Will you survive the Doomsday?

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Some shit will be fucked up very soon, and natural powers will kick your ass. Or not?

  • 1
    You heard on the news that an asteroid is going to hit the earth very soon. You grab all the necessary things (forget about your collection of beer cans) and move to:
    The subway
    Stay at home
    The street
    The basement
  • 2
    World War III! Holy fucking shit tanks are everywhere, soldiers are fucking up this place and are going to beat the crap out of you. You:
    Take your revolver and go shoot the fuckers!
    Take food, water (and all of the necessary shit) and hide somewhere, preferably in the forest.
    Enter the guerilla movement.
    Scream "AAAAAAH THEY'RE GOING TO KICK MY LITTLE ASS" and start to cry.
    Go get some pizza.
  • 3
    Global warming is coming, and tornadoes and rainfalls and all of this shit became an everyday occurrence. What to do?
    Fuck this shit, I am going to sleep.
    Find a shelter.
    Move to the north, to the place where now is arctic or sub-arctic climate. Due to the global warming here will be warm and dry weather without disasters.
    Go to the beach and chill the fuck out!
    Cool! Now you can ride the tornado every day! It's SO FUCKING COOL!
  • 4
    The aliens have conquered the earth, and enslaved all the mankind. They're using you to extract the minerals and shit from the Earth. You:
    Organize a strike. If they want your resources, then go and work on your own you alien bastards!
    Try to escape (the mines have many ways and aliens probably won't find you).
    Do what they want.
    Try to make a deal with those aliens.
    Kill the fuckers, hijack one of their spaceships and fuck up their planet!
  • 5
    Most of the planet is contaminated. The air, the water and the food became toxic. Your actions?
    Buy a filter.
    Get the fuck out from this fucking planet! (you'll settle on the Moon or Mars)
    Go and buy some pizza (yeah pizza with lead salts is SO tasty)
    Go to the bunker or something.
    Move to the jungle or Russian deep forests, probably there left some clean air, water and food.
  • 6
    Holy fucking shit! Total insanity! People are killing each other, burning houses, eating dog shit and listening to Justin Bieber songs! What will you do?
    Hide and wait while people kill each other and return to the normal life when it'll be safe.
    Try to reason them (yeah, dog shit is probably tasty, I've never tried it but Justin Bieber songs are CRAP STOP PEOPLE WHAT ARE YOU DOING)
    Behave yourself like them.
    Play loud some Soulfly tracks (yeah thrash metal is going to kick Justin Bieber's faggot ass!)
  • 7
    High technologies went out of control and dangerous, high-skilled, intelligent robots killed most of the humans and are hunting the rest of you - the survivors. You:
    Go to the restaurant and take a lunch. (wait, what the fuck? Does this waiter really look like a robot? Hell, they're everywhere, oh SHIT)
    Try to find the command centre and destroy it.
    Take your EMP pistol (yes, humanity already had invented this stuff) and go shoot the bastards.
    Play Angry Birds on your new iPhone 8.
    Hide, there are too much of these robots.
  • 8
    Chinese are taking the world! They've established their dictatorship and now you have no rights. You:
    Go work on some Chinese factory.
    Hide somewhere.
    Organise the resistance movement and go against the fuckers!
    Go to the restaurant and take a lunch. (wait these cockroaches are REALLY tasty!)
    Do not buy anything marked with "Made in China".
  • 9
    Our sun is expanding! Our earth will burn the fuck down very soon! Well, do not panic and:
    Go to the water for having a bathe.
    Hide in a bunker.
    Settle in the ocean floor.
    Fly to another planet, for example, Europe, Jupiter's satellite. Scientists proved that there is very much water and, probably, it even has some lifeform.
    Well, now it won't take too much time to fry eggs, just get them out from the fridge!
  • 10
    The Lord of Darkness raised from Hell, and all of his demons around! You:
    Play loud some BLACK METALLLLLL (yeah demons like it)
    Take the holy cross, holy water and more of the same shit. It will protect you.
    Wow! DOOM-2 in real life! (take your pistol and go hunting demons)
    Sacrifice your old, shrewish neighbor to the Lord of Darkness and he will spare you.
    Behave yourself like a typical character of horror movies.
  • 11
    Deadly virus had spread all over the world. You:
    Cool, now you're in Resident Evil!
    Shoot yourself, you're fucked.
    Catch this infection, become a zombie and eat the scary little girls. (watch for her daddy coming from a zombie hunt)
    Hide in a forest.
    Put on gas mask, chemical protection suit and other shit and wait for the end of the pandemic.
  • 12
    You wake up one morning and see no beer at the pubs, shops, restaurants, etc. NO BEER AT ALL. What to do now?
    Give up tippling, it's bad for your health, blah blah blah.
    What the fuck! Who did it? I'm gonna kick his ass!
    Pee in a bottle (yesterday you drank lots of beer, yeah) and drink it again. This is some kind of re-cycle.
    I prefer champagne.
    No choice, it's time to start drinking orange juice...

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