Am I in love?

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The higher the score the more you love him/her.

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    How do you see him/her?

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Moisture (62024)
2 days ago
He is my crush 😍
Guadalupe (28611)
2 days ago
Well he is my boyfriend already so why am i doing this
Steph (19485)
8 days ago
this guy Is my bf
yoyo (53703)
9 days ago
so there’s this guy from my church and i’ve known him my whole life and have always had a little crush on him and i recent found out he likes me. i don’t know what to do bc it’s so awkward when we are together but it also feels complete when we are in a room together everyone seems to just feel closer idk how to explain it but it’s a close relationship
rose (32529)
12 days ago
So can I have an answer?
rose (32529)
12 days ago
I met this guy when I transfered to my current school.I wasn't in the same class as him in my first,i only saw him once.then the next year we were in the same class and we both became good friends.i was disliked by the girls in my class and he was my only day,all of a sudden,some rumours about we both liking each other came and he stoped talking to me.i was so lonely.i cried for a long time at home and pretended that it was all okay at year,we got separated.then the next year,we became together in one class and he ignored me completely.but stared at me a lot.a very large amount of coincide with him happened that year.even so,currently we don't talk to each other and completely ignores each other.
This test told me that I might like him.
Hopelessly In Love (67457)
12 days ago
I dated him for about 5 months and he ended it because I was leaving... that was two weeks ago, I’m still madly in love with him, even though he’s changed... and I’m not leaving...
Heartbroken and needing help (33036)
13 days ago
So I have just started cadets and there is this boy and the second he walked into the room I thought he was cute and I now have had a crush on him for like two months. I keep thinking I’m actually in love with him though 😍 Anyway I have been feeling like he likes me because of the way he talks to me and stuff and he always seems really shy and nervous when I’m around. Well that ended quickly because yesterday I found out that he has a freaking girlfriend!!⁉️⁉️
This quiz confirmed that I am indeed in love 😍 with him!!
........ (48641)
13 days ago
So there is this guy and I met him in fifth grade. We were partners for a while in math he was always so nice to me. I didn't talk to him at all in sixth grade except I only talked about him cause my Best friend was/still in love with him. She left my school but she still likes him. anyway this year all of my friends think that he likes me and that we would be a great couple. I always disagree with them but lately i have been thinking differently he has an amazing smile and the best eyes i have ever seen. His best friend liked me but I turned him down. So now I got feels for this guy and i only told my other best friend and i'm so confused about what to do :/
Not very sure... (09307)
16 days ago
So... There a a kid in my grade. Who I may or may not like... but I can really tell. He was like the kid that picked on my in grade two. And I was, and still am. That perky tomboy that is pleased by dark evil stuff and that always has her head in the close and is talking about nargles and blibbering humdingers to anyone who will listen. ( and the girl who can see ghosts to some people) but I didn’t ever have a crush until grade three. When I realized I liked him. I still liked him in grade four and that’s when my mom decides to tell me that his mom said that he had a crush on me in grade two. I was like darn to late. So I got over it and in grade five he was still cute but I liked a other kid. He is my really good friend and we play around a lot. And I can’t tell if I like him or not. Well then my best friend told me she liked him. And I was like. Ok. But bruh so do I. ( I didn’t tell her that) well then he decided to tell the word he likes my other BFF. He is over it now but still. So in grade five a kid skipped a grade. He was cute and all but my friend and him liked each other so I just was like. No. So now his friend who is a year younger keeps flirting with me. I don’t like him but I flirt back. I am very confused yeah my life is very complicated. And some kids ( mostly boys) not helpings. Help to get me through it. Like my Friend listens when I tell him about my abusivive dad and selfish mom. And the fact I can see ghost doesn’t heplz eather. Please give me advice.
Advice for 54189 (78920)
17 days ago
54189 my advice just go for it she may not be happy with you but she will probably forgive you if you go out of your way and make a sincere apology.
Anonymous (54189)
18 days ago
At first I didn't mind her and I may have accidently hurt her by accidently slamming a door in her face and I didnt notice I have not said sorry since as whenever I'm near her she rejects me walks the other way and soon I fell in love with her like for reall the firest time I ever felt love and because of one mistake I will never pluck up the courage to say sorry and will never be noticed by her ever I just give up I am just too scared to say sorry as she may be amaxing but she can also break your soul with her words.
need help (14612)
19 days ago
so there is a girl thats the most beautiful thing i have ever seen,Every time i see her i freeze and feel nervous. i want to ask her out but i dont know how she feels i know she used to like me a year ago but i dont know anymore. what do i do?????
Confused 11 year old (13569)
19 days ago
So basically I met this boy playing a game casually on my ps4, he kept flirting with me subtly so I kinda developed a crush the only thing is our age gap. I truly like him and I wish we coukd be together I'm 11 and he's 14 I am so confused and angry I just wish I could be a little closer in age. The thing is I wanna tell him I like him.but I'm afraid he might not want to ever socialize with me again and I really don't wanna lose someone who I've talked to and felt like I had an actual crush. All I've ever heard was his voice but I find it so soothing and relaxing even when he yells inbmy ears I love it. I think I'm crazy but I've told my friends and they said they support me but I'm too scared. I am very conflicted I wish I could be more confident. I think I'm crazy.
Anonymous (15236)
21 days ago
((fuchsia)I love him more than anything and everything.. But am unable to confess it to him.. I wish there was a way for this...
Anonymous (79227)
28 days ago
It said I just like him. But why am I not satisfied with that result? We like/ love each other but I'm not sure. I dont understand myself anymore >_
.... (67222)
28 days ago
I think I love him, but I'm not 100% sure. Plus I'm in 7 grade suppose to be in 8 grade but my dyslexia made me reapet 3rd grade. He's little sister who is a year younger than my little brother told me that she asked him oh your ganna marry her and he said how did you know my plans. I didn't how to feel at that moment so I just continued do what I was doing plus I was only there to vist for a few weeks that was last year. I started liking him and told him that in a text it took him a while to tell me he does to at the end he told me he needs to go and he loves me which left me shocked.
.... (67222)
28 days ago
20956. Tell him.

Banana. Yeah it is it said you like him/her.

He told me he likes me to and said to keep it a secret. Maybe because were young. He also said he loves me.
BANANA (41426)
29 days ago
It's blunt...
Legit just:
You are in love with him/
... (20956)
30 days ago
He's my best friend. Idk what to do...