Forensic Entomologist

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  • 1
    What does a Forensic Entomologist do?
    They collect bugs from the ground and keep them as pets
    They apply their knowledge of entomology to provide information for criminal investigations
    They go to the scene of the crime and collect evidence
    They test the body for any unwanted chemicals
  • 2
    What is one thing a Forensic Entomologists job may include?
    Performing an autopsy
    Not collecting and preserving of insects as evidence
    Testifying in court to explain insect-related evidence found at a crime scene
  • 3
    What are the two major orders of insects used in investigations?
    Flies and Beetles
    Spiders and Maggots
    Crickets and Grasshoppers
  • 4
    An insect on a dead body completes a lifecycle. In what order does this lifecycle happen?
    Lays eggs, 1st Instar Larva, 2nd Instar Larva, 3rd Instar Larva, Pupa
    1st Instar Larva, 2nd Instar Larva, 3rd Instar Larva, lays eggs, pupa
    Pupa, 1st Instar Larva, 2nd Instar Larva, 3rd Instar Larva, lays eggs
  • 5
    Approximately, how many days does it take for an insect to grow from an egg to an adult?
  • 6
    What does PMI stand for?
    Please may I
    Postmortem interval
    Postmortem interlude
  • 7
    What will investigators make note of in analyzing insect evidence from a corpse? (weather related)
    Past rain patterns, ground surface and soil under the body
    Temperature of the air, ground surface and soil under the body
    The direction of the wind, UV rays and the soil under the body
  • 8
    What is another factor that might affect PMI estimates?
    How the person died and if it had been dumped
    Was the body enclosed in an area or wrapped in a material that would have prevented flies from finding the corpse and laying eggs
    What the person was eating the day before their death
  • 9
    How long is a 1st Instra Larva after 1.8 days?
    3.5mm long
    6mm long
    4mm long
    5mm long
  • 10
    Do forensic entomologists determine an estimate for the postmortem interval?

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