Does your crush like you? (FOR GIRLS!)

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This quiz will be accurate, I promise:) please enjoy! (mostly for ages 13-15, but older ones can participate too)

  • 1
    First I have to know what type of girl you are. What type of girl you are?
    I'm popular
    I'm the outgoing one
    I'm mean and bossy
    I'm shy
  • 2
    OK....when you (or him) bump to each other by the arm or elbow, what is his reaction?
    He ignored you and continued walking/talking to his friends
    He gave you a mean face
    He just looks at me then turns away
    He smiles and said sorry or are you alright
  • 3
    Have you ever caught him staring at you?
    He stares at me A LOT, most of the time during class/lunch or when I'm with my friends
    He never stared at me
    He was probably staring to other people at the same place where I stood
    He stares at me from time to time
  • 4
    Does he appreciate the things you do for him?
    When I gave him food or lend him my materials, he always said thanks or smiles with appreciation
    He steals them and he's rude
    He doesn't say anything but he looks fine and smiled for a second
    He just takes my stuff but then kindly returns them
  • 5
    When you talk to him, where does he look?
    He looks at me but then glance at someone else from time to time
    He listened but he faces his friends
    He quietly outs his head down or acts really nervous
    He doesn't really care what I would say
    He looks straight at me, to my face or eyes
  • 6
    Does he tease you?
    When he sees me, he teases me in an awkward perverted way
    When he sees me, he teases me in a rude way but then kindly apologize saying he was just teasing
    He bullies me
    When he sees me, he always like to tease me in a funny way
  • 7
    You have anything in common with him?
    Hmm...opposites attract?
    We like many things! We have so many things in common!
    We don't have anything in common
    We do have some stuff in common
  • 8
    How does he flirt with you? Pick one that describes THE BEST.
    He mostly flirts with me by teasing or smirking
    He mostly flirts with me by acting stupid in front of me or bumping into me
    He mostly flirts with me by being a pervert
    He flirts with other girls to make me jealous
    He doesn't flirt.
  • 9
    This is something random. Do you stalk your crush?
  • 10
    If you do, what do you know about him?
    His family, his friends, his clothes, his family's cars, his classes etc.
    I only know little things about him
    Some things like his friends and maybe his family.
    I don't stalk him.
  • 11
    When you are around with his friends, what do they do around you?
    They act mean towards me
    One of them crazy friends just blurt to me that my crush likes me lol
    They act pretty normal
    I don't know his friends
    They seemed to giggle and teased me a bit
  • 12
    Why do you like him? PLEASE CHOOSE THE BEST ONE.
    He's...the flirty type?
    He's smart and popular
    He's cute and funny
    He's stupid and numb, a player boy
  • 13
    Last question! Do you feel like he likes you?
    I can sense it! He does!
    I'm hoping so...

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judeny ( 5.214 )
Posted 55 days ago
the results says he likes me, but it's just so hard to believe!! i mean he hangs out a lot with this girl and she's way prettier than me. my crush and i don't talk much but he's my friend. and when we do talk he always teases me. but i don't know what to say back.