Does your crush like you? (For people who are tweens)

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This is based off of my experience. Enjoy ^.^

  • 1
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
    A lot, and when we make eye contact, he looks away really fast
    I thought so...but I heard rumors that he likes another girl
    Some, but not much
    Nope:( unless it
    Most of the time
  • 2
    Does he ever make fun of you, but then, when others aren't around, compliment you
    Happens every time during sports and stuff
    Yeah, I guess you could say that
    Insults me like I just killed his best friend
    Nope, never talks
    Ehhh...not really, but sometimes
  • 3
    Does he try to get involved with your things?
    Not really, but sometimes
    He'll tell me alright, about this other girls "super cool" fashion blog
    Well sometimes if I suggest a website, he will check it out and comment
    Yeah, he always asks questions, looks at my blog and leaves comments, tells me about funny youtube vids I can add to my midnight collection, and more
  • 4
    What if time
    What would he do if you, him, and a group of friends were playing "infection tag" and you two and another girl were the only ones left
    He would just go his own way
    He would maybe follow me for a few feet, but then see his friend and "die" to hang out with him
    He would go with the other girl, and they would hide behind the trees together >:( yuk
    He would hide with you be behind the trees *sigh*:) and even maybe try to protect you this actually happened to me:):) XD <3
    He would follow me, and maybe stay, but probably split up
  • 5
    Has he ever touched you in a friendly way (high fives, fist bumps, hold hands for game..ect..ect)
    If I win the "national" PE championships
    No, but I see him doing it to another girl
    No. Never. Donít think it's gonna happen.
    Yeah a lot, he compliments me on my improvement with a high-five
    Yeah every once in a while
  • 6
    Does he ever try to make it so you will sit next to or near him
    No, not on his life
    Yeah, he always leaves an open chair during homeroom, and sometimes he will stand next to me in line, or put his stuff by mine
    Only if my bff is around, and it's usually by her he sits
    Sometimes, and when he does, it's fun
    If it was the only option left (besides the freaky kids)
  • 7
    Have you ever herd him brag about you in front of other girls
    No, but he will say you suck idiot
    Sometimes, but not to girls, mostly to his friends
    Yeah! just today even
    If I score a goal in PE soccer (which you never do)
  • 8
    Do your friends think that he likes you
    Just a few friends, others are doubtful
    Just my friends, but all of them
    Yeah, even people who are not my friends
    They say "hey, isn't he into that girl ...)
    They really can't tell (and really don't think so)
  • 9
    Do YOU think he likes you (use your previous questions to guide you)
    No, he don't even know my name:(
    Ehh...MAYBE it's a big MAYBE
    Pretty sure, my bgf who was his best friend even says he probably does
    I think he likes my bff...if that counts:(
  • 10
    No comment
    DUH! Youíre the freaking best
    Yeah, you rock
    Um. it was ok