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10 Questions - Developed by: Maryrose Cullen - Developed on: - 2.337 taken

Use the knowledge you have learnt today about food chains to complete a quick quiz.

  • 1
    What is a food chain?
    A food chain shows how plants and animals need each other for energy
    A chain of food
    A chain made of food to wear as jewellery
  • 2
    A producer gets energy from the sun. Which of these is a producer?
    A shark
    A gum tree
    A beetle
  • 3
    A consumer gets energy by eating other living things. Which of these is not a consumer?
    A bee
    A sunflower
    A frog
  • 4
    Which of the following are only consumers?
    Kookaburra, worm, cow
    Eagle, grass, worm
    Grass, fish, chicken
  • 5
    What does a carnivore consume?
    A carnivore eats plants and animals
    A carnivore eats animals
    A carnivore eats plants
  • 6
    What are humans in the food chain?
    Humans are not part of the food chain
  • 7
    In what order do a rabbit, grass and hawk form a food chain?
    Grass > rabbit > hawk
    Grass > hawk > rabbit
    Rabbit > grass > hawk
  • 8
    Which food chain is correct?
    Grasshopper > grass > snake > mouse
    Shark > seaweed > small fish > big fish
    Flower > insect > frog > snake
  • 9
    What is at the beginning of a food chain?
    A plant
    A bird
    An insect
  • 10
    What might happen to a population of frogs if the population of insects decreased around a pond?
    The population of frogs will increase
    The population of frogs will decrease
    The population of frogs will stay the same

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