Am I in love?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Alexa - Developed on: - 1.167.338 taken - User Rating: 2.99 of 5.0 - 152 Votes

The higher the score the more you love him/her.

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    How do you see him/her?

    As a boyfriend/girlfriend.
    As a close friend.
    As a husband/wife.

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Bi-curious ( 59776 )
Posted 472 days ago
I don't want to fall in love with my new friend who is a girl but I can't help it, I'm in a long term relationship with my boyfriend. I hate myself.
I Wish he did to.... ( 92356 )
Posted 474 days ago
... I knew i liked him, i dont love.h8m bevause that earned with time+ actually being my bf but i do, i really.really REALLY like him. He is always on my mind and its been like thay for over a year now... i just really wish i knew if did to...
Pansexual/trans but also super gay ( 71903 )
Posted 479 days ago
I don't understand how whether you love/like the person can depend on whether you think you have a chance with them. You could think you have no chance with them yet they're like your puppet or you could think that you have a major chance and not even have a little chance. That part is honestly quite insignificant to the thing you are trying to propose. However, I do like what you are trying to accomplish, but in my opinion, you are not using the correct questions. Thus, making the results janked up. I apologize for the very long comment.
Amanda ( 30992 )
Posted 480 days ago
My parents dont allow me to have any boyfriend it's so sad
Jaci ( 65326 )
Posted 486 days ago
I like a guy from my karate place but I don't know his age. I think he's about 13? I'm turning 12 this year and I don't know if my parents will approve of me liking this guy, he is my sensei's son.
Supercrazy ( 99477 )
Posted 486 days ago
It says i love this guy ..but i dnt knw wat to do .
My friend says he likes her but his friends tell me he like me so does my friends .. And i dont have the courage to ask him . Since we barely talk anymore😒 .. I dnt knw wat to do coz hes all i think about
Allison ( 51684 )
Posted 495 days ago
Gosh!! I already knew that I love him but still I took this test.. And now I'm 100% sure that I love him .. I was the popular girl of my school and people used to call me attitude Queen but now since I met him.. I'm changed
nemo ( 32967 )
Posted 502 days ago
if you like someone it normaly that fealing that you want to be with him/her only lasts a year normaly but if you love someome it lasts forever i have liked this girl for 4.5 years now and if you love someone you will say no to💗before marige and respecct the other
Shy girl ( 50254 )
Posted 512 days ago
I have a future...what's that suppose to mean? I don't think I'll ever have a chance to even talk to him. ~Sad Shy Girl
saisha kapoor ( 68567 )
Posted 514 days ago
I can not belive it...........
I am in love and i am jUST 14........
shadow lover 11 ( 97300 )
Posted 515 days ago
I'M ONLY ELEVEN AND I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!!!?????!!!!????!!!????!!!!!!?????? ?!!!!!
Stephanie ( 43742 )
Posted 522 days ago
I can't believe that this test works and I do have a crush on somebody but he is just like my type so I really hope he does have a crush on me and I am just a in fourth grade
sumeet rajput ( 12268 )
Posted 524 days ago
I can't believe that I am in love with her
savanah ( 76204 )
Posted 525 days ago
it said i like him but i really like him i dont think the persom who made this test was smart sooo...................................W OW
Nikku ( 47467 )
Posted 531 days ago
i dont know what is it
lydia martin ( 52068 )
Posted 532 days ago
I'm in love wiz a boy and I'm 13 But my friend is in love wiz him every day I see my fiend and my love I just wane kill my self I always cry my self to sleep
Ash ( 15381 )
Posted 532 days ago
I am confused that am i in luv with him as i am just 15?
kristabel ( 36816 )
Posted 535 days ago
AM FEEL AM SO MUCH IN LOVE Wit dis guy kris i love him sooo much n he do 2 distance can neva💗bw us....
Theo ( 63577 )
Posted 536 days ago
Well, I know that the one i have i crush on don´t feel/felt the same. I did tell her and her response was a simple "What? I don't swing that way!" Then she ignored me for about 5 months and now she starts talking to me again. I still have feelings for her and since then i have come out as trans, should i keep my feelings bottled up this time?
Mary ( 60321 )
Posted 538 days ago
Few I just LIKE him. In truth I've never thought about dating him but I just HAD to know.
If I actually did love him I'm pretty sure I would have died.