Does your crush like you?

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I've gone through the whole phase of wondering, and it's TORTURE. All this advice really helped me, pinkie swear. ( Yes, I'm weird.) I did tons of research, so this should help! Hope you get the answer you wanted:)

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    Does he stare at you?( when you're not staring at him)
    Yeah, and he doesn't smile. It's creepy.
    No, he doesn't notice me much. ( this answer is good too, btw)
    Sometimes, and he smiles a little.
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    If you're having a conversation with one of your friends, does he come up to you and start talking to you? ( Or does he listen in from like a few feet away)
    Yeah, and it's nerve-wracking bc I'm talking about him!
    Not really. Maybe to remind us to go to class.
    Sometimes, if we're talking about something interesting.
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    Does he help you with things? ( Like where to go or if you drop a book or to go find someone)
    Yeah, if he hears I need help he helps me.
    Yes, but only/mostly if I ask him.
    Not really, he's too busy.
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    When you tease him, ( if you don't tease him then DO it, it's an amazing way to flirt:)) does he smile and glance at the floor? ( or just look away)
    Maybe, but I think he's laughing at me.
    Yeah, he does that a lot, and mutters something.
    Sometimes, it's so cute but it doesn't happen very often.
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    Do you talk a lot? ( In class, at school, after school..)
    We talk a little, but not for long. ( if he asks you the time, it doesn't count. Sorry babes:()
    Yeah, we talk. He turns away to talk to others sometimes though.
    Yup! We talk about all kinds of things since we're in lots of activities together.
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    If your friends tease you about liking him, does he turn his head and/or pay attention to your conversation?
    A few times, but other times he isn't paying attention.
    YES and it's so embarrassing, like helloooo crushes are secret!
    Nah, he usually isn't around me.
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    In class or like in activities, does he try to sit next to you or near you? ( At lunch if he slows down at your table or keeps walking near it, it's a good sign too:))
    Sometimes, I feel happy when he does.
    Yup! My friends say he's stalking me haha:)
    No, he avoids my table sometimes. ( This is perfectly normal, he could be nervous around you)
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    Does he ask about you when you're not around?
    Yeah, my friends always tell me about it afterwards.
    Once or twice, he asked for my name and hobbies and stuff:)
    Not really. He doesn't know my friends that well. ( Make friends with his friends, girl! It helps soo much you don't even know omg)
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    Does he let you get away with some stuff that you aren't supposed to? ( Like if he's on the student council, or even if you tug at his shirt and he doesn't pull your hand away:))))) EEP)
    Nope, in fact he makes sure I follow the rules:( ( awe. But don't lose hope, bby)
    Yup, and he didn't let anyone else do it! It only happens sometimes, though.
    Yeah! My friends complain about it and tease me, too. It's so nice of him.
  • 10
    At gatherings and things, ( like assemblies or sports day) does he look around for you?
    Sometimes, if we're on the same team or need to do something.
    Not really. Maybe once.
    Yup, and he teases me about how he's going to win and stuff.

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