Are you a lesbian?

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Ah yes, the question that plagues us all when we see ScarJo brilliantly punching men in the face during the Avengers. But are you really into da ladies?

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    Digit Ratio Theory: Check out your index finger and ring finger. (This is super cool science stuff, I promise)
    Your index finger is longer than your ring finger.
    Your ring finger is longer than your index finger.
    There is no discernible difference in lengths between your ring and index fingers.
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    When you fantasize, do you think about girls, or boys, or both?
    Girls! Boys make great friends, but aren't on the top of my sexual preference list.
    Sexy men, emitting the pure essence of testosterone but not quite smelling like the Old Spice Guy.
    Either way, you're happy. Sometimes you fantasize about both genders at the same time.
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    How do you picture yourself at the altar?
    A man who is romantic and strong and respectful who is just itching to carry me over the threshold!
    I don't know if I'm marrying a man of a lady, but either way, it's someone I love.
    Me and my future wife, both in white, smiling like the badass brides we are.
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    Imagine a penis.
    Eh, I would fuck it.
    Oh, hey little guy!
    You magnificent beast.
    *Discreetly chops it off with a machete*
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    Which avenger makes your girlhood tremble the most?
    Thor. Honestly, I just want to shoot lightning and stuff. But Mjölnir isn't the only hammer of his I'd play with, if you know what I mean...
    Steve Rodgers of course. I love a classy army man, who'd shower me with the sweet, romantic love I crave.
    Tony Stark. Sexy, funny, and down to earth, whats not to love when it comes to this real-life Iron Man?
    Bruce Banner. His intellect appeals to me, sex would be sweet, and if I ever need to make renovations, I won't need to call a wrecking crew.
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    How do you walk?
    I walk with the swagger of a thousand Mick Jaggers, and I do so ironically. Others cannot hope to understand. Each step conveys confidence, strength, and hotness. I am the tiger. Hear me roar.
    I do not walk. I am cheese.
    Like a normal person? How else DO you walk?
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    What do your nails look like?
    I don't really pay attention to them. I keep them short.
    Some weird color I don't know I like cheese.
    Freshly manicured, my name is spelled out on my thumb. They're long and sexy.
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    Are you a feminazi?
    Oh, yeah. "Feminazi," right. Because standing up for women's rights is EXACTLY like invading motherfucking Poland.
    Of course not. I'm not radical like that.
    Um yeah I don't really have an opinion but I think everyone should be equal.
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    Which stereotype fits you?
    Weird girl. As you ask her more questions, she talks more and more about cheese.
    A girl. Who really just wishes that one hot guy would tell her she's pretty already.
    Manly Manington with a vagina. She plays on the football team and can jump seventy cars on a flaming motorcycle. She is badass.
    The ALPHA NERD. You're captain of the speech team, have all A's, and are already planning your costume a year in advance for next year's gencon. P.S., aren't you just counting down the days until that new sci-fy movie comes on? You often wear tennis shoes, funny t-shirts, and throw your hair in a bun without bothering with makeup. Everyone secretly suspects you're gay.
    Nerd. Not quite the badass lady that the ALPHA NERD is, but you have friends, and your passion, and your sweet, chivalrous boyfriend to keep you company,
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    Do people think you're gay?
    I'm gonna have to agree with Senorita Queso.
    Why, are they saying that? I have a boyfriend for crying out loud!
    I wish they would stop asking and just figure it out already.

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