Extended Rights Timeline Questions

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10 Questions - Developed by: Grace Dirig - Developed on: - 829 taken

Bubble in the correct answer below using the timeline provided.
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  • 1
    Who could vote in elections in 1789?
    18 year old and older.
    All white land owning men.
    African Americans
  • 2
    When was the 11th amendment put in place?
  • 3
    The word "equal" was first stated in what amendment?
  • 4
    What did Rosa Parks do in 1955?
    She wouldn't move from a park bench for a white man.
    She wouldn't move from her seat at the front of the bus for a white man.
    She marched with Martin Luther King jr. for Civil rights.
    She was thrown in jail for speaking out of turn at a public assembly.
  • 5
    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 stated what?
    Eat chicken when they wanted to.
    Shop at Birkdale.
    Go to the park.
    African Americans were allowed to go to restaurants and all stores.
  • 6
    What happened in the year of 1964?
    19th Amendment and 13th Amendment
    Civil Rights Act and 24th Amendment
    27th Amendment and Gratz v. Bollinger
    Martin Luther King jr. and 23rd Amendment
  • 7
    The 26th amendment allowed what?
    All children to go to school.
    Women to vote.
    African Americans to marry Whites.
    18 year olds to vote in National Elections.
  • 8
    What amendment was passed in 1992?
    A president can only serve 2 terms.
    A delay in Congressional Pay raises until the term following their passage.
    A defense in the Affirmative Action.
    Cows to be slaughtered in homes.
  • 9
    This Time line starts in ______ and ends in ______
    2003, 1795
    2000, 1790
    1790, 2000
    1789, 2003
  • 10
    What did Martin Luther King jr. do in 1963?
    Refused to eat pig.
    Gave the I have a dream speech.
    Wouldn't ride the bus.

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