioural response to tastes
    Fail to identify substances by taste but react with appropriate affective and behavioural responses to taste
  • 14
    The approximately ______ square meters of skin covering the human body constitutes a complex, multilayered organ.
  • 15
    People spend billions of dollars per year fighting pain, but pain serves an important function in that
    It builds character
    It distracts us from the worries of modern life
    It indicates the presence of the disorder painful neuropathy
    It prevents tissue damage
  • 16
    Chronic pain patients tend to
    Do all of the above
    Blame their physical condition for all life's difficulties, while denying emotional and interpersonal problems
    Have difficulty expressing anger
    Be anxious, needy and dependent
  • 17
    The two organs that transduce vestibular information are called ____, and are located _____
    The pinna and the tympanic membrane in the outer ear
    The tendons and muscles in the joints
    The semicircular canals and the vestibular sacs, in the inner ear
    Kinesthesia and the vestibular sense, the medulla
  • 18
    Which of the following is not a major perceptual rule by which the brain automatically and unconsciously organises sensory input into meaningful wholes as proposed by Gestalt therapists
    Good continuation
  • 19
    Generating meaning from sensory experience is the task of
    Perceptual organisation
    Direct perception
    Perceptual interpretation
    Perceptual constancy
  • 20
    According to current thinking, perception involves
    Neither of the above
    Both top down processing and bottom up processing

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