Does your best guy friend like you?

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This is for GIRLS ONLY who are wondering if their best GUY friend likes them. This was made for girls who don't really have feelings for the guy but need to find out if he likes them or not. This is not for girls who are head over heels in love with their guy BFF.

  • 1
    Do you guys talk a lot? Choose the best answer!
    No; I think I've only spoken like, 5 words to him
    Yes! We talk 24/7!
    We talk as much as we can but we wish we did more
    Sort of not much though
  • 2
    Have you ever sat next to each other, walked in school together, etc.? Please choose the best answer!
    Occasionally. I think he wants to more though
    Ew! We BOTH think that would be gross!
    Yes! This quiz was supposed to be for girls with guy bffs!
  • 3
    If you have a phone, email etc. how often are you talking with him over those? Please choose best answer!
    Sorry I don't have a phone or email. But he has brought it up that I should get one so we could talk
    Um... All the time! No need to think about that one!
    Sorry I don't have a phone/email. He hasn't brought it up either.
    We just don't talk
    Gosh! He texts/emails me ALL the time! But do I reply? That's another story...
  • 4
    Who starts your convos? And who talks more? Please choose best answer!
    Sometimes I wonder when he'll shut up! And he always starts ours
    None of these apply
    Sometimes I think I talk too much for him. Oops.
    He seems really shy. I mean he talks to me but I start the conversations.
    It depends. He starts one, I start one...ya know we talk the same too
  • 5
    Has he complimented you? Choose the best answer!
    Yeah I mean he says I'm nice but he seems super shy... He used to be so talkative...
    A compliment? Maybe once or twice. But it must have been small cause I don't remember it...
    We're best friends so yeah. But yesterday he said I was cute! Yikes!
    A compliment! Please...
  • 6
    How often does he compliment you? Please choose the best answer!
    It's scary how much he compliments me. It sometimes feels uncomfortable
    Never in my life has he complimented me
    Occasionally. But I told you, he's shy!
  • 7
    Does he ever stare at you? Please choose the best answer!
    I was saying that we were best friends and didn't think like that but now that you mention it... He stares at me quite often... Oh no!
    No. Never. Wouldn't even occur to him.
    Yeah he does but only a few times
  • 8
    Have you heard rumors that's he likes you? (I'm not saying rumors tell the truth) Please choose the best answer!
    Oh crap! This is all coming together now! Yes! I've heard so many I've lost count
    What? Well maybe one but I think it was a joke.
    No not really. I mean a few here and there
  • 9
    Have you been flirting with him? Be honest! This could be why he might like you. Please choose the best answer!
    Yeah I have but not really that much
    OK fine! I have but I really don't want to date him
    Does punching him count as flirting?
  • 10
    How often do you hang out and is it casual or something else? Please choose the best answer!
    We hang out tons. And it's totally casual
    Hang out? We've brought it up but it hasn't really worked out
    No in his dreams!
    Yeah we hang out but the last time we did he held my hand! It was weird!
    Does school count?
  • 11
    Have you touched each other before? Please choose the best answer!
    No way
    He punches me playfully.
    I just said he held my hand! And then after that he KISSED ME!
    Yeah like he pats me on the shoulder or on my back.
  • 12
    To wrap it up, do YOU think he likes you? Please choose the best answer!
  • 13
    Do your friends think he likes you? Please choose the best answer!
    They said no
    They said yes.
    They said maybe
  • 14
    Would you date him if he asked you out?
  • 15
    How long has he acted like he likes you?
    2-12 months
    1-3 weeks
    1-5 days.
    Over a year
    3-8 weeks

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MinecraftMistress ( 3.215 )
Posted 115 days ago
Umm. Oh. He. Likes me. Oh... yay...?