Am I in love?

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The higher the score the more you love him/her.

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    How do you see him/her?

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Samir (28118)
57 days ago
Ma ni janta ki wo mujhaa pyaar Kari ha ki nahi
tania (98865)
57 days ago
Muje mallum ni chl rha ki muje pyar hua hain ke nhi.
What (63645)
58 days ago
What does “I have a future” mean?!
Sky leo (19796)
75 days ago
I love you yogesh leo
Sky leo (19796)
75 days ago
I love this result i know that i love him
Jiya (46353)
75 days ago
This is osm and i love it
blablabla (89195)
77 days ago
“you have a future”?
Random (61198)
79 days ago
I took this quiz to find out if I like this girl. It says that I like her. I'm a girl. But, I also really like this guy. And, I love him, but also like her. Uh, I don't know who to choose. And, yes, I think I'm bi.
Roni (91240)
84 days ago
Some guy makes me nervous and i never get like this when i like someone but something about him that i like.
Someone from sg (86640)
94 days ago
So there's was a guy who is 3 years older than me... He came to my sch for around 6months .. At the start I found him cute because of the dimples.. So I started to eye candy him :) I asked him qns regarding sch work and aft 2 months or so... I started liking him :)
He's really cute but I don't think I have a chance because his 6 months is up and he has to go back to his sch , which is like The opposite end of my sch.. :( what do I do? I really miss those times we spent talking :( -someone (age 16)
Kadence (40401)
95 days ago
I'm in love. He asked me to be his girlfriend 2 months ago I was so happy but I told mum and dad and they forced me to break up with him but..... I didn't they think I did. He is the most amazing person. I us to have depression and now I couldn't be happier we said I love u too each other a few days ago. I'm in love and I'm happy I'm just worried he'll leave like everyone else in my life:(
k...... (63960)
97 days ago
alright, so im in loveeee with this guy but I don't want to be. People would judge me if they knew or found out (except my 3 closest friends) because he's a year younger than me and other reasons that I don't get But honestly I don't know why I like him, he's not all that cute, and he isn't the most popular guy, but theres just something about him... I just don't know what it is yet (plzzz help me figure this out!!)
kay (62000)
115 days ago
I'm in love, he makes me feel sane, he makes me smile when he is not even doing anything, and I would do anything for him, I never felt like this he is stuck in my head he is stuck in my vision, I really like him for he does not even know it, he barely sees me:( but life has never been so great since I fell for him:)
Alex... (64264)
124 days ago
I like her. She makes me happy and i feel flustered around her ^^;
She calls me "cute" and "funny" and laughs at the jokes she gets. Shes kind and sweet and i just cant stop thinking about her...
Ashish (83254)
132 days ago
Tell That I Really Love Him
Kenzie (18311)
134 days ago
I think I'm in love but I'm so young and I don't know if he loves or even likes me back! I am so broken because I was dancing with him at our schools dance and asked for his number and he said no because he has no credit but if he liked me at all he would have asked if I had social media right? And he would have found a way to get my number if he likes me, am I right or just overthinking things?
Jonathon (54210)
144 days ago
I still think I do because I just can't control myself around him.
Jonathon (54210)
144 days ago
Thankfully, this quiz doesn't think I love him.
Jonathon (54210)
144 days ago
Before I take the quiz, I just want to say I have a friend who I think is just absolutely cute and I have a hard time being around him. That being said, although I have lovelike feelings around him, I hope that means I don't love him even though I feel he would support me. I want to feel comfortable around him and the same for him​ and this would weird him out.
May662 (61004)
147 days ago
I met this boy when i was in year 6, we dated on and off then we stopped dating once we reached year 7. We were still real close but my best friend was on and off with him. I'm now in year 8( going into year 9) and we decided to try and be together again, the only problem was he wanted it to be a secret for a week then we could tell people then them weeks turned to months eventually I got fed up and we split up. A week later I started talking to another boy to get other my ex then I ended things with the other lad because I couldn't get over my ex, as soon as I end things my best friend tells me there together! I cried all night and I was so upset. After a week they broke up because of complications, I know I'm Young but he was my first love and I can't get over him. Do I love him or am I just jealous? I would appreciate any help xxx