Does the girl you really like you back?

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This test was made by a guy with a brain for once and is accurate as I could possibly get. But please notice even the most precise predictions are set in stone. You control your own destiny.

  • 1
    On a scale of 1-5 how much do you really like her?
    Maybe a little
    I like her a lot
    Not really at all
    I love her!
    I like her
  • 2
    Does she flirt with you at all?
    Yes Totally!
    I think so maybe?
  • 3
    How often does she talk to you?
    Absolutely never
    All the time we're best buds!
    We talk quite a bit
    Barely talk
    We talk on a normal scale
  • 4
    Is she shy to you?
    She is a little shy
    No totally not! why should she be shy?
    Just as shy as any normal person. she acts normal
    Extremely shy she stays away from me!
  • 5
    What would the outcome of this scenario be?

    You talk to her normally but then go a little overboard and accidentally give a blunt and embarrassing hint of your affection
    Total freak out and gets out of your sight very quickly
    Confronts the situation in a friendly way and accepts the way you feel
    Shys away quickly but carefully
    Tries to change the conversation
    Runs off with you into the sunset like one of those unrealistic movies
  • 6
    Does she know you like her?
    Yes but she seems ok with it
    Yes but she is ashamed
    No and I think she wouldn't embrace it
    Yes and she embraces it
  • 7
    Does she like you?
    Totally yes
    Maybe yes. a gut feeling
  • 8
    If you asked her out on a date what would be her possible reaction?
    Yes but in a fun loving manner knowing it would be a good tine
    Iew NO!
  • 9
    What is your age?
    18 or older
    5-10 years old(seriously?)
  • 10
    Do you have a porn or masturbating problem?

    Don't be shy this isn't public. But this problem can hinder you from being the full you being able to be emotionally stable reducing your chances of her liking you especially if she knows you have a problem.
    Nope! pure as a virgin never introduced to lady ga ga!
    I'm addicted to porn
    I masturbate and I know better
    I masturbate, is it a bad thing?
    I'm addicted to both porn and masturbating. I'm one messed up dude
  • 11
    How old is this girl you like?
    5-10 (aaah cute puppy love! or pure disgust)
    18 or older
  • 12
    How does she normally greet you?
    IDK I'm too stupid to know something really obvious
    Not a very warm welcome
    A hello with a gentle smile
    Handshakes or any physical contact along with a smile
    Huggs and kisses(while highly unrealistic)
  • 13
    Does her friends talk about you or does she talk to her friends about you? And is it obvious?
    No not really
    Her and her friends talk bad about me:,(
    Yeah I hear them talk about me sometimes
    Very often it's very obvious I'm just awesome like that
    IDK they keep pretty secret
  • 14
    How much do you have in common?
    A lot.
    We have some things in common
    We have nothing in common
    IDK I just want her because she's hot
    EVERYTHING it's like we're clones!
  • 15
    Will you do your all to make sure she is always happy and never alone in her time of need? And will always respect her body, her personality, and her feelings? And will always be patient with her and be slow to anger? And will you wait for her through thick and thin because you truly love her?
    I only agree to part of that statement
    Yes I agree to all of it! I love her and only want what's best for her! I am selfless.
    Can't compute question MALFUNCTION! MALFUNCTION!
    Heck no! I don't want her like that I just want somebody I can sleep with and dispose of easily
    I'll try my best

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