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This is a test to determine which super hero you would most likely resemble

  • 1
    Which super hero do you prefer?
    Captain America
    Wonder Woman
  • 2
    What WAS your personality at least 5 years ago?
    Popular, hot/cute, top-of-the-class
    Energetic, chatter-box, athletic, strong
    Shy, quiet, weak, nerdy, easy to be picked on
    Angry, smart, teased a lot, strong
    Out-going, athletic, outdoors
  • 3
    What IS your personality now?
    Athletic, popular, smart, top-of-the-class
    Pretty/handsome, smart, strong, athletic
    Energetic, fit, athletic, helpful, smart
    Strong, easily controlled (ish), smart, clumsy
    Billionaire, popular, hidden identity, smart
  • 4
    What is your future dream job?
    Billionaire with a hidden identity
    Army soldier
    Super fast and smart athlete with a sexy body
    Hero to save the planet
    Scientist and super strong man/woman
  • 5
    If you were a super hero, what colours and patterns would you prefer on your costume?
    Cropped red, white and blue shirt with a nice head gear. Luscious long black hair flowing down, black boots and short shorts
    Red, white and blue. Striped and a gilled like pattern
    Red, blue and black with red underwear over blue tights and a red silky cape
    Black and yellow with a mask to hide your identity. Has really cool gadgets and custom made vehicles
    Bare foot and ripped brown three quarter pants. No shirt, to show off all your muscles and abs.
  • 6
    What accessories and powers would your hero come with?
    A lasso and a charming body to turn them boys on
    An unbreakable shield
    Super human strength and impossible gifts
    Super cool and new technology powered gadgets. Special custom made vehicles.
    Super strength
  • 7
    If your hero was to have a relationship with someone who would it be with?
    Your work colleague or the one girl/boy who helps you out throughout your journey
    Your childhood friend
    A really close friend of yours and who has helped you a lot
    A really close friend of yours
    Someone who you tame and transfer onto the good side
  • 8
    The villain you are most likely to fight against.
    Mr Freeze, Penguin man, Poison Ivy (and other ridiculous people with funny names you seem to come across)
    Many different villains along the way
    Adolf Hitler and his army
    People who are most likely to betray you
    Men who are jealous of your abilities and try to take over the world
  • 9
    What would some of your weaknesses be?
    Same as any other human
    If your hands were tied together by a man (or something like that)
    If you were to get strangled by a snake
    To get stuck in a challenging situation
  • 10
    Which super hero is your LEAST favourite?
    Wonder woman
    Captain America

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