International Marketing Chapter 1

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  • 1
    When you call United Airlines for a reservation on a toll free number and get a response from an operator in Mumbai, this is an example of
    Multilingual expression
    Global Marketplace
  • 2
    Slumdog Millionaire, a movie which received several awards and an Oscar in 2009, was filmed on a location in and around:
    San Francisco
  • 3
    A fundamental difference between regular marketing and global marketing is:
    The lack of communication
    The Scope of Activities
    The lack of strategic planning
    The focus on resources
    The lack of marketing mix
  • 4
    Starbucks is building on it's loyalty card and rewards program in the United States with a smartphone app that enables customers to pay for purchases electronically. The app displays a bar code that the barista can scan. This is an example of
    Market Diversification
    Global Marketing
    Market Development
    Product Development
    Market Penetration
  • 5
    Starbucks is entering India Via an alliance with the Tata group. Phase one calls for sourcing coffee beans in India and marketing them at Starbucks stores throughout the world. This is an example of:
    Market Diversification
    Market Penetration
    Product Development
    Market Development
    Regular Marketing
  • 6
    According to Michael Porter, a global industry is one in which___________can be achieved by integrating and leveraging operations on a worldwide scale.
    Product Capability
    Cross Border Infiltration
    Ratio Analysis
    Marketing Mix
    Competitive advantage
  • 7
    The former chairman of Nestle recently told an interviewer. "We are food and beverages. We are not running bicycle shops. Even in food we are not in all fields. There are certain areas we do not touch. Also, we have no soft drinks because I have said we either buy Coca-Cola or we leave it alone." What strategic marketing principle does the chairman's comment emphasize most specifically?
    Focus on specific food and beverages.
    Competitive Advantage
    Customer Value
    Policy of dealing only with Swiss Businesses
  • 8
    Nike recently adopted the slogan "Here I am" for it's pan-European clothing advertising targeting women. The decision to drop the famous " Just do It" tag line was based on the research indicating that:
    The old slogan conveys superiority of men over women.
    Europeans do like tag lines that portray American thinking.
    College-age women in Europa are not as competitive about sports as men are.
    European women want to differentiate themselves from men.
    The famous slogan did not have accurate translation in European Languages.
  • 9
    The decision to enter one or more particular markets outside the home country depends on all of the mentioned factors expect:
    Nature of Opportunities
    Company's age
    Company's resources.
    Company's managerial mind-set
  • 10
    A company that engages in global marketing:
    Creates both standardized and localized products.
    Uses localized products only.
    Pursues a "one size fits all" strategy by creating identical products for homogenous markets.
    Customizes special products for each world country or region.
    Nurtures an ethnocentric management orientation.
  • 11
    McDonald's serves McAloo Tikkie Burger in India, McRice Burger in Malaysia, McOZ Burger in Australia, Kiwi Burger in New Zealand, and McHuevo Burger in Uruguay and McSamurai Burger in Thailand. These menu variations are examples of:
    A selection of menu items that can be sold eventually in U.S. markets.
    A replacement of standard menu names with fancy names.
    A combination of global and local marketing mix elements.
    A deviation from successful marketing practices.
    A reflection of failure of US menu items in those countries.
  • 12
    All of the following correctly states McDonald's approach to standardization and adaption of the marketing mix except:
    McDonald's standardizes some price elements and adapts others.
    McDonald's standardizes all product elements.
    McDonald's standardizes some product elements and adapts others.
    McDonald's standardizes some promotion elements and adapts others.
    McDonald's standardizes some place elements and adapts others.
  • 13
    Examples of effective global marketing by McDonald's include both standardized and localized marketing mix elements. Which of the following does NOT represent a localized element?
    It has slang nicknames such as MakDo in Philippines and McDo in France.
    It serves McAloo tikki potato burger in India.
    It uses advertising slogan "I'm loving' it"
    It has home delivery service in India.
    It operates themed dining cars on the Swiss national rail system.
  • 14
    As of 2010, Gap operated 2,500 stores in the United States and more than 500 stores internationally. The company sources most of it's clothing from apparel factories in Honduras, the Philippines, India, and other low-wage countries. If Gap would like to open more stores in Japan, primary consideration should include:
    Demand in Japan for U.S. style garments
    Industry conditions
    Sources of competitive advantage
    All of the adove
    The condition of the apparel market worldwide
  • 15
    A person who assumes that his or her home country is superior to the rest of the world is said to have:
    No correct answer.
    Polycentric orientation.
    Geocentric orientation.
    Ethnocentric orientation
    Regiocentric orientation.
  • 16
    The cell phone divisions of Toshiba, Sharp, and other Japanese companies prospered by focusing on the domestic market. When handset sales in Japan slowed a few years ago, the Japanese companies realized that Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung already dominated key world markets. Atsutoshi Nishida, president of Toshiba, noted, "We were thinking only about Japan. We really missed our chance." This example illustrates:
    Regiocentric orientation.
    Poor globalization orientation.
    Geocentric orientation.
    Ethnocentric orientation.
    Polycentric orientation.
  • 17
    Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch consumer products company, at one time had 30 different package designs and 48 different formulations for it's Rexona deodorant brand. This is an example of:
    Ethnocentric orientation.
    Geocentric orientation.
    Regiocentric orientation.
    Transnational orientation.
    Polycentric orientation.

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