Am I in love?

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The higher the score the more you love him/her.

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    How do you see him/her?

    As a boyfriend/girlfriend.
    As a close friend.
    As a husband/wife.

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Anonymous ( 62910 )
Posted 414 days ago
I really like him, He is tall, strong, has a cute smile, and makes me laugh and annoys me at the same time, he smells good and is basically my bf goals. But he has so many girls throwing themselves at him and he majes everyone feel special. I honestly don't want to compete for him, I'm sure he wants one of those girls.
anonyms ( 42120 )
Posted 426 days ago
i loved my senior..he used to tech us.he used to be so friendly duringthat year.i never befriended any guy before ..i feel for soeone forthe first tym..i used to get happy when he was happy..he said i will always help you all..but now he doesnt even talks even if he is free .. i hate hm to core of my heart now
Beary bear ( 58277 )
Posted 435 days ago
I love him but I don't know how he feels about me now because we went through a lot together and I'm scared to lose him
PUPPYPOWER ( 51137 )
Posted 436 days ago
I like him but he has a girlfriend
Anu kaur ( 19158 )
Posted 438 days ago
I love him no one knows about it even my best friend I love u aa
Mean ( 90914 )
Posted 440 days ago
I like him. But i dont know if he feel the same.
🌸 ( 85468 )
Posted 441 days ago
I'm head over heels for her. I've known her for half a year and we've talked so much and I love her. I didn't think I had a chance and then see asked me out. She's so perfect. Grace, I am so in love with you. If you ever se this I hope you know that. -Your Girlfriend 🌙
Human ( 67156 )
Posted 445 days ago
I'm not sure what I like them means but ok I love them but I'm confused on what he. Thinks bc I'm Gay and he's trans it's super confusing
Jiya ( 39924 )
Posted 450 days ago
We r jxt best friends nd i dont want make him ma bf bt i dont knw when i started lyking him guys plz help me solve out this prob i dont want him as ma bf we r better being in frndship zone
Interesting baxhii ( 71557 )
Posted 457 days ago
Ooooh my gosh...i think am in love with him but it says no u r nt itsss cheating
Huur ( 54925 )
Posted 466 days ago
Omggg i am in love with my teacher !!!!
Abdu ramy ( 91912 )
Posted 468 days ago
If you are in love with some who donot love go right to that person and ask"what is the matter with me loving you"
Abdu ramy ( 91912 )
Posted 468 days ago
Weman are so special to some men like me who is seducing in love when it's came to love mmmh oooh!!!
lol ( 03499 )
Posted 470 days ago
I don't really have a lot of friends so I don't really know also it was hard to decide for me of course:/
Transgender + Pansexual ( 70047 )
Posted 471 days ago
Being trans is hard because once you tell someone, you don't know what gender they think of you as. I'm not sure if the girl I according to this test love thinks of me as a guy or a girl and it is killing me.
Bi-curious ( 59776 )
Posted 472 days ago
I don't want to fall in love with my new friend who is a girl but I can't help it, I'm in a long term relationship with my boyfriend. I hate myself.
I Wish he did to.... ( 92356 )
Posted 473 days ago
... I knew i liked him, i dont love.h8m bevause that earned with time+ actually being my bf but i do, i really.really REALLY like him. He is always on my mind and its been like thay for over a year now... i just really wish i knew if did to...
Pansexual/trans but also super gay ( 71903 )
Posted 479 days ago
I don't understand how whether you love/like the person can depend on whether you think you have a chance with them. You could think you have no chance with them yet they're like your puppet or you could think that you have a major chance and not even have a little chance. That part is honestly quite insignificant to the thing you are trying to propose. However, I do like what you are trying to accomplish, but in my opinion, you are not using the correct questions. Thus, making the results janked up. I apologize for the very long comment.
Amanda ( 30992 )
Posted 479 days ago
My parents dont allow me to have any boyfriend it's so sad
Jaci ( 65326 )
Posted 485 days ago
I like a guy from my karate place but I don't know his age. I think he's about 13? I'm turning 12 this year and I don't know if my parents will approve of me liking this guy, he is my sensei's son.