Are you liberal or conservative?

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  • 1
    Is same sex marriage a right or a sin?
    I haven't thought about it.
    Gays are just like anybody else. They should be able to marry.
    Liking the same sex is disgusting and nontraditional.
  • 2
    How do you feel about abortion?
    It should be a woman's choice what to do with her body.
    Aborting a fetus is murder.
    I don't know.
  • 3
    Should we have health care available to all?
    No. They should pay for themselves. It is not the government's responsibility.
    Yes. Health care is a human right.
    All I want is a doctor to give me a cast.
  • 4
    How do you feel about stem cell research?
    It is just like abortion, it is murder.
    Huh? What is that?
    If it helps people, it is fine with me
  • 5
    Do you think we should have a welfare system for the poor?
    Yes. Nobody should starve.
    Welfare? Isn't that for the poor or something?
    No. Nobody should live off of the government.
  • 6
    Do you believe in global warming?
    Yes. It has been scientifically proved.
    No. It is a myth.
    What? The Earth is boiling?
  • 7
    Do you believe that we should expand public education or get rid of it?
    Slowly get rid of them. They are a waste of money and are not helping us.
    I'm not sure.
    Expand them. No child should have to be without an education.
  • 8
    Do you support or oppose a socialist economy?
    Oppose. It has ruined Europe and would ruin us too.
    Is that where you meet people?
    Support. Capitalism has failed America while nations like Sweden are rich.
  • 9
    Should we allow corporations rights or regulate them?
    Give them rights. They should do as they please without government intervention.
    Regulate. They are only hurting the lower classed.
    Not sure.
  • 10
    Lastly, do you look ahead or do you long for the old days?
    I long for the past when things were great.
    I look ahead. Change naturally happens and is a good thing.
    Life is life.

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