How To Know If Your Male Crush Likes You (Long But Accurate)

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FEMALES ONLY! Have you ever wondered if your male crush likes you? Find out now! Accurate test by a teen girl.

  • 1
    First... to know how he reacts to you, we have to know how you react to him and what type of girl you are. Are you...?
  • 2
    Next, I need to know if you have ever spoken to your crush. This can affect how he reacts toward you, whether he knows you are there and in his face a lot or he doesn't even know you're alive. Have you?
  • 3
    Now that we know what type of girl you are and how often you talk to him or at all, when you see him at class/social media/church, do you make an attempt to me near him, around him, or sit by him? This can affect his reaction to you depending on whether he likes you or not.
  • 4
    Silly question, but necessary. Do you like him? And if so, do you think he likes you? The way you act around him affects what he thinks of you.
  • 5
    Have you ever been or are sexually active? Do you have a bf or have you had one?
  • 6
    Has or is your crush sexually active? Does he have or had a gf?
  • 7
    I also need to know your average age. Age makes a difference in the thoughts of men. Again, this is mainly for teens/preteens/college.
  • 8
    Why do you like your crush? *Necessary to know how you react around him to know how he reacts around you.*
  • 9
    Now about the guy you like.... does he stare at you from time to time?
  • 10
    How does he react when you catch him staring at you?
  • 11
    Does he try to be around you? Like sit near you, stalk you, be around you... try to talk to you? Or do you hardly see him?

  • 12
    Have you ever touched in any way?
  • 13
    Do you think this quiz is long and is a lot of questions to answer, but you were desperate because you can't get thoughts of him away?
  • 14
    Trust me, I know how you feel. I'm a teen, and am having these feelings at the moment! Currently, how many crushes do you have?
  • 15
    Does he seem to be everywhere you are all the time?
  • 16
    What is your reason for wanting to know if he likes you or not?
  • 17
    Has he ever asked you out?
  • 18
    Do you think of him before you fall asleep at night?
  • 19
    Are you his friend on every social media you found him on? Did you search his name on google to find more about him?
  • 20
    When he come around you do you...
  • 21
    A quick question. Don't take this the wrong way! So far this quiz is...
  • 22
    Has he ever....
  • 23
    Have you ever...
  • 24
    Have you ever told him your secrets or joked around with him? Have you ever flirted with him? Has he ever complimented you?
  • 25
    AND I GUESS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION THAT REALLY TELLS YOU IF YOUR CRUSH LIKES YOU: How often, if ever does he look or stare at you, and if you catch him, how does he react?
  • 26
    Have you ever had inappropriate dreams or daydreams about him?
  • 27
    Have you ever been alone together and met outside where you see him normally (ex. outside of school)?
  • 28
    Do you try and be around him a lot? This may make it kind of obvious that you like him and make him creped out a lot if you are there for no general reason. Instead of just 'being there' get involved in the activities so you have reason to be there.
  • 29
    Ask yourself again if you end up in a relationship with him, what is the point of it? What is the reason you want to know if he likes you?
  • 30
    Finally, do you think he knows that you know that he knows that you know that he knows that you know that he knows that you know he likes you? Does he think that you know that he thinks that you know that he knows that you think that he knows that you like him?

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4 moon pool 36639 (47519)
3 days ago
I think your crush is interested in u and Defoe wants 2 check u out . He sounds shy like my crush but just wait for more body language and look 2 c if she touches his lips around u or has his feet pointed towards u or EVEN if b4 u never used 2 c your crush near u but nw it's like he is somehow always near u
READ ... (47519)
3 days ago
Ok so I asked my friend 2 rite a note 2 my crush asking if he liked me and MY CRUSH ANSWERED!!! And said maybe . 4 weeks later we always
Flirt with each other
But he
Won't ever say yes 2
Me 😭😭 also wen ppl talk about me to my crush my
crush starts smiling and blushing and loads of ppl have said 2 me my crush likes me wat do u guys tink ????????
Tahoe (62085)
9 days ago
I really like Khadija
That girl that has a lot of crushes (53197)
10 days ago
omg he sorta likes meplease help me
leyahhh (63636)
14 days ago
I really like this boy it really hurts, I'm super shy and I'm not brave enough to go up to him and talk to him. He's friends with my friends and whenever they talk to him it's so weird for me. I ALWAYS think ab him b4 I go to sleep and sometimes I cry bc I think I'm not good enough. I catch him staring at me but I don't know if he hates me or doesn't care. Omgggg his eyes are the most beautiful thing ever and I'm just losing hope atm but the quiz was accurate and it did say I was shy. Thank you.
Brenda (87255)
14 days ago
Hopeful info
Lydia (29092)
15 days ago
I Just Can't Get Him Off My Head. I Am 14 But He Is 17. I Would Not Mind Dating Him.
Azure Mystery (23083)
16 days ago
I don't care what the quiz says Danny I will make you understand that my feelings for you go to heaven and back!!
Moonpool (36639)
22 days ago
So idk why I'm writing this but if anyone thinks he might like me, I'd appreciate you telling me your opinion.
So I'm only in middle school but my class is really mature. I like a guy in my class that I've only talked to casually a few times. He's super popular etc. and talks to all the girls in the grade above us. People ship him hard with 2 diff girls. But, he's done a few things that made me wonder if he might like me. So one time we were all shoving out of school and I had a friend trappings me and the middle. Guess who was right side by side, arms touching with me? Him.... so I'm super awkward and trying to escape the crowd but I can't. He didn't make a single attempt to move so we just walked all the way down the hall arm to arm. :/ Next, he uses my name a lot and he sat outside away from his friends where my friend and I were sitting. That same friend once said she thinks he likes me she doesn't even know I like him. Lastly, one time one of my other friends that is good friends with him stacked a chair on a tall pile and he said nothing. Then I come up and stack one. He mutters "good job" randomly. Other times I look at him and it feels like he's watching me out of the corner of his eye.I could use some help. Thanks!
Mallory Mcgill (82589)
26 days ago
This Seems Legit I hope I get good answers o
Bella (31107)
30 days ago
We are hard core dating and the test practically says he loves me
Alana (38663)
34 days ago
Ok so I’ve liked this guy for a long time, let’s call him Chris. So Chris is a junior and I’m a freshman but we are both in rotc together and he’s my flight commander and for those of you who don’t know what that is, a flight commander is a student who calls orders to the flight and does many other things. So anyways he has a girlfriend who’s a senior and people who know I like him have told me that she’s bat-💗 crazy and snobby since I don’t know her I don’t have an opinion on her.

So anyways I catch Chris looking at me a lot, he motivates me, he makes sure I’m ok when I get hurt, he has said that he trusts me, he and I talk every time we have that class and we smile at eachother we make eachother laugh we help eachother, he always stands near me and I do the same to him, whenever Chris me and the other students are grouped together and he is talking to us a lot of times he will keep his eyes on me, he and I high five ALOT he and I held hands for a game we did for flight challenge but when we had to sit down everyone let go of each others hands and he and I held hands a bit longer before he took his hand away so people couldn’t notice.

He has defended me when a guy said I wasn’t strong, he asks how I’m doing and how my day was he recognizes when I do a good job with a lot of work or just in general, when he and I walk together he walks at my pace, he has also complimented me before. I need to know if he likes me or not a lot of people when I said this to them they have said “he probably likes you.” “He likes you.” And stuff like that. Could someone help me here? 😂
7HJ secret lover of him (75828)
34 days ago
This quiz helped so much! My crush is hot and a kind of small sweet guy called Hugo. I hide this but ready to share it. He better not know in Cherwell((. He is really kind and I hope Hugo Jerez Lopez feels the same for me. That cutie doesn’t know how I feel but we have something special! If he sees this then HUGO find ME!!!!
Sam (18678)
36 days ago
Ugh...this has me going all kinds of confused. Okay so I started a new job in September 2017, a day or two into work and I met this guy (let’s call him Chip because everyone at work does,) and he sparked an interest in me, I know it sounds backwards but I actually found him attractive, but because at the time I was still struggling with guys, that I kinda just shoved the butterfly’s down. I’ve told a few boys in my young teenage years that I liked them and they either A. Threw it back in my face
B. Stomped on it and made me feel like an 💗 and mock me and bully me for years until I moved.
Or C. Pretended to accept it and then drag it out and make me realize eventually that I was playing the fool.

So fast forward back to present, I liked him at first sight but I ignored it because I couldn’t trust guys at that point and time. So I befriend a few, and I started trusting guys slowly. three weeks and I got moved in another part of the warehouse, right where Chip is at 85-90% of the time. Okay. So we chat time to time and a week later, I realized I liked him, not a huge amount but like a brother or a friend, so I tell him. Mind you this was a few days before I’d been working there for a month when I told him. So he was surprised but he kinda rejected me because of our age gap.

He’s 26
I’m 18.

Don’t say anything because I’ve smacked myself in the head countless times going !

And so when he rejected me I said ok, I’d rather be friends that risk it all and ruin everything, so we were cool and time passes on...

Three months later,

I’d been working there nearly three months and once again I talked to chip before work and he was just...asking me about my day and how I was doing with everything at home. He was considerate and everyday we found something new to talk about, so fast forward to today, and I realized tonight that I liked him more than a friend. I knew that I shouldn’t but I can’t just flip a switch on my feelings, then I realized I’d been suppressing them for nearly a month and a half. And Chip was mysterious so he’d play hot and cold repeatedly but he was a flirt sometimes.

So tonight after my shift I resolved to ask him this.

“ chip, I haven’t brought it up since I told you I liked you. It’s been nearly two months and I still haven’t said anything, but I need to know. It’s hurting everyday to not know, but I need to know. Am I just holding out hope for nothing it or is there a chance you like me as I like you?”

Mind again that he is 26.

And I did ask him, in the parking lot before we left our ways to go home,

His response...
“Well...I guess I kinda thought I was too old for you, but. Yeah.”
Being surprised as I was... yeah imagine the shock, it was real.

He accepted me despite being 8 years older than me. I asked him for a hug before I drove off and he did, so that was an hour and a half ago. I actually cried on the way home because that was the first time in nearly 8-9 years a guy hasn’t mocked me or made fun of it. Chip actually thought it was 💗 that guys made fun of me and he actually (no lie cross my heart hope to die) said he’d never do that to me or treat me like they have.

So I’m excited and scared 💗less.

I’ve never been in a real relationship before, I’ve never kissed a boy NOTHING. Maybe hugged two guys but those hugs turned south, literally and it ended with the baby factory on them being shut down temporarily.

he asked me before he got into his car if I was sure, I replied I am I’m just scared. He actually replied “no your not. So I looked him in the eyes and said and I quote, “ I like you Chip, I have never been more certain of something and it scares the💗out of me, I like you a lot and I’m scared to death because I like you and the fact you haven’t done what the others have yet is what scares me the most.

I wished id had the courage before we parted ways to say if it didn’t work out that I hope we could still be friends. I really like him a lot, and I know he’s a LOT older and it’s only been literally three days short of 4 months that I’ve known him, but I don’t know. I really want him to give it a chance, that’s all I want.

my mom knows parts of it, She’s just concerned with the age gap and what he’d want in a relationship versus what I’d want. To be 1000% honest I have no clue other than I want to be there for him and be able to relieve some of the stress of work, since we both work at the same place. I pray it goes well... I mean it I really pray it does, if you have any advice please let me know. I haven’t been in a relationship ever and this is a first so what to expect would be a nice place to start, thanks!
laura (87508)
38 days ago
My crush knows that i have a crush on him and he looks cool
but we don't talk that much ,he likes always acting cool to me i really like him but he likes the hot gurl and i am just a potato
seacow (24226)
51 days ago
Me and my crush have been friends foreverrrrrrr like since kindy. Lets call him Joe and his friend is going to be called bob. Today at school I was waiting in line and I was standing next to Bob and me and Bob and Joe and all their other friends and my friends are all friends. So he's talking to me and then he says ' Hey you know Joe likes you' and I was just like 'whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt' in my head but like I didn't actually do anything IRL and then I was just like 'I know your joking' and then Bob was like 'you like Joe don't you' and I was like ' psss no ' and now everyone is like seance likes Joe. BTW seacow is my nickname. so yeahhhh
seacow (24226)
51 days ago
IDK why I took this test. I've had a crush on him for a while and today I one of our friends said to me 'you know ( my crushes name )likes you?' and I was just like ' whaaaaaaaat' and I didn't really react so I took this quiz to see if it was possibly true
Da yea um (74923)
55 days ago
I just wasted my time. why did i even take this. HE TOLD ME HE LIKED ME! (we both like eachother but like we arent dating yet) Why did i feel the need to possibly verify. He's like super trustworthy and one of my good friends so why did I take this
FML (32109)
58 days ago

basically many people in my school year have found out i really like this guy (let's name him Bob lmao) because of an 💗 i've fallen out with, and idk if Bob knows. But everyone asks me if I like him but i say no as I feel the need to keep it lowkey. My friend who knows that I actually do like Bob told me he was speaking to his friend and his friend was teasing him about liking a girl, and he mouthed the name quietly so no one could hear, but my friend got the idea he was mouthing my name.

And i'm getting my hopes up like waaayyy too much, what if he was talking about another girl? I mean heartbreak kinda sucks cos ive already been through that 💗. FML

And if so many people know about it, why hasn't the rumour spread to Bob yet? Like 💗 gets spread quick af at my school. Smh i need some advice someone help me lol
Not saying (01101)
62 days ago
I think he likes me because someone asked me out yesterday and I told him because he is my best friend and he said say no and I said I did and he said good I wonder what that means