Do I still love my ex?

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Did you have a breakup and think you still love your ex? If so, please take this quiz

  • 1
    Who ended the relationship?
    It was me! I couldn't stand him!
    It was him
    It was all me
    I got mad at him and dumped him
    It was mutual
  • 2
    After you guys broke up did you ever text him again?
    Yes. I really missed him
    He texted me first and I didn't want to be rude
    Of course not
  • 3
    Do you ever see him? What happens?
    Sometimes I see him. We don't talk
    I never see him
    I see him everywhere and we smile and wave
    Sometimes I see him. We smile and wave
    Yea. We hang out all the time
  • 4
    Is he in a relationship currently?
    No he can't get over me
    Yes. They are in love
    He likes this girl
  • 5
    Are you in a relationship?
    No. I haven't found the right guy yet
    No. I miss my ex
    Yes but just to make my ex jealous
    Yes and I love him
  • 6
    You see your ex walking with his new girlfriend. You...
    Turn your head and talk with friends
    Don't care
    Say hi and talk with them
    Trip his gf so she falls
    Get extremely jealous and run away
  • 7
    How long has it been since you guys broke up?
    Days ago
    Weeks ago
    Years ago (1-20)
    Months ago (1-12)
  • 8
    Why did you guys end the relationship?
    We didn't love each other
    Why don't you ask him? I don't know
    I cheated on him/ he cheated on me
    Feelings for different people
    We argued a lot
  • 9
    His friends come up to you and they...
    They don't really talk to me
    Talk about my ex and I
    Tell me my ex misses me
    They don't bring him up
    Tell me my ex has a new gf
  • 10
    Whenever you see your ex, you...
    Feel sad
    Are happy that he was able to move on
    Get really nervous and you have butterflies in your stomach
    Feel angry
    Stare at him intently for awhile

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liz ( 221.9 )
Posted 115 days ago
i want 2 hug him and tell him how much i love him
anonymous ( 133.2 )
Posted 121 days ago
i feel lyk bumping into him,
kissing the hell out of him
value ( .6.92 )
Posted 123 days ago
i feel like killing him
locy ( 81.36 )
Posted 125 days ago
i am still in love with my ex, hes the one who broke up with me for a stupid reason and i am mad but also hurt at the same time
khai angel ( 3.171 )
Posted 138 days ago
I broke up with him 2 years ago because he cheat with me, oh you have no idea how much I cried back then.It's so hurt.. last year he broke up with his gf and i don't know why but he seems like to stole my heart again..I swear to myself to not fall for him again... aisshh i don't know what to do.. *pout*
devleena ( 3.108 )
Posted 151 days ago
I really want him back.. Do something
Ella ( 24.92 )
Posted 164 days ago
i always remember him
Demon (nickname) ( 53.31 )
Posted 177 days ago
My ex(2 years older than me) cheated on me once but he tested my 'love' for him by telling me he cheated on me once again 3 days after he really cheated on me. We went out for 3 weeks and he had already cheated on me. Ofcourse, I gave him a chance the first time but the second time I was so hurt I said some terrible things to him and broke up with him.
3 days later, his brother (same age as I) told me he was in the hospital because he got in a car accident. Hi[BEEP] died in a car accident when they were 12...
mariam ( 7.245 )
Posted 244 days ago
Olivia O I still dnt know what to do. why is it so hard....
Olivia O ( 4.115 )
Posted 244 days ago
I and my ex has dated for a year, he broke up with me, because l wasn't fulfilling hi[BEEP]pectation towards me and what anoyed me most is that my ex never falied to show me the love that i need but i falied him, i denyed him of love.ever since he broke up with me my world was like i can't do without him, i can't even love another man cause i still love him. what should i do?
Silver Spike ( 156.3 )
Posted 274 days ago
I'm still in love with my ex. he broke up with me for a bad reason 3 years ago then moved away early last year. i still think about him everyday and want to help him through his current issues (we were really great friends before and ive had to suck up my feelings and stick to being just a friend cuz i am afraid of losing him). It sucks. i havent had a relationship since and every guy after that looks and seems attractive is unavailable.
sana ( 4.201 )
Posted 297 days ago
i dont know i love him or not..............none of my friends like him and my family is totally against having a relation with someone due to which i faced difficulties talking to him .lying to my family that i dont have any relationship especially to my mother was a big deal for me .my love is not that handsome or smart .this issue at first had been a difficulty for me to accept that i love him but after some days started falling in love with him day by day.he was chasing for a year after which i acceptedhis proposal and after month i came to know that he was cheating on not sure whether he cheated or not but i ended it.still i love him i just love him
Ogechi genevieve. ( 12.39 )
Posted 297 days ago
I still love you onyedika best no matter what happens.